Planting trees - Beyond Fashion

Planting trees - Beyond Fashion

The importance of Planting trees was a topic which you would have heard back in school. Now, depletion of resources, global warming, emission of toxic gases from industries into the atmosphere, all play a role in emphasizing the importance of it repeatedly. We can see more companies supporting and implementing Go Green initiatives, and keen on reducing the carbon footprint. 

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSRs) of companies are now more focused on the environment, as it is becoming the need of the hour.

Classic Polo's CSR initiative - Vetry

Planting trees - Beyond Fashion

Vetry intends to fight back against climate change and deforestation by planting more trees. The resolution goes beyond fashion and economics. We give back to our nature and build a greener future for the generations to come. Check our blog here for more information on Vetry - Classic Polo Beyond Fashion.

Different initiatives across the Industry

More and more companies are opting to go green by planting trees. It can be a direct yearly initiative, and some companies use a portion of the amount from their sale and use it for planting trees.

Adopting villages, schools also help students and people of the locality and can be used to plant trees in that area.

More emphasis on 'Made in India' products, brands leaning towards sustainable fashion methods are commendable, in the sense of development to the industry and the environment.

Planting trees - Benefits

Planting trees - Beyond Fashion

Speaking of reducing Carbon footprint, and companies aiming to bring it down, the only ways are to switch to sustainable or green methods in manufacturing.

Planting trees will be a large scale and effective method as they trap CO2 from the atmosphere and use them for their growth. Planting trees can improve air quality overall, this can be a sigh of relief at least in the air we breathe. The industrialization has made the quality of air worse, and we have to practice good eco-friendly methods like this to bring back quality air.

One has to think about soil and soil quality, nourishing abilities when thinking about manufacturing apparel. Everything depends on the quality of cotton and the micro-environment it is grown in.

The Future

If we consider the Future to be environment friendly, and sustainable then planting trees is the way forward. Programs and welfare schemes for Agricultural families will do a world of good to preserve and ensure growth in planting and agriculture.

Educating farmers and forming NGOs, self-help groups can be a solution. This will educate not only farmers but also people to pursue something in this regard for the betterment of Nature. What is on the cards for the fashion industry? Initiatives regarding planting trees, gifting saplings, and rewards leaning towards 'Go green' can be an option.

Another major option can be Sustainable Fashion. If you haven't checked our detailed blog on this, check it here. Nature has given us everything, but have we given back and respected it, is the question here.

Preservation of nature, planting trees should all come from an Individual first, and it can transform into something big if all work together towards the goal. Choosing eco-friendly brands that do not harm the environment is also a choice we can make.

Let us hope for the change, make sure to share your thoughts as comments below.

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