How to take care of your leather Apparels?

How to take care of your leather Apparels?

Leather apparels are a real investment for a longer period. Yes, we all would have a leather collection in our wardrobe, starting from leather watch to jacket. When you have invested more money in leather apparel and accessories, you must know the tips and tricks to maintain the leather products. Leather products can be versatile, and to get the longer durability, you should take care of them properly. The proper care avoids the leather products from crack and drying out. So, how do you keep your leather apparel and accessories clean and make sure it serves you in a long way! Here are the tricks to do it:


How to take care of your leather Apparels?

While the leather apparels are costly, the maintenance is also a bit tricky. In other words, the best leather jacket is related to maintaining a “Rolls Royce”. Yes, the care you take towards leather jackets is as same as the love towards Rolls Royce. You must remember the leather is a dying skin, and that needs utmost care. As the leather coating doesn’t lead to any major dirt or stain, you can clean the jackets with a pure cotton cloth and do not immerse the jacket into water or do not apply any oil to make the leather jacket shiny. Avoid these two practices if you are doing it and just clean it with the pure cotton cloth.


How to take care of your leather Apparels?

It is a guarantee at least once in a lifetime, you might have experienced the cracks in the leather products. It is because of letting the leather apparel dry out without applying moisturizer. There is no major difference between our skin and leather, we all take care of our skin by applying moisturizer and creams to keep our skin healthy right? Similarly, one must apply the moisturizer on the surface of the leather jackets to keep it healthy and hold on to its original shape. But the timing is different for leather apparel. You should apply once or twice per year depending on the conditions.


The leather is not like the lotus that is grown in mud water. The essence and looks of the leather depending on where you store it. So, take the utmost care to store your leather apparels in its package or keep it in the bubble wrap. Place silica gel packets to avoid the dampness in the bag and do not leave the bag with no air vents. Leave the boxing pack with little air vents to keep the fresh air going in. Try not to expose the leather products or apparel from direct sunlight for more time as it results in the fading of the colour.

Do not use the cleaning products which contain alcohol, it will result in the discolouring of the product, and chances of drying out. You are welcome to mention your ideas and stories with your leather apparel in the comment box and let others know about the maintenance hacks and tricks for leather apparel.

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