Polo Shirt Hacks – Should You Hang or Fold?

Polo Shirt Hacks – Should You Hang or Fold?

When it comes to settling and organizing the wardrobe, it takes more time than expected to organize your wardrobe. In the process of designing your wardrobes, you might miss the basic steps to keep the clothes in the right manner. Keeping clothes in the right way will help the quality of material stay for a longer period. Who doesn’t want to maintain their favourite clothes? No one right? Because you can relate to this example where you loved one particular cloth and even after you cross that age where it doesn’t fit. You still keep that one cloth because it bonded with your emotion, and you don’t want to let it go. Likewise, you will have one Polo T-shirt design that bonded with you strongly. How to keep it for such a long time?

There are so many blokes who think hanging the Tees are safe, and so many others argue folding the Polo Tees are right? Are you in dilemma about what to go with? Here we go with the debating topic to confess some important points with you. Before getting into the Polo T-shirt, we must know some of the other wears whether to fold or hang in the wardrobe. Even if it sounds like the least bothered, you must organize to keep your wardrobe perfect.

Socks and Innerwears

There will be a separate room for the socks, innerwear, and handkerchief in the wardrobe. These types of cloth can be folded and kept in the drawer where it requires a small place, and it is the best place to keep the underwear in a cool and clean area in the wardrobe.

Button-down shirts and Sweaters

Polo Shirt Hacks – Should You Hang or Fold?

Button-down shirts can either be folded or hung up on a hanger, but make sure you button up the collar before you put into the hanger. The folding of shirts will help you to keep in shape and maintains the formal feel of the shirt. When it comes to sweaters, it’s always safe to fold and keep it in the wardrobe. Make sure you keep the folded sweaters at the bottom of other cloth selection.


Polo Shirt Hacks – Should You Hang or Fold?

The one cloth where we all feel the more weightage when you wear and keep in wardrobe also. It acquires more space since it carries bulk material. You cannot fold it completely, and it’s not good to fold. Even if you try to fold it, the sponge materials which is present in the shoulder pads section will be harmed and results in the weakening of the sponge. It is always better to hang the blazer on the hanger.

Polo T-shirts

Polo tees are majorly manufactured with a knit fiber fabric that is also known as pique. If you hang up the Polo Tees, then the stretchable nature of the fabric may cause a disturbance in the fitting after some days. So, that is why any experienced shops or fashionists will never hang the Polo T-shirts instead they just fold the tees and keep it in the wardrobe.

Some of you might be having the tricky info where you can defend the answer of folding the Polo Tees. If you do, do not wait to highlight it in the comment box below, and let's have a healthy debate in the comment section and make this article more useful.


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