Interesting Facts about your Clothes

Interesting Facts about your Clothes

Clothes are something which fascinates more and more people now than before. You would have experimented with your clothes, tried different brands, and shopped for hours to get the right clothes for you. So, have you thought about some facts about the clothes you are wearing? It will be interesting if you know a lot more about your clothes as it can fascinate you even more and it adds a lot more fun in your quest for Fashion. Let us look at some interesting facts about clothes in this blog.

Tiny pocket in your Jeans

Interesting Facts about your Clothes

Ever questioned what that tiny pocket above the main front pockets in your jeans is for? Well, here is a fact; It is a watch pocket. Back in those days, cowboys used to wear watches on chains and had them in their waistcoats. To protect them, Levis launched this small pocket in their jeans where people can keep the watch. It has become a norm, and now it is not necessarily used to keep a watch. People now use them for keeping loose change, tickets, etc.

Speaking numbers

We often heard about people spending too much on clothes yearly. If we look at some facts, it was actually in those days there was a much higher affinity to clothes. In the old days, an average American household spent 11.5% of their earnings on clothing. Nowadays, Americans use only around 3.5% of their income toward clothes. So, we can easily say the Fashion has now been evolved, and people have a much better grasp on what they spend.

Interesting Facts about your Clothes

One fact that amuses everyone is that you would have bought an item that you would have never worn even once. This, as we see, it can be true. But look at this percentage, 92% of the women have at least one individual clothing item they have never worn. Yes, it is an interesting fact if you look at the number. These things can tell Fashion is more than styling, fit, and designs. Fashion is a science, and there are a lot of things influencing Fashion.

Additional Facts

One useful fact here is that almost 95% of textiles can be recycled. Imagine, instead of throwing away the old clothes if you give them to charity, and for recycling, it would be immensely contributing in a good way to Sustainable Fashion.

Interesting Facts about your Clothes

Wearing a single colour all over makes you look slim. This fact can be hard to believe for many, but the reason for it is that people think that it would be funny or seem inappropriate to wear all in one colour. Due to the single colour and its symmetry, it tends to give people a leaner look.

Here is a funny fact but a true one that, during the 1860s, dresses were so broad that women were regularly stuck in doorways.

So, there was always an evolution in terms of clothing and fashion. If you can relate and have some insightful information and facts about the clothes you are wearing, then there is a bigger chance you might respect fashion, and it can be a pleasant experience for your shopping and fashion in the future. Leave your thoughts about this blog as comments below.

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