Innerwear for Men

Innerwear for Men

Innerwear for men

Innerwear for men is an essential part of everyday attire. There are different types of undergarments but primarily Vests and Briefs are a primal wear. In recent times there are multiple varieties of innerwears being introduced - practical, casual and comfortable ones. Choose the right and comfortable innerwear to pull off a great look. The best innerwear will set a tone and comfort for the rest of the day. Although we don't show off our underwear, it still makes us look and feel amazing in them, and that lends us the x-factor in stepping out confidently, feeling top of the world. When it comes to innerwear intimate hygiene plays a major role and it should be frequently changed and kept clean. Intimate hygiene is very important to have good health and wellness. The fabric used to manufacture innerwear is mostly cotton which is very soft and lightweight with good breathability. It has a high moisture absorbing capacity which makes it an ideal choice for regular wear. There are different types of innerwear available such as briefs, trunks, boxers etc.,



57% of men choose to wear briefs which is why it is considered to be classic innerwear for men. It provides firmer support covering the waist and it is ideal for tight jeans like jeans. It fits better for tall, thin, and muscular body types and it comes in low rise, mid-rise and high rise briefs.  It is considered to be one of the traditional innerwear out of others. In the early 2000's the popularity of briefs declined and boxers portrayed as the casual choice, however, in recent times briefs have come back in style. It has an elastic waistband with various rises from mid abs to low slung support and coverage. When it comes to gym and fitness etiquette wear perfect workout apparel when hitting the gym. Keep switching with your underwear styles have fun choosing different colours, fabrics, and cuts.

Low rise briefs: These can be worn for low waist jeans and shorts.

Mid and High raise briefs: They can be worn for casual everyday wear, formal occasions, and moderate sports.


How to choose the perfect innerwear?

There are three major key factors when buying comfortable and stylish innerwear such as fabric, style, and colour. When it comes to choosing perfect innerwear for men first decide which type of underwear will suit you. Then checking for the quality of fabric and fit plays a major role in choosing innerwear for men. The fabric should be soft, stretchy, and natural fabric which absorbs moisture.  The fabric of the innerwear should be breathable and gentle to the skin. Choosing the size should be according to your body if you are in-between sizes then always go for a size up. Innerwear should be frequently changed when it is threadbare or stained to prevent bacteria buildup and chafing. Choose a type of underwear that is seamless when wearing tight and light colour trousers.

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