Indian male is not terrified of Pink!

Indian male is not terrified of Pink!

      In the early days when Pink apparels were introduced for men, everybody thought it was chaotic, considering the market. People used to believe that pink is conquered by ladies! Yes, and now the trend has changed. Men look more stunning with the Pink apparel and Pink is not addressed as “only for women” anymore. Pink can add an attractive miscellany to men’s wardrobe and on top of that, it can add a fine tune with any skin tone.

But you should always know which colour goes with pink, and don't worry this blog will help you to know how and when to wear pink?

      The confusion is which colour goes with pink? Well, depending on the occasion, one should match the right colours and we will explain it in detail. Pink is versatile and can match with many other colours. In particular, Pink performs well with subdued tones such as black, navy, cream, grey, dark green, and white. However, don’t wait to experiment with your own colour combinations.

Casual wear

Indian male is not terrified of Pink!

      If you don’t already own any, you should add pink Polo shirts instantly to your wardrobe collection. A pink polo shirt is simple yet stylish. If you are looking for the best companion for every season, then the Pink classic polo T-shirt is the option. This T-shirt gives you a feel of lightweight and keeps your body temperature comfortable depending on the seasons.

It’s ideal for weekend wear, even for office and one can use it in any sport, which can pair with dark jeans or chinos with fashionable sneakers.  

 Business Casual wear

Indian male is not terrified of Pink!

      Whether you are headed towards the office, a business meeting, or meeting with a client, a pink shirt will be a great choice. To match the Pink shirt look, select a slim fit cotton style trousers or chinos which is also in light colours like pale blue, white, cream, etc, Sometimes the dark colour is also a good option depending on the colour of your belts. If you are going to wear dark trousers, make sure your belt colour is matching the pants and shoes.

Because in a business casual everyone prefers to tuck in and it’ll look odd if you wear the belts in other colours. Business apparel is not complete without the best matching shoes and loafers. The best combo to try is wearing a dark coloured loafer which highlights the Pink you are wearing.

Events wear

Indian male is not terrified of Pink!

      We all know there will be dates marked on the calendar for events in your circle! Right? Why not consider a Pink shirt for the occasion. Events are the best time to try out and experiment with new styles. To nail the look, you can pair the pink shirt with a suit or you can pair unique trousers and blazers for an appealing look at the events. We are not just done with the combination of the shirt, and the main factor in an event is accessories, to complete the bespoke outfit. Just add the right accessories such as matching loafers, ties, watches, or bracelets.

      We all have passed the stage where pink was terrifying to try, and many of you have the experience. You can share your Pink journey or story on social media, tag us to get great offers on our Classic Polo products.


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