How we can make India an Atmanirbhar Bharath state (Self Reliant)

How we can make India an Atmanirbhar Bharath state (Self Reliant)

Athmanirbhar Bharath – Not only our Prime minister wants to make our country a self-dependent state, but also our citizens want to see our nation to be at the top at the Global level. Prime Minister attempted to boost the Indian economy by planning the “Make in India”. But that had only quite a few successes, and his vision has not reached its full potential. Now it’s the second chance to the Prime Minister and for us to prove our worth to the world by becoming self-reliant. This is the perfect time to be patriotic and support “vocal for local”.

How we can make India an Atmanirbhar Bharath state (Self Reliant)

Maintain the current phase

It is very important to stay stable and competitive during COVID-19 Pandemic, which is making waves at the global level. During this Corona outbreak, it is necessary to not lose our position, at the same time, our leaders should also focus on the planning part of the Indian economic growth. But what is our contribution to the economy? To scale up our economy only ideas will not work, we all need to implement it. Be supportive to local manufacturers in every industry and give local talent a chance to prove their worth. Yes, there are two ways we can support our nation to compete in the world economically.

Vocal for Local

How we can make India an Atmanirbhar Bharath state (Self Reliant)

Yes, “Vocal for local” which means support local business. But, the common mistake amongst us is we only do it on social media. If you want to make our nation self-reliant don’t raise your voice in social media, but buy or use local service with your heart when you go out. But we face some challenges while doing this and feel like going back to the old style. Let’s not do that! We should always give true feedback to the business owners or services, then only they will progress towards being perfect. Let’s start using more and more local businesses, and you never know how much you have missed the adventures of being a local supporter.

Welcome to new ideas!

Indians are truly determined and unique in thinking, the ideas are not a worrying factor in our country. But we are lagging when it comes to supporting the local ideas and inventions. We should always encourage local talents in every aspect who can take the ideas and innovation to the global level. As we all know there are many talents even from the Rural side in the country, but the government and people are not scaling up to bring out the talents in the Rural side. As COVID-19 outbreak starts growing, people are turning towards rural areas, leaving the urban lifestyle behind to lead an old generation lifestyle in the farm, because there was a saying “Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy”, but people misunderstood it and inclined towards urban lifestyle and they are realizing it now and turning towards Rural life. Now there is a chance to prove ourselves by innovating some ideas and bring it in the lives of farmers. 

Let’s all contribute towards the growth of the Indian economy in every possible way. Let us know your ideas and supporting opinions in our comment section below. “Jai Hind”!


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