How to Wear a Scarf for Men

How to Wear a Scarf for Men

As we entering the next half of 2020 and the season is falling into winter, the scarf is the extra companion for winter. During winters, the bi-annual swap happens in clothing. The main area which is affected by cold breeze is around the neck, scarfs bring you comfort as well as style to you during the winter season. Yet most men are puzzled as to how to wear one, and the thing worse than this is many men feel wearing scarves is unmanly fashion but, it is not true. The purpose of this blog is to tell you about how to wear a scarf.

About Scarf

How to Wear a Scarf for Men

The majority of Men's scarfs are 70 inches long and 10 – 12 inches wide and made from wool, cotton, linen, silk, synthetic materials, or the combination of the mentioned materials. You can choose the scarf based on which season you are in because the linen and lightweight cotton scarf are specially designed for summer. For winter, you can stick with wool, silk, and soft surfaced materials that will keep you warm.

The scarf is for both men and women

How to Wear a Scarf for Men

Scarfs are doing excellent jobs in protecting our neck area from the cold breeze and hot summer for years. Yet many men feel scarf is somewhat effeminate in the styling factor in Men’s fashion. Yes, the colours of scarfs decide the sex they belong to. Here is how to spot a scarf designed for women:

  • The colours like bright pink, salsa, blue, fresh tulip, and animal prints on scarves belong to women.
  • Scarfs embedded with the images of birds or other fancy designs.
  • Multicoloured scarf with shining materials
  • Any scarf which comes along with the pin, Men do not wear scarf pins.
  • Transparent scarfs and large scarf which is more than 100 inches.

Yes, these factors decide the scarfs which belong to women, and we have listed you the scarfs that are available for women in the market. Let’s move on to the Men’s scarf now! The militaries use scarfs more than anyone in this globe because they are serving their nation in the highest peaks. What's more surprising is some militaries even use the scarves for ranks and designations. Yes, scarves have a long history back then, and it used to come in limited standard colours, and now trends have changed. Scarves are now available in unique designs, and we are about to tell you how to wear the scarf!

Scarfs can add a sturdy detail to fashion, especially when it comes to Men's styling and riding companion. We will now tell you how to tie a scarf.

  • Keep it loose – A scarf is not a necktie and should not be tight to your neck.
  • Limit your knots – The length of men’s scarf is short, and you should limit your knots.
  • Simple style – Simply drape the scarf around your neck, with equal length on both sides when you wear a jacket.
  • The once around – Drape yourself around your neck with the one side being shorter and bring the other side up, and over your shoulder to bring the lengthier side in the front side.
  • Reverse Drape – The reverse of simple style is reverse drape: and also, you can try giving extra length to one side to cover your face while riding.

So, these are the basic factors on how to wear scarfs, and we will come up with the different ways to wear the scarf in the next blog, Stay tuned.


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