Men's Guide To Shorts

Men's Guide To Shorts

In Men's Fashion, since there are numerous styles day by day, it becomes easy to ignore basic style options and go hunting for new apparel. The shorts are the underappreciated outfit in Men's Fashion. It can be said shorts are the go-to bottom wear for the summer. But, these days, considering the comfort and practicality, and the material in which shorts are available, they can fit anywhere around the whole year. Here in this blog, we bring you everything you need to know from how they should fit and the essential styles to buy.

What to Note before you Buy?

It is always a useful idea to put some consideration into any new clothes you purchase. Shorts are no different. To assure you end up with a pair of shorts that look great, feel solid, and last well, there are some important areas to consider.

Men's Guide To Shorts

Let us here consider things like Fit, Length, Material, and quality. Starting with the fit, the fit is the most important factor for any clothing. A lot of this will depend on what type of shorts you buy. Always opt for a loose cut, slim or regular cut for usual wear. Avoid anything marked slim fit, it is always a good practice to avoid as they are already making waves in the jeans department. The next thing to note is the length. Anything from just above the knee to around a third of the way up the thigh is usually fine.

The choice of material for the shorts will be based on the planned use of a pair of shorts. Lightweight, stretchable fabrics are more suitable for active use, while cotton and wool-based fabrics manage to be quite suited to general day-to-day activities. Quality is one thing that is what determines the longevity of your shorts. Opting for a high-quality garment is the safest way to guarantee comfort and longevity. It can mean paying high, but if you buy cheap, you will usually end up buying more times, which makes it more costly in the long run.

Short Styles

Chinos are the ones that come to mind when we say shorts because of their versatility. If you choose chino shorts, even if it is just one pair of shorts, choose them in navy or beige colour with a slim cut. You will be surprised at how much value and use you get out of them.

The next style is a Tailored shorts style. As the name suggests, with their polished look and sharp appearance, tailored shorts give a way to dress up even when the sun is blazing. For a go-to casual approach, tuck in a plain or striped T-shirt into a pair of tailored shorts and top it off with a good pair of sneakers.

Men's Guide To Shorts

Athletic Shorts are the next style to have in your wardrobe. These are your exercise, running, and gym companion. These kinds of shorts are usually stretchable, comfortable, and intended to offer maximum freedom of movement. This makes them perfect for exercise, and also for general weekend duties if you pick a right pair.

Always believe in a less is more approach in all areas of menswear, and it holds good for shorts too. Don't go for fancy ones and prints, keep it minimal and casual, and with the versatility it offers, you will be good to go with the pairs you have.

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