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Let's talk about Denim

Let's talk about Denim

Denim is a rugged, 100% cotton fabric, made using a twill weave. The word Denim arrives from a French word Serge de Nimes and refers to the city of Nimes. The word denim is an English expression of the French term “denim.”

One name that comes right up in our minds when we say denim is Jeans. Whether it is the latest fashion or trending fashion, we see jeans in them. Jeans has entered into our everyday life like no other type of clothing.

Types of Denim

Let's talk about Denim

There are different types of Denim, let's look at some here:

Indigo Denim is a type of denim, and as the name implies Indigo dyes are used in making them. Indigo is the colour that makes blue jeans blue.

Stretch Denim weaves elastic components to provide the fabric stretch and flexibility. The stretch jeans you wear are from this fabric.

Raw Denim is the fabric that is not washed after dying to create a rough texture.

Crushed Denim is the fabric that is treated in such a way it has a wrinkled look.

Style with Denim Jeans

If you are planning to wear light blue denim jeans, then style them with a light colour shirt or go for a black or white shirt. Bright colours don't usually go with light blue jeans.

Let's talk about Denim

In Men's clothing, Jeans and a T-shirt are a classic combo. To pull off a classic look plain coloured t-shirts work best. Think of Polo T-shirt with a pair of blue jeans. They make for the most effortless casual wear. Mixing it up with a leather jacket, right shoes, and belt will complete the look for your jeans, and makes for a presentable outfit.

Don the Denim Jacket

Denim is not only restricted to jeans. Denim jackets can add the required finishing touch for any outfit. Denim jackets come in colours like Blue, black, white and grey. 

For casual outings, we have a surprisingly stylish combo of rocking your Denim jackets with jeans. If you are eager to try them, start with the combo of a blue denim jacket and black jeans.

T-shirts and denim jackets go well, make sure to wear a striped or a graphic tee for a fashionable outcome.

Shirt and a Denim jacket combo can replace shirt and blazer. Wear the jacket with a white shirt, add a pair of trousers, and sneakers, now you can step out to make a style statement.

Look Fashionable in Denim Shirts

Denim shirts are a new way to spice up any look, and they cannot go wrong with the right combination. Denim shirt with a blazer is a classic combo. During summer you should try light-coloured linen or cotton blazer with denim shirts.

Let's talk about Denim

Denim shirts also go with chinos and shorts. Opt for chinos in colder months, and when summer hits, shorts are the perfect ones to go with Denim shirts.

We can see from here that denim serves as an important part of Men's apparel as they are so versatile. You can don them in any way to look confident in your outfit. We hope this write-up helps you in upping your denim fashion game.


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