How to take care of your hair

How to take care of your hair

For many men, the main ingredient for fashion is their hairstyle! Right? Yes, the hairstyle has been an integral part of men’s fashion since the 19th century, and from then the trends keep on growing from casual to the exquisite set of hairstyles for men. But, the challenge now is how to take care of the hair. The hair care routine is almost similar to that of women, with small variations. For the hairstyle to last and to make it look longer, you must take care of your hair by doing the following basic steps.

Dry your hair in the right way

The most common mistake with men is they vigorously rub their heads with towels after the bath, which is not safe for the hair roots. Please don’t do that if you care for your hair.

How to take care of your hair

The fact is, hairs are very sensitive and susceptible to damage and easy to fall off when it is in wet conditions. Rubbing hard against the wet hair makes them weak, this causes damage to the outer layer of hair and makes it fragile when it is exposed to sunny weather. So, instead, you can pat dry your hair in the direction it grows. You must leave your hair slightly damp and do not over-dry it. This technique gives your hair the strength and longer life span.

Balance the heat

How to take care of your hair

We all love hot showers, but what most people don’t know is that hot showers weaken the scalp of your head that leads to dryness. In hot summers, we use cold showers but when the rainy, winter season starts or if the temperatures dip below, we all make the mistake of taking too hot showers. Do not bathe in hot showers as it makes your hair dry. Instead, shower with mild hot water in the freezing days. It’s difficult, but hair care is an important thing otherwise, this might be the reason for baldness in the future.

Avoid Gels

Applying the hair gels may be a cool idea, but you will regret it after seeing its effect on your hair in the long run. This is not for all, but to some people, it doesn’t suit their scalps and leads to hair loss. The better alternative for the gel is hair oils, there are different kinds of hair oils, but the healthiest and widely used product is coconut oil. It is the best way of keeping your scalps healthy, and oils help in avoiding dryness in the roots and keeps it cool.

How to take care of your hair

After applying oil, it’s not easy to wash it off while showering, but you must use good shampoo products. It is very safe if you take head bath 3 days once with a good shampoo and conditioner. There are different types of hairs, and one particular shampoo will not give a solution for every man out there. So, it is better to have some suggestions from your barber or a doctor, because they are the ones to trust when it comes to hair.

The grooming tips are not limited, and there are other several ways to take care of Men’s hair and follow trends. We will keep you busy reading our fashion blogs and useful tips. We will come up with our new blog on other safety factors in the next blogs. Also, you are welcome to guess the upcoming safety tips in the comment box below.


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