Must-have 5 Accessories for Indian Men

Must-have 5 Accessories for Indian Men

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion” - Anna Dello Russo.


When you talk about accessories, it is always an addition to what you already have. 

When it comes to Indian men, they always have time to choose the perfect clothes. They choose matching colours, have a good sense of what goes with what. Finally, for the cherry on top, they miss out on finishing touches. That's where the accessories come in.

To spice up things for a complete look, here are some accessories that will come handy.



Must-have 5 Accessories for Indian Men

Nowadays, sunglasses cannot serve their only purpose to protect our eyes from harmful rays; they have become a style statement. They can go with formal attire and, at the same, time looks cool for a casual look of T-shirt and jeans. Without any complications, they are the solution for a quick accessory to choose from. There are different types like wayfarers, aviators, square-shaped ones, round-shaped, and so on.

According to the shape and size of our face, different types of shades are available.


Must-have 5 Accessories for Indian Men

Time waits for none. So, it is time to grab a watch, Indian men. Watches are the most convenient accessory, although we hear millennials say, "We have a phone, why we need a watch?" One cannot always check their phone for the time, it becomes boring.

A glance at the watch is still classy and cool and will serve the purpose. Analogue watches, digital watches and, nowadays, smartwatches are the trend. Smartwatches help us also to stay fit. The fitness bands go with sportswear whereas smartwatches can go with any outfit. The evergreen classic analogue watches make anyone look smart.

Whatever may be the outfit, analogue watches give us an extra awe-inspiring look. Wristwatches never go out of style.



Once, rings were considered feminine. The fashion game has changed and there are a lot of rings and jewelry that look stunning and inspires confidence in a man. Rings are not restricted only to marriage these days, fashion rings have become a serious fad.

 Rings are the way to express style easily using jewelry like silver, gold and many more. Rings are going to be a new trend shortly as many men have started to wear them and others will follow soon.


Must-have 5 Accessories for Indian Men

A simple cap can entirely change your look and can upgrade your wardrobe. Caps are generally associated with casual wear. When paired with any casual wear, it gives a timeless look. There are different types of caps available. Some are Snapback cap, Baseball Cap, Flat Cap, etc.

 The most common one is the baseball cap. They are fashionable and versatile. They can be used in colours matching the dress or can be used in colour contrasts with the dress you wear.



Must-have 5 Accessories for Indian Men

Wallets are one of the essential accessories apart from the fact it is also used for fashion purpose. Bulky wallets are more common nowadays as they go with casual attire. The slim ones are more suited for formal wear. Before choosing a wallet, the first thing you should consider is if it can fit all the cash, cards, and our id cards. Then comes the part which suits you the best. For a retro and classic look, go for the leather wallets. You can also choose from several other options such as cloth, denim, etc. Eventually, it comes down to the personal taste of an individual.

These accessories add an x-factor to what you already wear and it sets you apart from other men. Please feel free to share your comments and the accessories you would like to try and see how fashion grows with CP bro wallets visit our Fashion Blog

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