Incredible Holiday Style Tips for an Ideal Vacation

Incredible Holiday Style Tips for an Ideal Vacation

For most of us, the holiday season may seem like a distant dream. Owing to the current situation, our vacation plans are on hold. But why should that prevent us from planning our next outing?

It doesn’t matter if you like the beach or the mountains. Wherever you head next, looking good is a priority. After all, you will post all your holiday pictures on social media and you have to look your best. Deciding what to wear on your vacation can be a big task. 

In this blog, we talk about some of the chicest vacation looks you can adopt without any of the hassles. Let us dive into the subject and get ready with the packing.

Bright and Sunny Beach Look

All of us are fascinated by the sea. This is because we have some of the most scenic beaches across our extensive coastline. No wonder most of us dream about the beaches when thinking about a holiday and summer

Incredible Holiday Style Tips for an Ideal Vacation

It may seem that we may be left with very few options for beachwear. That’s just a myth and we are here to bust them. T-shirts and shirts are very common beachwear. But not just any shirt. Pick a light cotton shirt with good aeration. You can always go for prints and designs like floral patterns, shirts with different images of the coast, sea, marine animals and many others. 

The sunny atmosphere is the best for colourful apparels. Go beyond the primary colours and get in vogue with bright or sober pastel colours. Peach, mauve, teal, and even a dash of turquoise for the sea are some of the choicest summer and beach colours. 

Beachgoers love to flaunt shorts and comfortable bottom wear. Chinos, Bermuda shorts, cotton shorts give you the ultimate beach look. These are extremely comfortable to wear in hot and sunny weather. Such a combination helps you enjoy the sea breeze without worrying about the hot weather. 

Don’t forget to pack a cool pair of sandals or light footwear, especially if you plan to go for a swim.

Soar High in the Mountain Breeze

If the sand and sea don’t appeal to you, the hills and mountains may have a calling for you. A common belief about vacationing in the mountains is that you have to pack a lot of winter wear. This will take up huge bag space. But that is not the be-all and end-all of altitude holidaying.

Incredible Holiday Style Tips for an Ideal Vacation

If you think the cold can hinder your plans, you have a way out of it. You can always carry jackets and coats that haven’t seen the light of the day in the cities. Leather, denim, corduroy jackets look fashionable and protect you against the climate. Woollen jackets may not be your first choice. But they look extremely chic in colder places, besides having the advantage of providing warmth. 

Don the jackets over shirt and t-shirts, even polo t-shirts. You may require additional layers of clothing but heavy coats are not the solution. Woollen scarves and stoles give you a fashionable twist to your wintry look. 


What is your ideal holiday destination and how do you prepare for it? Share your comments below and help your fellow travellers and you can also read hassle-free tips for travellers from our blog.


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