Ideas to style formal shirts casually

Ideas to style formal shirts casually

Looking for ideas to style a formal shirt casually? You have landed on the right page. We have always taken formal shirts very seriously, but it needs a bit of fun. Formal shirts are not only meant to wear with formal trousers and only the formal events. It needs a bit of styling. You can style the formal shirts casually with the tips mentioned in this article. We live in the modern world and our clothing also deserves a modern touch. The easiest thing is to do is, ditch the tie and unbutton the top two buttons in the shirt, style it with a pair of jeans and complement the outfit with sneakers. This can transform your boring look into a stylish look. it’s high time to change yourself with the changing trends. You can find more complementing styles to look your best in formal shirts with jeans, sweaters, and sports jackets rather than a suit and trousers. As much as it is important to dress up, it is equally important to know how much. This article is all about the styles and the way you style it right. So, without wasting time let’s get into the ways you can style a formal shirt casually.

Untie, Unbutton, and Untuck:

The basic rule of a formal shirt is to tuck your shirts, button up your collar and wear a tie. To dress your formal or business shirt casually you should do just the opposite. Casual clothes don’t have such rules; it does not stick into any standards. You can get this look to any simple occasions, where you don’t have to be dressed up much. Ditch your suit and tie, leave your shirts untucked and this will make your look seem a bit more relaxed and cool look. Roll your sleeves to your elbow to add more charm to your look.

Jeans are the best substitute for Jeans:

Formal shirts are meant to go with suits and formal trousers, but that’s the rule for only formal outfits, for casual appearance jeans seem to be the best option for the formal shirt to go with. this is also very easy to style. To make it look more cool and stylish, you can go with ripped jeans and that will give a stylish touch to your casual look.

  • Pair a white formal shirt with blue denim jeans and complete this outfit with white sneakers.
  • Consider pairing a blue formal shirt with black ripped jeans and complement this outfit with Chelsea boots.
Ideas to style formal shirts casually

Sweater top over formal shirt:

This look is perfect for the winter days where you want to look stylish at the same time you have to keep yourself warm. This seems out to be the best option to rock your casual outfit. When you want to carry this look, make sure your collars pop up the pullover and are folded neatly. Always remember to tuck your shirt and sweater. Wear a belt and shoes of the same color.

  • Pair a light blue shirt with a maroon sweater top, and cream chinos. Complete this outfit with casual shoes
  • Consider pairing a black shirt with a white sweater top, and navy blue chinos. Complement this outfit with casual shoes.
Ideas to style formal shirts casually

Formal shirt with shorts:

A formal shirt with shorts is the classic combination for the summer holiday or a sunny weekend. A formal shirt with shorts is the perfect combination for catching up with friends or dining in your favorite restaurant in the scorching heat. There are some rules you need to follow before you try this outfit. Ensure that your formal shirt has short sleeves, and consider having it in a classic color such as white or classic blue.

  • Pair a light blue formal shirt with cream chino shorts, a smart leather belt, and finish this look with suede loafers.
  • Try partnering a chocolate brown shirt with black chino shorts, a brown leather belt, and brown suede loafers.
Ideas to style formal shirts casually

Formal shirt with Chinos:

This style offers a perfect blend of comfort and style. This is a perfect dress code for a smart casual look in the office. Always tuck your shirt when you pair it with chinos. Keep it simple. classic formal shirts are best in light blue and white are the best for smart-casual codes. You can team this look with Chelsea boots for a more emphasized casual look.

  • Pair a crisp white shirt with cream chinos, a black leather belt, and black Chelsea boots.
  • Consider pairing a blue shirt with black chinos, a black leather belt, and Chelsea boots.
Ideas to style formal shirts casually

You can style your formal shirts in a lot of ways than you can even imagine. Go wild with your imagination, and choose the style which will suit you the best. Make the best of your formal shirts by wearing them in every possible way you can. You can shop the best formal shirts at and look best

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