Indian Biker Look (leather jacket)

Indian Biker Look (leather jacket)

Some products of Men’s apparel come with an in-built vogue which is difficult to miss. Consider the legacy of the leather jacket. The suave leather has been the go-to apparel for movie icons, rock stars, and most importantly for bikers. For certain, their personality would lack the charisma if the leather jacket wouldn't form a part of their wardrobe.

In temperate countries, jackets not only make people look fashionable but also protect them from the inclement weather. Also, jackets have become an essential part of the riding gear for all bike enthusiasts. With so many variants of the classic leather jacket, it becomes a bit stressful to choose the ride one. So we decided to bring to light some of the factors that will help you decide your travel look.

Know your taste and physique

Indian Biker Look (leather jacket)

The most popular classic style jackets are rider jackets, bomber jackets, and racing jackets. The best jacket style for anyone would be the one that matches their style. The rider jackets are the most common fit amongst riders and recommended for any style. It gives a very comfortable and warm feel to the rider.

A bomber jacket is of waist-length, and it comes with soft inner lining where it usually extends up to the collar. There is fabric instead of leather. The bomber jackets are usually preferred for short rides within the cities.

The Racer jackets are elegant leather jackets and the best choice for riders possessing a sports bike. These are used by racers and people who are lean. 

Basic Colors

Stick with black or brown. Yes, these two colours have been the established go-to option for bikers, considering that these two are the most versatile colours.

The main pros of black and brown colour are these two colours hide the marks and imperfection better than any other colour jackets. These colours play a major role in jackets being called as the “Riding Armour”.

Stitching and skin types

Indian Biker Look (leather jacket)

So how do you go about buying one for yourself? A couple of things to watch out for.

First is the quality of the material. You can touch the leather and feel its smooth plain texture. If there are many dyes and oily surface on the layer of the jacket then the durability will be affected. Preferably, go for uncorrected leathers which retain their softness naturally.

Secondly, pay attention to the stitching and lining of the jackets which can be seen as a tell-tale sign of the quality. If there are loose threads and thin lining on the jackets it’s not meant for long durability. Good durable jackets are created keeping in mind the dense stitching and thick lining.

Do you own a leather jacket? Tell us about your biker look in the comments section below.


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