Must Have Skin Care Products For Teens

Must Have Skin Care Products For Teens

Teenage years are the most exciting time for all individuals. You graduate from school, step out into the world, attend college, make new friends, and go along with whatever life has in store for you. It also marks the beginning of maturity where you become responsible for your choices.

Another important event is the evolution of your dressing sense. You no longer put on clothes just for the sake of it. During these times, you begin to develop an interest in what you wear and how you look. Here comes the challenging part. Most teens start taking an interest in body care and skincare. If you are a teen and need some tips to get that flawless skin, you have come to the right page. In this blog, we list out certain essential products that help keep that glowing look.

Facewash and Moisturising Agents

One of the most common problems faced by teens is the appearance of zits and boils. This is the time when the body transforms. Changing hormones, moisture quality of the skin, rough and dry skin patches are all part and parcel of the transformation.

Must Have Skin Care Products For Teens

In such a case, it becomes crucial to go for the right kind of facewash. But why facewash?

In a tropical country like ours, humidity can do a lot of damage to the skin. Excess moisture traps dust, oil, dead skin flakes and other impurities on the skin. These impurities can lead to the formation of boils and acne. This is where a facewash comes to the rescue.

Make sure you choose a facewash which is free of detergents. Extra detergents can leave your skin dry and the skin may produce excess oil to balance the dryness. This can again lead to redness and dry patches.

This is why you need a good moisturiser. Every time you wash your face, do not forget to moisturise. Be it dry or humid climate, your skin requires moisture to create a perfect balance to maintain moist and healthy skin. Go for oil-free moisturisers if you live in the coastal areas where there is excess humidity.

Sunscreen and Sun Protect 

Getting a good amount of sunlight is great for the skin. But too much of sun can damage it. That is why you need a good quality sunblock to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and know about the beauty hacks for men.

Must Have Skin Care Products For Teens

Sunscreen is available in many variations. You have waterproof suntan, oil-based, clay-based sunblock. These can be used depending on where you live, how much sunlight the area receives and the skin-type you have.

Sunscreen has a measurement of how much it protects against the sun. It is called the SPF or sun protection factor. It can range from 0-100 with 100 providing the most protection. Sunscreen with SPF ranging from 15-70 usually gives all-round protection for all skin types.

The important thing to remember is to use face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen on a regular basis to protect your skin and reduce breakouts, acne and inflammation.

Tell us about your skin protection regimen and how you keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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