Irish Linen for Men

Irish Linen for Men

Linen Shirts - All you’ll need this Summer

 Irish Linen shirts are always a go-to option to wear all day. They are a great choice to be worn during summers as the fabric is highly breathable and moisture-absorbent. Linen is strongest and naturally grown fibre. It is one of the oldest fabrics that has been used for more than tens of thousands of years. It is considered to be a high-quality fabric because of its high production cost & the time taken to process linen compared to cotton. There are different types of linens available in the industry. Such as damask linen, closely woven linen and loose weave linen. 

linen shirts for summer

Irish Linen - A Brief History

“Irish Linen” is known for its natural, sustainable, and biodegradable properties. The history of Irish linen has been 300 plus years of commitment to the production. Linen shirts are one of the finest and comfort wear for men. Irish linen fabric is defined as a fabric that is woven in Ireland from 100%linen yarns. It is not necessary that Irish linen should be woven in Ireland, skills, craftsmanship, and technology that goes into spinning the yarn must be Irish. With the right process and techniques, everyone can prepare Irish Linen, if they have the right raw materials available. Irish linen has a beautiful touch and possesses a wonderful balance of drape and comfort. Irish linen is hygroscopic, that is, it is sensitive to moisture and absorbs up to one-fifth of its own oven-dry weight of water without being damp on the surface. The shirts are preferred to beat the heat during summer.

 irish linen shirts for men

Classic Polo’s Premium Irish Linen Shirts :

Classic Polo is one of India’s finest mid-premium brands that produce A-Z of men's wardrobes with great quality & style as there are various occasions to wear half sleeve shirts. They are a vertically integrated manufacturer where every single product is being sourced and manufactured within the organization, i.e, from Farm to Fashion. Classic Polo's “Porsh” Irish linen shirts are very exclusive and provide a premium look. The fabric is being manufactured with high-quality raw materials and meticulous processing. Irish linens are Heat & Moisture resistant and therefore give a premium feel and comfort to the wearer all day long.

PORSH Linen collections are made of 80% of Irish linen and 20% of cotton to give you the perfect blend of fit & comfort. Sport your linen shirts with the right trousers, chinos or denim to get a cool styling. Linen shirts are most trending now and are an essential part of men's wardrobe collections today. So why wait? grab them at your nearest Classic Polo Outlet or at Be responsible by wearing eco-friendly clothes. Help support our Environment!

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