Men's wardrobe essentials

Men's wardrobe essentials

Men's wardrobe can be a messier place when you think of it. We are pretty sure you might only know a few people who keep their wardrobe intact. Some would have a minimalist wardrobe; some know what they want and are ready for every occasion. Are you confused about what are the essentials you need in your closet for any event or occasion?

So if you have got a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear? In this blog, we will break down all the required wardrobe essentials for you.

Heard about Minimalist Wardrobe?

Men's wardrobe essentials

Man's wardrobe essentials consist of classic, quality materials in neutral colours that are interchangeable and work with each other easily. In simple terms, fewer is better. Minimalist wardrobe requires some effort but, day by day, this type of wardrobe makes setting together good looking outfits easier.

Casual Chinos

Men's wardrobe essentials

Chinos are the modern version of jeans, which means after jeans, everyone should have this in their wardrobe to be ready for any occasion. Choose the evergreen chino shades like beige, camel, khaki, grey, charcoal, etc. to be able to match with any shirts or t-shirts you have.

Dress Shirts

Men's wardrobe essentials

While many men can profit from a variety of dress shirts, your dependable companions will be those in white and light blue. If you are someone who likes to sport a smart and casual style, then your go-to combo should be more denim, sport shirts, sport coats instead of full suits.

If you wear suits every day to work, rethink and have some more dress shirts in subtle shades.


Are you a fan of belts? These days everyone tends to forget about belts. On the contrary, some have lots of belts, but they find themself rotating among the same 2-3 ones during the week.

Men's wardrobe essentials

This confusion comes when one is not sure what colour to have and what goes with what. If you have funky and large metal belts, keep them aside for parties and fun.

For casual outfits, a grey canvas belt, or a dark brown belt will do. Leather belts are the go-to ones when it is for the office or a more formal meeting.

Plaid Shirts

If you want something that is in style and is more of a menswear staple for a long time, it is plaid shirts. A Slim fit shirt should be your ideal pick. These shirts with chequered patterns allow you to experiment with it. You can use this shirt as a layer over your T-shirt, or to be worn beneath your denim or leather jacket.

White sneakers

These are the readymade accessory for you to look cool. Be it a canvas or leather; white sneakers combine the feel of sports casual and street style to make you look smart and classy.

If you need some more options, here the list goes by like a collection of white t-shirts, a navy blazer, a pair of Black Wayfarers, a set of quality pyjamas, etc. It comes down to whatever you have, it should be of quality, and it should last you for quite some time.

If you have solid wardrobe essentials, share them with us, and share your comments about the blog below.

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