Light-coloured Styling Suits

Light-coloured Styling Suits

Are light coloured Suits coming into style for men? Yes, it is. The light-coloured suits are very much trending in all Indian functions and mainly in big fat Indian Weddings. If you are in the apparel shop and looking for suits or blazer at a point in the past seven years, the majority of chances are there that you would have kept the attention towards the dark coloured blazers. But now the trend is changing towards the light-coloured suits where anyone can wear and style with the new trends. But What are the light colours that will match the young Indian lads, and what are the pros about it? You will know in this article, Let’s get started.

Light-coloured Styling Suits

Green Suits

If you want to break the rules, you should go with green or shades of green suits. When you want to surprise the whole group with your unique and stunning outfit, then dress with a white slim shirt with matching green suit with a pant. This will give an outstanding look for anyone who is even in average Indian height. Do not forget the dark leather shoes to match the green outfit, which gives the finishing touch to your overall look.

Light-coloured Styling Suits

Cream Suits

Well, there is a misunderstanding between white suits and cream suits. Some believe both are the same, but it is not. This can be explained thoroughly, the colour might look similar, but there is a huge difference between the colour of milk and whipped cream. So, the cream colour suits give you the extra layer look on the white colour and make it unique in the matt pattern. Throw a white coloured polo shirt inside and have the cream trousers that exactly matches the suit essence with a pair of loafers. With this look, the big Indian wedding look is accomplished for a groom.

White Suits

The white colour played a dominant role in vintage collections in every apparel but not with suits and blazers. In the last couple of years, white colour made a comeback in the suit arena in a great way. If you want to look great in this outfit, you have to follow some strict rules here. You should have a decent hair cut with a trimmed beard and no funky grooming styles. Once you are done with grooming, you should have the extra care towards styling with white suits. Have a mandatory black bow tie with black leather shoes, and accessories are the best options to wear when you are trying white apparel. The slim fit shirt and tailored pants with a cool suit in all white colour make anyone the centre of attraction in any particular event. For a more casual look just do not add the accessories for the white suit outfit, that will make this work for a casual outfit with white suits.

These are the 3 basic light coloured styling suits, and we have a wide range of light coloured collection in men’s fashion. You are welcome to comment on your light coloured suit fashion in the comment section below.


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