How to Team up your Dress with your Partner

How to Team up your Dress with your Partner

Have you ever accidentally worn the same dress as your friend? It could have been an office wear, a party or a special occasion. There would be the same blazer, trousers, a shirt or even the same design on a printed t-shirt. After all, as close friends, you may have the same styling sense as your friends. Often, it’s fun to pair up with someone else, even if it is just for laughs.

This is not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, a lot of people, especially couples, dress similar or identical on several occasion. The important thing is to complement the partner’s attire using your own imagination and creativity. Seems like a daunting task? Not really. 

Here we talk about easy ways to match your better half’s dressing style.

Go Casual All The Way!

How to Team up your Dress with your Partner

Take our word for it! Casuals are the easiest to pair. Simply because there are tonnes of options for you to choose from. Wait. Does that make it difficult? Not at all. There are a few things you have to keep in mind.

The first is to go for the right colours. Again, you have so many options that you may think to drop the idea completely. But if you follow certain rules, it will get easier and easier. For starters, try going for complementary colours. Let’s pick the basic ones like red, blue and yellow. Their complementary colours, green, purple and orange, also known as secondary colours can be used to create a perfect pair.

The opposite of this is going for the same colours with variations of shades. If you do not want to rack your brains thinking about what colours complement each other, you can always choose the same colour method. Try and experiment with different shades of the same colour. If your partner is wearing red, you can opt for maroon, pink, magenta, even the lighter shades can do justice to your plan.

Be Formal In Style

How to Team up your Dress with your Partner

Formal doesn’t necessarily have to be the boring black and blues. There is definitely more to it than the dark shades. First, you have to decide how formal the occasion is. What is your range from kurta on the end of the scale to a three-piece suit on the other end of the spectrum? Depending on this you can choose how formal you want to be.

After that, let’s go with suitable combinations. If your partner has chosen a dress or a gown, the best way to complement it is by wearing a formal suit. But not just any suit! If it’s an evening gown, then, yes, the darker shades look good. But if the gown is of vibrant colour, match it with an equally light and bright hue. Similarly, if the occasion demands a touch of the sober shades, pair your suit accordingly.

There is so much more to pairing than just colours. Follow our blogs for more insights into getting the perfect look on every occasion.

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