Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

One of the most dominating trend in the Men’s apparel industry is the Polo tshirt Fashion. Worn by celebrities, sport stars and the common man, polo tshirts have been around for decades. And they are not going anywhere.
When it comes to the humble polo tshirt, the common perception is that there is very little you can do about it. You can either wear it for casual occasions or when you have a little outing. Polo tshirts serve more than just making a great casual outfit. What we fail to understand is that polo tshirts have been integral part of men’s fashion. Rarely would you see a more special, and at the same time, a commonplace apparel that suits almost every one.
Versatility often becomes a breeding ground for innovation. Over the years, polo tshirts have been used to project the formula of ‘fashion is comfort’. Modern, chic, comfortable and trendy, there is no limit to what you can do with polo tshirts. Men’s style guides often include a variety of apparel that is suited for different events. We are here to tell you that polo tshirts are made for every occasion and makes a terrific first impression. You don’t have to own expensive apparels to look stunning. A simple twist to the age-old combination of polo tshirts and denims can bring about a completely transformed look to your everyday style.

How can you augment your daily appearance with a simple apparel like polo tshirt? Should polo tshirt be a quintessential part of men’s style guide? What can be your ‘go-to’ apparel combination with the humble polo tshirt? To answer these questions, one need to go below the surface and peel the layers of modern fashion. Let’s get right into it.

Polo T-shirts and Men’s Fashion

Before the invention of polo tshirt or even the round neck t-shirt, fashion had a very rigid image. This is not about the elite and the artistic sector which always looked beyond the daily banal sense of fashion. We are talking about the trend that captured the fancy of the masses. Most societies in the early days had a very fixed preconceived notion of what is fashionable. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to say that fashion was seen more from the point of view of what was acceptable and what was not. You had a major part of the population adhering to the norms of well-accepted fashion guidelines. You would have the top hats, overcoats, collars, undershirts, pantaloons or trousers with an occasional heavy coat, if the weather permitted. No one would have dreamt of the t-shirt and polo tshirt revolutionizing the scene of casual wear.
What polo tshirts do is they give the opportunity to develop an original and individual style. Most of us would be under the assumption that men’s fashion is only meant for select few. This may be a prevalent notion considering the kind of fashion shows and global fashion weeks we are used to watching on the television. Some of the apparels designed for such displays seldom have an appeal to the preferences of the common masses. What the entire world needs is an apparel that everyone can call as their own.

Polo tshirts are those fashion products that can a find a home in every single person’s wardrobe. Not only do they match with a range of different styles and colours, they strike a perfect balance between the extreme formal and careless casual. Although the rise of polo tshirts is attributed to its popularity amongst sports professionals, they have found acceptance with the common masses as well. And polo tshirts are not just for men. Women fashion has also embraced the polo tshirt phenomenon.

Polo T-shirt Fashion for Everyone

Talking about fashion for everyone, men’s fashion have many unique characteristics to them. It is a common myth that most people tend to ignore a lot of basics when it comes to men’s clothing. Well, to an extent, we are all to blame.
If you consider any popular and extensive men’s fashion tips and style guide, there will be a lot of emphasis on the looks. Of course, the ultimate goal is to look good. And you will some easy tips and advice on how to look fashionable.
A great advice is to create the perfect balance between style and comfort. That is why men’s casual style comprises of numerous apparels that have a dual function; they look fantastic, and they make the wearer feel amazing. Fortunately, men’s apparel, and especially polo tshirts, are designed to enhance the smart casual style that everyone craves for. Agreed, formal wear have their perks. A great looking formal wear can confer a completely smashing look. But, honestly, everyone wants to break out of their formal skin and enjoy the luxurious carefree feel of casual wear. We want to specify that fashion is for everyone and every single individual can create their own style.

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

Men’s fashion is not complicated as it sounds. One doesn’t need elaborate knowledge and experience to create a unique and smart looks for men. It is not even a question of what would be liked by most people. Ultimately, you have to adorn your style with pride and you should choose apparel that makes you look smart and fashionable in your eyes. You can visit the best online men’s clothing shopping sitesand choose your own style that seems right to your taste.
Some of the common fashion tips for menalways include the idiom ‘Keep It Simple, Silly”. What this essentially means is that simplicity trumps over complex and elaborate concepts. After all, being comfortable in what you wear should be your first priority and, looking comfortable should not require a lot of efforts. Another important piece of advice in any men’s fashion style guide is not overdo things in order to look funky. There exists a fine line between looking smart and casual, and going over the top for a garish look. Although beauty is extremely subjective and some people can carry the extreme bold and bright with a flourish, one has to be careful from selecting a completely shocking style.
What everyone needs to do is develop an effortless fashion mindset before going for effortless fashion style. To look effortlessly chic, one has to know what goes into making something simple look extraordinary. Especially when we talk about any field of fashion, art or science, the true ability is to transform anything ordinary and make it stand out from the noise. To provide visibility to something that was not seen before is the true sign of great art.

And that is why art and fashion is for everyone. Since polo tshirts are of the most beloved apparel of the fashion industry, one of the most worn product across the globe, it is for everyone.

Polo T-shirt Goes With Everything

A fascinating feature about polo tshirts is that they are compatible with almost all trendy fashion products. Imagine if you want to go out with friends and need a smart casual wear for a party, you can simply try the combination of polo tshirt and jeans.
Polo t-shirts work great for a casual event. You don’t even need to think which polo t-shirt to opt for. Any and every kind of polo t-shirt can work great to create the perfect apparel combination. Make sure that you know what makes the perfect combination.
Men’s apparelhave a wide range of colours. Gone are the days when the fashion industry would only create dark and somber fashion products for men. In today’s trendy world, patrons are encourage to add a dash of colour to what they wear. And the result is perfect blend of colours that suit almost every personality. There is no reason for the smart trendy youth to shy away from colours. It works perfectly if one knows how to make the colours stand out with matching of hues and design.

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

Nowadays, once can find every possible colours in polo tshirts. Given a wide range of hues available, one can decide what to wear in the summer, autumn and winter. The reason is that certain colours are well-suited for particular seasons of the month. Every year, almost all brands launch their seasonal collection keeping this in mind. But why should you stick to the rule of using specific colours for a particular season? If you think you can carry your polo in style, step right in and choose your favourite polo tshirt.
A quick rule of thumb is to avoid monochramticcolour combinations when choosing your apparel. By this we mean, stay away from opting the same colour for the polo tshirt and trouser. Similar colours create a monotonous look for the wearer, making it look like one boring uniform. A little mix and match of colours can be a great trick to create that appealing trendy look.You can play with light and dark colours to get balanced contrast with your apparels. Say you have light colourpolo tshirtthat gives you bright and playful look. Now you have to choose a matching trouser that will complement the light colour.

Matching light and dark colours for apparelshave many advantages. The first and foremost benefit is complementary colours create a necessary break in the overall appearance. The looks creates a refreshing pattern of appealing colours that differ in their hues and shades. There are several points to note from the theory of colours when choosing the right complementary colours.
One of the easy ways to create a smart and refreshing look is choose apparels that have a variety of colours. The humble t-shirt is the best candidate for this. T-shirt is the most common apparel and is everyone’s favourite. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but the wide range of colours and patterns makes it an easy comfortable choice for most men. Especially for the fashionable Indian Men, t-shirts offer the perfect fashion solution, irrespective of taste and preferences.

Similarly, polo tshirts are an all-time favourite apparel that is appealing to almost everyone. Young, old, college goers, working professionals; polo tshirts have become a go-to apparel for most individuals. Versatile, fashionable and the epitome of comfort, polo tshirts are a trendy addition to anyone’s wardrobe. And one only has to imagine the numerous occasions and the wide range of variations one can use to don the perfect polo tshirt.
Before going more in detail about how you can make casual fashion with polo tshirt work for you, we would like to discuss some trends; past, present and future, associated with the polo tshirts. How did this simple elegant clothing apparel attain international recognition? What was the reason behind the global acceptance of polo tshirts, which in time, came to represent a wide venue of world-wide fashion?

A simple thing one needs to understand is that a trend doesn’t achieve global acceptance overnight. In today’s world, where information can travel faster than human though, we can understand the seamless transmission of trends. But back in the days when the path to popularity was more complex, trends had an uphill climb to make a mark on the global populace. Often, trends would rely on traditional routes of fame and the phenomenon would gradually gain momentum to be considered as popular.
In the coming few sections, we trace the origin of some of the casual fashion trends, how they came into existence, who were the people behind them and how they attained the heights of fame. Some of the facts are so unbelievable that one wouldn’t associate them with the commonly accepted ideas. We wanted to take the readers onto a journey that is fascination and full of unexpected turn of events. By the end of the journey, you will be amazed at the plethora of unknown facts and how little one knows about some of the most common trends and the cornerstones of popular culture. Here. We. Go!

History of T-shirts

Before the ‘T’ was added to ‘t-shirt’, the humble and low-profile apparel was rarely a mainstream fashion garment.
It started almost a century ago. But the size, shape, look and feel was completely different from what we have experienced with today’s smart and casual t-shirts. Some sources suggest that the t-shirt began its historical journey in the form of an overall, one-piece, jump-suit shaped undergarment. The United States of America was the first country to issue it. This was the Union Suit.
The Union Suit was issued to soldiers of the army serving in the US army during the Mexican war. We are talking about the end of the 19th century.
This comfortable and soft undergarmentwould cover the entire body of the wearer from neck to toe. A single piece snuggly apparel, it has buttons in the top half front of the apparel where one could slide in to the warm confines of this. The material used for the manufacture of this is not clearly known, but one can assume that the undergarment was made with some comfortable and soft fibres.
The reason soldiers were required to wear this was the uniforms were made of thick and coarse fabric which would irritated the skin of the wearer. Since war entails braving inclement weather and natural elements, military uniforms of those time were made for protecting the soldiers against harsh weather. Wearing a Union Suit underneath ensured that the wearer did not encounter discomfort from the coarse nature of the uniform and remained comfortable under the layer of the soft fabric.

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

This concept of the undergarment went another round of iterations a few years later and the new avatar was called the Long Johns. Not differing much from the functionality of the Union Suit, Long Johns underwent a major overhaul in terms of design. The most significant change was that the single piece transformed into a two-piece. The top part resembled the full sleeve t-shirt and the bottom part became the precursor of pyjamas.
The Long Johns enjoyed huge popularity among the working class heroes of the early 20th century. One could wear it under their work overalls, jumpsuits, dungarees, and other so-called workers’ attire.
Another transformation that gave the undershirt its modern day avatar came from the perspective of function rather than fashion.
As the industrial era became a defining point in the western world’s rise to power, it began to employ a huge population of individuals. Safe to say that during the economic boom of the earlier and middle of the 20th century, a great number of people found their way into the mega cities and satellite towns. These had the industries and manufacturing units, a whole city in themselves. Labour was the predominant input. Rows of men and machine would labour for hours, churning out automotive, tanks, ships, planes and many modern marvels of the new world.

The fact is, around this time, a great majority of the young population would be spending hours shaping the future of the country. The stifling heat and the stuff atmosphere of the factories would often make them uncomfortable. The overalls and jumpsuit liken apparel would have intensified the discomfort. But there was an easy solution to this problem.
The workers would let the overalls hang down from the waist and remain in their undershirt. Further, they would often trim the sleeves of the undershirt, making the first prototype for the modern day t-shirt. As they concept of creating a brand was in its nascent stage, there were only a few apparel brands that took up the challenge of manufacturing t-shirts.

Polo T shirts for Casual Fridays

Polo Tshirts are ideal for casual, semi-casual work scenarios. Especially, if it is a Friday, one need think twice before donning on a Polo Tshirt.
Everyone loves Fridays, and if you are given a choice to have menswear that is causal yet doesn’t seem unfit for work, then the choice is simple in tshirts. Polo Tshirts not only look great on men, but women of workplaces can also experiment with casual wear.
What are some of the options for Polo Tshirts on casual Fridays? Here, we list some Polo Tshirts that will make a great workplace attire for Fridays.

Polo T-shirts with Solid Colours

Plain Polo Tshirts or single colour Polo Tshirts or, more famously named as Solid Colour Polo Tshirts are one the best and iconic Polo Tshirts that are out there. One the best thing about single colour Polo menswear is that they look really great if you choose the right colour. By the right colour we mean something that complements the skin tone and what you are matching it with.
For example, if you want to opt for lighter shades of Polo Tshirts, say a pink, lime green, lemon yellow, teal, sky blue and others, make sure you match it with dark colour denims. Although you can choose a variety of bottomwears for your light coloured Polo Tshirts, it would be great if your first choice is dark coloured denims.

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

On the other hand, you can pair darker hues of Polo Tshirt with lighter shades of trousers. Especially for fairer skin tones, dark colours such as crimson, dark green, royal blue, magenta Polo Tshirts look fantastic. Bottomwear could be beige, tan, softer shades of blue and green.
One of the reason why solid colour Polo Tshirts work is you can always wear a complement colour jacket over the Polos in case you feel you are presenting too casual a look. Indeed, you can find numerous examples of how one can an excellent jacket to go with your Polo Tshirt.
The crux of the matter is you can never go wrong with Solid Colour Polo Tshirts.

Rugby Polo Tshirts

Another type of Polo Tshirt for mens that is ideal of casual Fridays is the Rugby Polo Tshirts. Now Rugby Polo Tshirts come in a variety of prints and designs. There are certain characteristics that are vital when it comes Rugby Polo Tshirts for men. If you are looking to own a couple of really cool Rugby Polo Tshirt, and don’t know where to being, here are some pointers that will help you own the coolest pair of Polo Tees.
A great Rugby Polo Tshirt comprises of broad, contrasting coloured, horizontal stripes. This makes up your traditional classic Polo Tshirt in the sporty style. The horizontal stripes not only look great, but they also help in creating a perception of width to wearer. Especially when we talk about Rugby Polo Tshirts, you would want to appear big and tough. Another important feature of this incredible menswear category is the presence of an identifiable insignia in the breast pocket region.
Most often, the stripes will be of complementary colour if not a stark contrast. Usually you will find both bright and dark coloured Rugby Polo Tshirts which usually go well with a number of options like denims trousers and even shorts.
Does that work for casual Fridays? Absolutely. However, just make sure that the colours are not loud enough for your co-workers to get distracted. Maybe, maybe not. In general, softer shades work best for workplace environment which are substantially well lit or have provisions for natural light to permeate through the premises.

Full Sleeves or Half Sleeves Polo T-shirts

Polo Tshirts, apart from being available in variety of colours, prints, designs, also come in half sleeves and full sleeves. Depending upon your comfort levels, or the kind of environment you have at work, you can choose to go for either variant.
Half sleeve Polo Tshirts are great for individuals who have great upper body physique or work out regularly. It helps one highlight the shape and silhouette of the arms and make biceps appear more prominent.
Full sleeves are great when you are comfortable wearing longer leaves, either when the weather permits or it’s just your style.

Print Polo T-shirts and Graphic Polos

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

A common notion about menswear is that men usually would have a collection of solid colours in their wardrobe. More than that, it believed that men’s fashion has got very limited scope when it comes to colours and prints. However, this is changing rapidly and more and more colours, prints and designs have become an integral part of menswear.
Over the years, a common trend in menswear is the emergence of printed and graphic tees. Usually, one would find some graphic or text printed on these graphic tees. These has become more of style statement for many college goers and work professionals alike. However, such printed and graphic tees are not ideal for workplace as it can be seen as too informal even for casual Fridays.
But we have a solution for men who want a dash of cool and trendy print in their wardrobe. All over printed Polo Tshirts are best suited for casual Fridays and bring the best of both world, semi-formal attire and trendy colours.
It is not uncommon to find colourful printed Polo Tshirts that look classy and yet, provide you the comfort and freedom of casual wear. Nowadays, one may find a wide range of brands that create excellent Polo Tshirts with sober and classy colours with the latest trendy prints and designs.
An important thing to keep in mind is how you pair your casual or semi-casual Polo Tshirts. Although we will discuss in detail in the following sections on how to zing up your casual Fridays with accessories and add-ons, some general ideas about pairing go a long way. For instance, it’s important to consider the right type of trousers when you are the mood of donning colourful Polo Tshirts. A good trouser can balance the ‘casualness’ of your polo and provide a complementary fit to the designs and prints of today’s Polo Tshirts. What is important for you is to wear your Polo Tshirts with confidence and enjoy your Fridays, simply because the weekend is here!

Mix and Match your Polo T-shirts

Nowadays, once can find every possible colours in polo tshirts. Given a wide range of hues available, one can decide what to wear in the summer, autumn and winter. The reason is that certain colours are well-suited for particular seasons of the month. Every year, almost all brands launch their seasonal collection keeping this in mind. But why should you stick to the rule of using specific colours for a particular season? If you think you can carry your polo in style, step right in and choose your favourite polo tshirt.

A quick rule of thumb is to avoid monochramticcolour combinations when choosing your apparel. By this we mean, stay away from opting the same colour for the polo tshirt and trouser. Similar colours create a monotonous look for the wearer, making it look like one boring uniform. A little mix and match of colours can be a great trick to create that appealing trendy look. You can play with light and dark colours to get balanced contrast with your apparels. Say you have light colour polo tshirt that gives you bright and playful look. Now you have to choose a matching trouser that will complement the light colour.

Matching light and dark colours for apparels have many advantages. The first and foremost benefit is complementary colours create a necessary break in the overall appearance. The looks creates a refreshing pattern of appealing colours that differ in their hues and shades. There are several points to note from the theory of colours when choosing the right complementary colours.
One of the easy ways to create a smart and refreshing look is choose apparels that have a variety of colours. The humble t-shirt is the best candidate for this. T-shirt is the most common apparel and is everyone’s favourite. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but the wide range of colours and patterns makes it an easy comfortable choice for most men. Especially for the fashionable Indian Men, t-shirts offer the perfect fashion solution, irrespective of taste and preferences.

Bottom wear Guide for Polo Tshirts

A crucial point when it comes to wearing Polo Tshirts is to have the right bottom wear in mind. One may think that it is a no brainer when deciding the perfect bottomwear with Tshirts, shirts, full sleeves, jackets etc. But it is not as simple as one may think. For instance, one has to choose the right type of trousers, jeans, shorts, chinos and the various bottomwear that can be considered acceptable at work places.

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

First and foremost, for casual Fridays, one has to realize what type of work environment and work policies exist. It may be acceptable to wear jeans on a Friday, if the workplace permit. Similarly, one has to figure out if chinos and trousers can be worn depending on the norm for casual dressing. With all of these sorted, let’s get into some of the options that one had while choosing a bottom wear to go with your favourite Polo Tshirt.

Denims - The World’s Favourite Casual Wear

It doesn’t need a stretch of imagination to understand that denims have been around for more than a century amongst us. What started as functional and utility based apparel has now gained the momentum of becoming the most identifiable bottomwear across the globe. Not only is it popular, denims have come to be associated with style statements over the year. Be it the plain denims of the 70s, the stone and carbon washes of the 80s and 90s, or the ripped, shredded and skinny fits of recent times, denims have evolved with changing trends of the fashion world.
However, some things have changed with respect to what should be worn where and when. For example, you can’t wear shredded and ripped jeans on a date or any other important events. Similarly, it won’t be the right decision to sport this at semi-casual events or a party. One has to mindful of the occasion, especially, the important and significant ones.

On this note, it becomes very important for you to have the right pair of jeans to go with your Polo Tshirts with respect to casual Fridays.
For beginners in styling and creating your own personalized fashion statement, a good place to start is plain solid colour denims. There’s nothing simple and sophisticated than matching your Polo Tshirt with classic denims. Most of us would consider a classic pair of blue jeans as the poster boy of denims. This could have been the case a few decades ago where the general trend was to go for the traditional blue jeans in menswear. However, over the decades, trends have evolved and so have people’s taste in fashion, giving us a variety of options to choose from. And why stay with the traditional when you have the choice of something new and fresh?

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

Don’t shy away from coloured jeans. In the recent years, colours have become an integral part of menswear, breaking the dogma of presenting fewer colour options in men’s bottom wear. Nowadays, you can find solid colours such as crimson, teal, turquoise, beige, tans and different colours of the spectrum for jeans. This comes handy and going for matching and complimentary shades. Since there are so many options for Polo Tshirts, why wouldn’t one opt for coloured jeans?
For instance, say your Polo Tshirt collection has a lot of dark hues. What you can do is go for jeans that are of lighter hues. Blue, pink, tans, and even pastel colours work perfect with darker shades of Polo Tshirts. What one needs to do is create a perfect balance between light and dark hues so that it breaks the monotony of appearance. Similarly, different Polo Tshirts come with different types of prints or embroidery. A great option could be to take into account the colour of the print or embroidery and choose a bottomwear jeans that resemble the same colour.

This is a fantastic insight into how one can use the subtle nuances of apparel to create a perfect symmetry of colours. Even if you have doubts about which colours to use in a complementary combination, this little hack will get the job done. This is bound to work even for individuals who have no experience with matching apparels.

Casual Trousers to Match Your Polo T-shirt

Casual Fridays are the best. Work seems to become more enjoyable. People seem friendlier. Team members that are usually on edge seem to adopt a softer demenanour towards their fellow colleagues. On a good casual Friday, clients may give you the approval without any more feedbacks.
There’s something about Fridays that make a world of a difference in your regular day. Why should your attire be the standard boiler plate office apparel? Go beyond the standard formal shirt and trouser. Bring your fashion ‘A’ game with Trousers and Polo Tshirts.
When it comes to bottomwear, the general idea is that there won’t be enough room to play. There can’t be only one type of bottomwear that suits your collared Polo Tshirt. Besides jeans, casual trousers can be your thing if you want to create a great semi-casual look.
Trousers offer the perfect combination of fashion and function. There look incredibly amazing with casual shirts, semi- casual full sleeves, half-sleeves as well as Polo Tshirts. A good trouser offers the comfort of snug fitting bottom wear without compromising the semi-casual look you are aiming for your casual Fridays. Since there are so many variants of the humble trouser, what should you go for?

Let’s begin with the plain solid coloured trouser. Solid trousers come in a myriad different colours but the most common ones are the shades of beige, tan, buff etc. These are neutral shades that complement a variety of shirts and Tshirts, including Polo Tshirts. Such hues of trousers go extremely well with darker Polo-tshirts, the all over printed monotone Polo Tshirts as well as dark colour striped rugby Polos.
Similarly, other shades like khaki, camel, sand and stone offers some trendy options for your casual Friday Polo.
Maybe you are not a fan of dark colours and want to keep things light. Often, one is inclined towards the bright colours of the summer and pastel shades that appear fun and cool. In such a case, don’t just stick to the above safe trouser colours. You can go for darker hues or experiment with some trendy prints.

Printed Trousers for your Casual Fridays

Prints have defined the style of apparels for many decades. Be it casual wear, semi-casual wear, or office wears, prints will never go out of style. Whether you have plain polos or printed ones, a great pair of printed trousers bring on an extra zing to your casual Fridays. Here are some types of prints that you can include for your weekend wears.

Go For Plaids and Polo T-shirts

Plaids are a good mash up of the old and new. There’s something enchanting about the repeating blocks of prints that make the plaid trousers the best casual bottomwear. The signature checks and squares can make a world of a difference to your regular casual Friday look. The most interesting part of wearing plaids is it doesn’t take much to match it.
With that said, it is preferable to match your printed trousers with plain polos. Now, the plaid pattern can come in a variety of clours, print sizes, and fabric material. Similarly, there can be different colours, or a blend of colours that make up your plaid bottoms. Keep in mind that you have to choose the right colour Polo T-shirt to go with your coloured bottoms. The rule of the thumb is go complementary colours.

For instance, dark coloured plaids can be donned with light, solid colour Polo Tshirts. A simple reason for this is that it creates the right visuals that encompasses light and dark aspect of the attire. On the contrary, if you have light printed plaids, you can easily opt for a dark solid coloured Polo Tshirt. Just remember that the right colour balance is key.
Plaid trousers, especially the ones made of light fabric, are well suited for summers. Along with style and fashion, keep in mind that whatever you choose, it has to be comfortable. Although office temperatures maybe cold, consider ambient temperatures as well when going for your final look. If you find yourself deciding between the two, you always have the option of carrying a light jacket. It is a big plus that goes perfectly well with plaid trousers and Polo Tshirts.

Style your Polo T-shirts with Chinos

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

Ideally, if you wanted something cool and trendy for casual Fridays, nothing is better than a chic pair of denims. However, most office and workplaces would frown upon a dress code with Polo Tshirts and Jeans. In such a case, one would have to resort to formal or semi-casual trousers.
Chinos are the next best option if you are looking something stylish with your Polo Tshirt. Chinos are your soft textured, light fabric wear; an all-weather bottomwear. Especially, if you want a great summerwear that complements you incredible Polo Tshirt, then go for chinos without any inhibition.
They give you a very relaxed feeling and are quite easy to handle. For indoors, choose light coloured chinos that go well with your favourite Polo Tshirt. The simple reason is, indoor office and workplaces generally lack natural lighting. This would mean that there would a lot of glare from artificial lighting all around. In such a scenario, a good fashion sense is to opt for light coloured chinos that would blend well with whatever lighting is available.
On the contrary, if you have to attend an outdoor event, or a party in the evening, choose a dark pair of chinos. Anything with dark shades work best in the evening setting. Just don’t forget to match your Polo Tshirts according to the hues and shades of your chinos.

Corduroy - Old is Gold

Fashion keeps re-inventing itself from time to time. Whatever has been done and dusted is bound to make a comeback. The same is the case with corduroy. The soft cotton velvety ribbed trousers are making a grand entry into the world of casual and semi casual apparel. Corduroys look amazing with formal shirts and would seem apt for official situations.
But, it doesn’t come as surprise that corduroys are a great match with Polo Tshirts. Especially if you want to strike a balance between casual and formal event. Casual Fridays deserve nothing but the best and corduroy do come in that category. When you want to create a perfect semi-casual look, corduroys with Polo T-shirt, a semi-formal shirt or half sleeves would make a great match.

Polo Tshirt with Slim Fit Trousers

If you were to ask a Gen Z or millennium about slim fit bottomwear, you would definitely get some interesting and contradictory answers. This has got to do with the changing notion and perspective on fashion. If you ask a Gen Z as to what they think about the slim fit trousers, you can expect a snarky comeback like “That is such a millennium term”. The reason is that a few years ago, slim fit trousers and genes were a rage.
Sports personalities, entertainers, music groups, and all the important show biz individuals our era made sure that word about slim fit bottom wear gets around. And social media added fuel to fire with influencers picking up the trend and gushing about it in on channels.
With all this said and done, slim fit trousers can still find a place in your wardrobe with your choicies Polo Tshirts. But slim fit trousers don’t go with anything and everything.
If we take the example of a classic Polo Tshirt, which is perhaps one of the best tshirt apparel to wear on casual Fridays, one has to be careful of the fitting. A slim fit trouser needs to go with a slim fit classic Polo Tshirt. There’s a very simple reason for this.

It has got to with the silhouette of the entire frame. By this we mean that lines of the body has align so that you don’t end up having a flappy tshirt at the midline and have a sharp fitting trouser starting from there. A slim fit classic Polo Tshirt will sit just right a fitting pair of classic trousers. Slim fit trousers that end just above the ankles would look amazing with collared full sleeves tshirt or half sleeves Polo Tshirt.
Since we spoke about printed trousers in the previous sections, we are not going to further highlight the importance of having trendy printed or designer trousers. But, we want to stress on the fact that if you want to spice up your casual Fridays, there is nothing like the combination of a classic Polo Tshirt and printed slim fit trousers.

Polo T-shirt with Straight Fit Trouser

One fact that cannot be ignored is slim fit trousers are not for everyone. Yes, there are some who can carry even the most tattered and frayed styles with a lot of swagger. But let’s assume that maybe you are not one of them and you are more comfortable with some standard, boiler plate combinations.
It’s true that not everyone has to join the bandwagon. Sometimes, styles come and go, and maybe it is for the best that you don’t want to try them. That is why we some amazing alternative to try with your Polo Tshirts.
Trousers with a straight fit configurations work extremely well with a lot of apparels. Be it tshirts, shirts, formals, semi-casuals, straight-fits make perfect companions to give you the complete look. Especially, when you consider the average built type of the Indian population, straight fit trousers are a great replacement for the slim fits. Also, to an extent, individuals on the heavier side can get straight fits to match their style and make an impact. Just make sure that they are of a comfortable material, with airy and breathable attributes.
But don’t go for the simple, monotone, plain work trousers. If you can add a little zing to your style, check out some options online. Now a days, you have the advantage of checking out social media profiles, hashtags, profiles and handles of influencers to get some inspiration. Not just that, you have a world of fashion bloggers and fashion youtubers who have generated a considerable following over the years. Pretty sure that you will find some great tips and hacks on how to style your straight fit trousers with your favourite polo tshirts and semi casual shirts.
You will be surprised how many different options you get to transform your trouser and polo tshirt combination into something phenomenal for your casual Fridays.
Whatever may be your preferences, you cannot go wrong with polo tshirts and trousers. Also, don’t forget the most important aspect of casual Fridays. It is to have fun at work, with the comfort of your personal style, of your own choice.

Polo Tshirt Styling Option For Winter

Winters are wonderful! Especially in a terrain like ours, winter brings a much needed respite from the harsh sun of the summers. After months of the radiant sun just bombarding its fiery rays, and the hot and humid deluge of the monsoons, winters is something that everyone is eagerly waiting for.
Winter has a special significance in the world of fashion. But on a personal level, it has a far deeper objective in our daily lives. One of the things is that we get to explore the deepest and darkest corners of our wardrobe in search of the much neglected lot of winter clothes. You may or may not find your favourite Polo Tshirts in this lot, but you are bound to come across some lost treasures. These have probably not seen the day of light for months on end. We want to shine a light on how you can style your amazing Polo Tshirt collection with all the winter clothing that has remain hidden from you.

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

When we talk about winter fashion, one needs to understand how differs from summer and spring. The difference is not just in the name or the multiple layers and warm clothing that you can wear in the former and not in the latter. It has also got to with what winter stands for in terms of personal styling, what colours are best to resemble the changing time, not just the climate, but also how you feel. Style is all about becoming one with your feelings and get the right way to express it. And what’s better than fashion.
Let’s get first things straight. When we talk about Polo Tshirt styling methods for the winter, we want to strictly talk about what a versatile apparel Polo Tshirt is and how it can be matched with the best of winter apparel. Another reason why we stress on the Polo Tshirt is, these are some of the most common and most favouriteTshirts for men. It conveys a lot in terms of casual and semi-formal style for most working professionals and even young college goers. We are here with some options and opinions on how best to style your favourite Polo Tshirt with what you have got. And it is not that we have some extravagant styling options that may seem unfeasible or unpractical. We just want to come up with some style guides that everyone can use in the best season of the year.
So let’s get started with it.

Polo Tshirts in Not So Cold Weather

India is vast land with different climates. On one hand you have the rugged mountainous region of the north and the east, to the plains and plateaus of the central and southern India. Since the weather varies from one place to the other, people often have different attires and traditional dresses. Needless to say, the cultural influences on how we dress is seen all across the mainland.
For the past few decades, Polo Tshirts have found a place in everyone’s wardrobe. For a long time, it has remained associated with either sports or certain gatherings. But now, it is a universal symbol of adult apparel, which has not shied away from resonating with the styling sense of young individuals. It is not a surprise that even college goers sometimes prefer wearing a smart Polo Tshrit with appropriate matching trousers.

However, since we are discussing the weather, a constant in the apparel industry is the tshirt, which is your all-weather friend. The most iconic and amazingly comfortable Tshirt can be worn in any kind weather, occasions and situations. Well, this works only if you don’t care for other people’s opinions and would be best in your own comfort zone. But the truth is, one cannot imagine their lives without a tshirt, even if they lived in the frozen part of the world. The truth is you cannot forego the snuggly comfort of a tshirt, once you come back home from wherever you have been to.
Especially for areas with mild winters, a great Polo Tshirt works all the time. And not just for chilling and home and enjoying the pleasant weather. Going out donning your favourite Polo Tshirt is nothing out of the blue, even in winters. There’s nothing more attractive and stylish than a light sweater over a great looking Polo Tshirt.
This usually works when you have plain and solid colour Polo Tshirt. The best thing to combat the slight chill in the air is to get a warm sweater to match the style of the Polo Tshirt. The sweater can be wither round neck or a v neck. In either case, the sweater would make a world of a difference if you style it in the appropriate manner.
For a round neck, make sure the neck line sits a bit low in the front, probably between the first and second button of the Polo Tshirt. In this way, it will give you enough space to be comfortably warm and not fidget with the sweater, trying to adjust the Polo Tshirt and the sweater’s neck line. Pull out the Polo Tshirt’s collar such that they crown over the sweater.

Similar rules apply to a v neck sweater that you would want to wear over the Polo Tshirt. For a v neck sweater, get the V shaped aligned with the front placket of the polo Tshirt. All in all, the V shape should coincide with row of buttons. This way, it gives you a semblance of symmetry in your styling. Also, don’t forget to spread the collar of your Polo Tshirt over the neck lining of the V neck sweater.
When you opt to keep yourself warm with combining a sweater with your Polo Tshirt, you get the chance to play with colours and patterns. You can choose a Polo Tshirt of a particular colourand then go for a sweater which matches or complements the hues. In most cases, sweaters of darker shades sit right with Polo Tshirts of lighter shades.
Apart from colours and shades, you can also check patterns and designs which look super trendy on sweaters. Usually, we have a tendency to go solid colours in sweaters, because most of us only consider the functional aspect or utility of sweaters. But as the times are changing, it will be helpful to catch up with the latest fads in winter wear. And for that, you need to consider the variety of options that sweaters have to offer.
Other than you plain colour sweaters, checked patterns give a refreshing look to your Polo Tshirt and jeans look. A great looking sweater provides and a sophisticated and a suave look no matter what age group you belong to. Checks and patterns add an extra vibrancy to the age-old Polo Tshirt and trouser look. Also, you get the best of both worlds, fashion and function.
Let’s assume that you don’t want a heavy duty sweater and would be comfortable with a light-weight pull over, just to add more layers. A great thing about adding layers is that you get to try out different combinations of materials, colours, design. Also, you end breaking the monotony of a single format apparel which can be boring after sometime. If you are one of those people who want to make something extra out of their ordinary winter look, then having a light sweater works.

Cardigans are one of the best outerwear for regions with mild winters. In fact, cardigans can be worn indoors in any weather. Most office spaces have centralized cooling and sometimes, the temperatures can be a bit on the lower side. It so happens that the first thing that comes to your mind is getting a trendy sweatshirt out of the drawer and braving the cold. However, not all workplaces condone and informal winter gear like the sweatshirt.
In such a case, a cardigan will definitely come to your rescue. One of the reasons Cardigans are so popular is because they go extremely well with formal wear. Many styles are available for these, starting from the traditional, low V neck ones. These are very popular. A simple effect they create with their low neck lining is that they expose a greater part of the upper body. Especially when you wear a formal shirt and a tie, a cardigan’s low neck line makes sure that these apparels are visible, making it the best partner for formal wear.
Similarly, if you want to keep it a little semi-casual, say your workplace allows you to be so, or you want go out and look your best, then the open cardigans should be your go to apparel. Open cardigans are nothing but light weight jackets that complement Polo Tshirts the best. It gives you the feel of the wearing a jacket without having to labour under the hot weather. A combination like this is recommended for mildly cold to moderately cold weather.
Whatever be your reasons for wearing layers, sweaters are one of the best choices to go with Polo Tshirts.

Polo on Vacation

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

Polo T-shirts are like go-to clothing for every Man out there. It is not that you pick them only for certain casual outings. Vacations are beautiful, and so your attire should be matching and resonating for you during your vacation. Vacation is for chilling and enjoying, and you cannot pick the first thing you come across in your wardrobe. Vacation styling can give you good vibes and make you look good, and give you confidence.

Solid Polos

Polo T-shirts are cool and comfortable whatever the design you are choosing, but if you want to make a subtle statement, go for solid polos. The solid polos also make your mood calm, and you can wear them for a walk along the beachside or if you are taking a stroll inside your resort or hotel. Solid polos are suitable for your gym outing too, if you are concerned only about a perfect workout and not showing off the colours and patterns. So, tight fit solid polo T-shirts will do the job, and you can match them with gym shorts or track pants in plain colours matching your polo tee.

Striped Polos

Striped polo tees have a unique name in men's fashion, and most of the polo tees you see on the web are striped polos. Striped polo t-shirts give you the option and freedom to mix and match with everything you wear ranging from shorts, trousers, and jeans. Striped polos can be worn for your dinners, sightseeing, and normally its colours give you the vacation vibes. The mixed colour striped polos can exude confidence and spread good energy to the people in front of you, and for you, it can bring in a vacation mood.
Since the name polo originated from the Tennis Courts, why not wear them for your sports activities? Sport a Striped polo and add a dash of colour to your sports. 100% Cotton polos are ideal for this kind of gym and outdoor sports. You can always be confident on your polos if it is the right fit, and it takes care of the rest.

Pique Polos

Pique is a type of fabric from which certain polo t-shirts are made from. This is one unique polo tee to have in your wardrobe. This type of cotton is long-lasting and has a touch of natural stretch built-in. Some of the most popular polos, such as the ones that you find from luxury brands are pique polos.
On a vacation, go for pique polos to have that rich look, pair them with a pair of shorts and sunglasses to ace your look.

Long Sleeve Polos

The Long sleeve polo T-shirts have full-length sleeves, simply like sweaters and button-up shirts. Occasionally, long sleeve polos will have unique details that place them apart from their short sleeve equivalents, such as button-down collars, buttoned sleeve cuffs.

Printed Polos

Polo T-shirts are evolving, and you might have surely heard about the printed polos. If you are choosing mild printed polos, go for a pair of shorts in mild colours like grey, cream, etc. Once you like to flaunt colours and prints at the same time, such that your tee consists of heavy prints, then go for a summer pair of shorts with the colour shade of the polo t-shirt.


Monochrome works like a charm when you wear it right. Monochrome means it doesn't need to be in plain black or white throughout, it can be mix and match and playing around with grey tones, black shades, etc.
Grey Polo T-shirt and black shorts can give you a classic look, and your vacations can go a notch above. Other options to make you look suave is to go for a combination of a Black polo tee with a contrast collar and a pair of mild grey or silver shorts.
Vacations should include fun, and if you are going to have fun you should be perfect about your clothing, and then you can be rest assured your attire will carry the style, and you can make eyes turn to you, and fashion statement is never far away. Polo tees are a classic addition to any wardrobe, and you can mix and match it up with the things already present with you. Pack some polos for your vacation and make a statement. Comfort and style are your companions for your vacation along with your polo tees.

Best Occasions to Wear a Polo T-shirt

Polo T-shirt is a very versatile piece in every man's wardrobe. It will be a missed opportunity if you are using your polo tees just for running errands and using it as a sudden outfit for any kind of event or simply going out. As you know, Polo T-shirts are great for summer, outdoor sports, an outdoor get-together, a formal event, etc. Here, we will list out some events and occasions on which you can sport a Polo tee and look stunning.

Weekend Brunch

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

Weekends are fun, and if you are thinking about having fun on weekends, then polo t-shirts are instant favourites. The brunch occasion is so casual, so you can go with sportier polo combinations. Try going for a laid back look with plain polo tees, preferably in white. Thinking of what to pair with them? Go for khaki shorts, tuck the polo t-shirt for a timeless look, pair it with a casual watch and neat boat shoes.

Friday Dressing

Casual Friday dressing should not be some boring casuals. If you are accustomed to wearing normal casual shirts with jeans on Fridays, it is time for an upgrade. Pair your polo tees, you can have fun with colours, prints, and patterns are an excellent way to append something extra to your polo t-shirt collection, so encompass florals, geometric prints, and colour blocks the next time you are out for shopping. So, for the pairing, have a chino or linen trousers to ace your look and elevate your casual Friday dressing. A casual watch and sunglasses are a great addition if you are considering outdoors too.

Semi-Formal Setting

For a casual evening party or gathering, where you however want to look well-dressed, a pair of polo t-shirt with well-fit chinos and appropriate layering will work. Always, Choose a set in shades of brown to give a formal vibe to your outfit. Finish off your look with nice pair of loafers.

So, Polo T-shirts have the opportunity on every occasion, and you can make a more sophisticated style statement with them. Polo T-shirts in the right fabric and mixing and matching with the right outfits can bring in a lot of weight to your fashion game.

Getting Ready for an Event

Polo t-shirts can be used as an undershirt with a suit. Choose a dark-coloured t-shirt like black or dark blue shades and go with a casual suit of the same shade, and you will be ready for an event in minutes. To notch up the look, choose a pair of loafers. Get the part right and give it a final touch with a belt and a watch. If you are thinking of a blazer, make sure that you do not pull your collar out and lay it over the blazer lapel, as it can look awkward and make you look like you are out of your mind.

Layered look for Winters

Polo T-shirt Fashion Men’s Style Guide

The layered look with a polo t-shirt has to be managed precisely because if not executed right, the look can completely fail you. Pick a polo t-shirt that is of a lighter colour and pair it with a cardigan that is of opposing colour. The sharpness of the outfit can be brought out by the right bottom and that can be denim. Complete this look with a pair of loafers. If you want to sport socks, go for no-show socks.

Summer Casual Look

Polo t-shirts are the go-to staple for summer to avoid the heat. To make this work, first, select a light-coloured t-shirt and match it with a pant. The trousers should be of lightweight materials and fit well with your polo t-shirt as it is for the summer. The chinos and linen trousers will be the ablest choice to pair with your t-shirt.
You can achieve this look easily by giving attention to detail. A brown belt, casual watch, and sunglasses can raise the overall result of the look. The final addition to the outfit can be a pair of casual shoes. This look is ideal for going out with friends or for a casual meeting in the office.

So, Polo T-shirts have the opportunity on every occasion, and you can make a more sophisticated style statement with them. Polo T-shirts in the right fabric, and mixing and matching with the right outfits can bring in a lot of weight to your fashion game. So, choose the right polo tees for the right occasion, and you will be sorted. It is easy to make a statement as it can provide you with so many options.

Cool Ways to wear a Polo T-shirt

The classic polo t-shirt is an all-time favourite casual menswear essential that cannot be overlooked! It's an item of universal clothing for men for every occasion. They are styled in infinite ways, and they have made their move into every menswear wardrobe today. Polo T-shirts are recognized by standard collars that usually feature lightly rounded corner-tips and a placket some buttons. They usually come in comfortable, stretchy fabrics like pique, jersey knit, and thick double knit fabrics. These Polo T-shirts are also called golf and tennis t-shirts according to the context. Let us look at some cool ways in which you can sport a polo tee and look chic.

The Polo T-shirts are garnering attention even more since the social media trend of influencers begin. With most of them portraying polo shirts in different avatars, the trend has transferred to the youth, and they are in tune with the fashion. Layering can bring a whole new dimension to your polo tees. Wear a simple polo t-shirt and layer it with other shirts for the supreme impact. A polo also looks fabulous when layered with a t-shirt that gives it a lightly contrasting charm. Go for slightly oversized fits for a youthful look. Also, you can pair your polo t-shirts with some loose track-pants, sweatshirts and pair them with traditional norm-core essentials like a baseball cap, sneakers, and a jacket if required.

Polo t-shirts for men are so attractive, and they have become mainstream today. They are available in an abundance of styles, prints, and details. You will be spoilt for choices with all that is available in the market today in a broad range of styles and prices. You can go for affordable choices or pricey and bigger brands. You can style them in a monotone colour, or pick one in an interesting print, contrasting buttons, etc. that feature a pop of colour. The limits are not set when you are in to shop polos.

Look Away from Light Colours

In the summertime, practically everybody gets a little bit of extra glow and tans - tanning is common in summers. So, it will be the perfect time to look away from light and mild colours and to up your polo game. Begin with shades of grey, and white, instead of grounding the look with dark colours, try the cream, or white chinos down below, and then pair them with neat leather trainers. The darker your complexion, the lighter the tones you can pull off, so you will need to have this in your thought when choosing a polo. If you are paler and want to rock a white polo combined with light shades, a pair of brownish tone chinos will add sufficient contrast to your pairing.

Polo T-shirt with a Suit

No one likes wearing a suit when it is scorching hot outside. The problem is, in some situations, it can’t be avoided. When those circumstances occur, a well-fitted polo shirt can make a powerful ally for you. Granted the dress code permits it, choose a breathable pique cotton fabric for the polo T-shirt that can offer some freeing from the heat when worn in place of a shirt. It can be a good choice for occasions like weddings, where the dress code needs to be smart casual, although the weather will be hot.

In terms of colour, you can approach it in two ways. Firstly, you could go for a tonal attire. This means keeping your suit and a polo t-shirt to different shades of the same, or related colours. Another way is, you can go for colour contrast. To accomplish this, select a polo T-shirt in a colour that complements your suit that does not match it. Keep clear from anything that is too punchy and bright, favouring subtle hues instead.

Polo T-shirt & White Bottoms

Polo T-shirt always allows you to look classic whatever the occasion is, so when you have the chance to look suave in a polo shirt and white bottoms, why not pair them? Choose the one in a cotton pique material, as this polo blends comfort and style and is a timeless essential. Begin here if you are a noob to the polo game, coupling it with slim-fit white chinos, matching shoes, and cool shades. Leave the polo untucked and keep the accessories minimal to achieve a classic look.

Polo & Shorts

If you are heading for a vacation or a beachside, make sure to pack one or Choose a classic cotton pique, and vacations are the place where your polo patterns and stripes game hots up. As far as the stripes and colours are concerned, go for melange stripes and brighter colours with navy, or white as support someplace in your outfit. Tailored shorts can be your bottoms of choice, pair them with boat shoes, and even sandals. Do not try to sport flip-flops with this combination.

Polo & A Denim Jacket

Polo T-shirts always add a fun element to your clothing. Why not try to spruce up your outfit even more with the help of a Jacket. If it is a Denim Jacket, then it is perfect. So, to carry a look that will be perfect for a polo tee, go with a mild colour denim jacket over your T-shirt and pair them with dark coloured jeans, preferably in blue. Look for a denim jacket and a polo if you need to look cool and relaxed without trying too hard. For something higher on the smart end and to round off this getup, complete with a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes.

Polo & Chinos

Chinos are great choices instead of jeans, since they can be dressed up or down easily, and they look nice with polo shirts. If you do not want to ruin your pants, buy chinos that are of the precise length. But if you like to wear them with extra length, it is still a cool, laid-back look that lets your ankles breathe throughout spring and summer. With chinos and a polo t-shirt, you can sport sneakers, boat shoes, loafers and many more and the choice is yours. If you do want to show some ankle, be certain to go sockless or wear low form socks that go under your shoes.

Polos in Solid & Neutral Colours

Polos with stripes can make you look like a fool. A solid colour polo in a neutral tone will look more modern and will be easier to pair with extra items in your closet. A white polo is the most versatile T-shirt because it can be easily paired with any other colour in your wardrobe and can make you look cool on any casual occasion.
If you want to mix things up, choose a polo with a different colour on the collar and sleeve cuffs. It is a great way to add a pop of colour and stand out. But, if patterned polos are your thing, do not throw them out, save them for the mornings and change things after the evening.

Long-Sleeved Polo T-shirts

If you are already in love with wearing polo T-shirts, you might want to check out the long sleeve polo too. They are particularly great for fall and winter. For summers, the long sleeve polo T-shirt is a kind of the wrong option, but for cold months, it’s a great choice. Long sleeves take away the soul and closeness feel of the half sleeves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good. If you decide to go with full-sleeved polo tees, wear them with confidence, and it can make you comfy in winters. You can sport them throughout the winter all day and feel relaxed, and full sleeves give you a soothing feel in the winter along with your other layers.

Layer with your Polos

To keep things fresh and comfortable on dressy occasions in the summertime, rock a suit with a polo instead of a button-down shirt. If you want, you can also skip the suit, and layer the polo under a blazer paired with chinos. In both cases, make sure to tuck the polo in and wear a belt to look dapper. When fall hits, do not hold this T-shirt until next summer. Layer it under your favourite sweater to generate a more rounded look than you would with a normal t-shirt.
In short, if you are stuck rotating button-up shirts and t-shirts as your layers, trade a polo into the mix and see the magic happen!

Polo and Athleisure

The reincarnation of gym wear or gear as casualwear has become the new normal in menswear over the last decade. Athleisure is becoming something of a popular trend among men and it is making waves in Fashion. You will be able to see the rise of Athleisure everywhere, it is mostly seen in fashion events, ramps. Fashion Designers are coming up with a lot of designs and innovations in this staple itself. So, mixing and matching athleisure with polo tees will be a good idea as they both are versatile. If it hasn't already occupied a large chunk of your wardrobe, it probably will find its way after you read this. The polo T-shirt is one of the aesthetically well-made garments, so it directly slots well into a variety of athleisure-based outfits. Progress lies in pairing it with sporty garments, mixing primary athletic wear with premium pieces in your wardrobe. Keep the colour palette minimal and mostly monochrome, combining sportswear pieces like joggers, hoodies, and track jackets. Regarding the footwear, go for a modernized trainer or a premium leather sneaker.

Tips to Ace the Look

Some tips can be helpful for you to ace your look if you are looking for ways to be cool. Polo T-shirts can be versatile, but you can look like a fool if you try to experiment a level up without knowing the basics. If you lay the right foundation, then you can mix and match and experiment as for your liking. Here are some tips. Dodge from tucking your polo T-shirt into shorts. It will soon look off-putting. Go for the half-tuck, if you prefer on any level of tucking. Avoid baggy and relaxed fit jeans with the polo, it portrays old school. For old school attire, you have many other clothes.

While investing in polos, always go for fitted ones, not tight. They should wrap nicely over your body without displaying your arms like a poser. Include a polo shirt into your summer staple. Wear the polo open at the neck, with the collar flashed for a retro look or holding firm for a contemporary look. Also, keep the patterns and colour blocks for daytime dressing, and holding to neutrals and knitted polos for nighttime. If you are looking for shoes to match with polos, look for nothing beyond white sneakers, loafers, and sandals. Finally, do not pop your collar. Some people think that is like a normcore, believe us, it is not, and it spoils your look.

This can be the main tip for your polo fashion. Do not wear anything underneath your polo T-shirt. Polo T-shirts look good only next to the skin. In hot climates, you will be staying cooler this way. Vests and undershirts can be avoided entirely. Sporting anything underneath the polo can certainly ensure that excess material will slide out from beneath your sleeve or be crushed at the collar. Always tailor your selection of polo or any other clothing for that matter to your height. Normally, the end section of a polo T-shirt should not hang down further than midway past your behind. The old-style long look of the past is not the way to go in this modern scenario. The Polo T-shirt style always generates more attention over the years, and it is versatile too. There are many ways to sport a cool look on your Polo tees. We have mentioned some ways that make you look dapper and different ways to carry a look that makes others envy you. So, there are more cool ways to style a polo T-shirt, and it depends on how you mix and match. Polo Fashion evolves, and you should too. With the right combinations, layers, and matching accessories, you can carry a style that will be modern and fit to any occasion that you choose. You can always take advice and inspiration from social media and influencers. The inspiration will help you to narrow down your choice and then experiment with it afterward. We are sure, our tips and advice will be more than enough to start your polo t-shirt fashion journey.

Polo T-shirt Colours to have in your Wardrobe

Polo T-shirts have been around in the fashion scene since the 1930s and they can be looked at as a unique piece amongst most other flexible pieces of apparel in any man's wardrobe. Polo Tees are timeless, and they are the base for any spring or summer outfit. Unmindful of the body shape or age, it is an attire that each man can have in his wardrobe.
The polo T-shirt gives a modern and still laid-back look that is agreeable for all events. Still, picking a polo t-shirt that suits you and your wardrobe will be challenging if you do not know the right fit, pattern, and colour. You need to be careful with regards to the details and correlate them with the correct pants, trousers, shorts, and accessories. In any case, when your polo T-shirt is matched rightly, your outfit will be suave. Here the polo t-shirt colours play an important role in how you look. Here, let us discuss some polo T-shirt colours that would compliment any outfit and event.

White Polo T-shirt

The white polo is an obvious necessity for each man with regards to polo tees. It is a typical polo starter that represents polo fashion. It all started with white polos, and they can provide a clean and classic look if you pair them right. Its clean and smooth appearance guarantees a slick styling for any event or occasion making it the most flexible polo T-shirt colour possible to assist you in assembling a tasteful outfit. White polos allow you the luxury to choose anything to pair and will always make you look dashing. Anyway, you might be accustomed to the wide-ranging capabilities of a plain white tee, the white polo is another fundamental piece that can level up your wardrobe. Wear them with shorts when it is warm, layer them under a leather jacket when it is cold, or pair it with a suit for the whole year and you will not go wrong.

White is a universal shade that can be combined with any denim for a classic, comfortable outfit. It can also be worn under a coat for a smart, and semi-formal appearance. The useful thing about white polo tees is that the options are unlimited, and you can experiment with numerous wardrobe items to get the utmost out of this wardrobe essential.

Sky Blue Polo

Sky Blue is another colour that is very much suitable on a Polo T-shirt, and it exudes a good calm vibe, and you can make a subtle statement. Sky blue is a well-known polo T-shirt colour option. It is considered a modern choice for men. If you are thinking of going for a more refined look, a sky-blue polo T-shirt may be the ideal option for you. By wearing sky blue, you only require to add similar items to finish your outfit. The sky-blue colour will pop adequately to fill in as the focus point of your attire.

Black Colour Polo

As we all know, black is the most versatile colour besides white as it blends well with various other wardrobe items. It is globally laudatory, timeless, and will complement any other colour easily. The All-black polo is a statement by itself. It is suitable to use for all seasons and all occasions, the dark colour polo is an undeniable need in your wardrobe.
The black colour will be very much everything which you can have in your closet, and you cannot go wrong. If you pack this timeless piece with you on vacations, you can easily mix and match it with other garments. You do not need to pack a whole lot of outfits with you to ace your look. Black Polo T-shirts can go well with jeans, denim of every kind. Black Polos also have an edge with shorts. You can easily pair your shorts with these tees to have a look that will be unmatched. Besides white, the black polo is a standard staple among polo T-shirt colours when creating your collection. Black is completely flattering whatever the season and occasion are, it is timeless, and will complement any other colour effortlessly.
The black polo is a statement in itself, it makes planning the rest of your outfits with ease. They are suitable to wear for all seasons and all occasions, the black polo is a must-have addition. Here, we will discuss some cool black polo combos to try. A black polo and grey chinos paired together are a wholesome match. This look can be complemented perfectly with camouflage-type suede shoes. One of the nicest ways for a man to style a black polo is to pair it with black jeans in a casual way and it is more than suitable for casual occasions. White leather brogues are a safe way to provide a sense of elegance to this set.

Navy Polo T-shirt

Navy is the go-to polo T-shirt colour for making both a sharp and bold look. It is a flexible colour, that can be joined with a variety of accessories, and it really shines when you want to achieve a conventional look. In Men's Fashion, navy colour balances flawlessly with a pair of white-coloured chinos. The navy polo t-shirt can easily be worn throughout all seasons, making it an essential extension of your polo collection. Navy polos are excellent choices for you, if you are taking them to beaches, just pair lighter tone shorts or trousers. Cream colour chinos or shorts can carry a swag with you on your occasion. Navy colour polos are a great option to wear for semi-formal events like office dinners. Navy is the go-to polo shirt colour option for producing both an exceptional and confident look. It is a multifaceted colour that can be coupled with a variety of accessories and it sparkles when assembling a traditional look. The navy polo is also an appealing alternative to black on hot summer days.

For men, navy matches quite well with a pair of chinos, and the navy polo can also easily be worn through every season, making it a much-needed addition to your polo collection.

Grey Colour T-shirt

Nowadays, this modern generation gets more attracted to simple plain t-shirts rather than unusual and shining ones. Simple Grey T-shirt fits into this idea, and therefore we see this grey tone Grey T-shirts are favourite for many people. Grey Colour comes below the neutral colour list, and it suits any skin tone. Everyone sporting Grey looks amazing, as it can enhance the personality to look more calm and refined. This colour has no age bar, from a child to old age people, everyone looks sharp in Grey. If you have a well-fit body, then a Grey colour t-shirt is a must-have in your wardrobe. Your body shape will seem more enhanced practically with Grey T-shirt. You have to be careful with the sweat patches, as this cannot hide them, and spots will be visible. To look good and as far as pairing your T-shirt, show off your abilities by pairing a Charcoal Grey Crew Neck T-shirt with Light Blue Jeans. To finish off this look, wear a Black Leather Watch and White Athletic shoes. Grey is a neutral colour, and it always has this knack of blending well with other clothing pieces.

Maroon Polo T-shirt

In the current era, maroon has swiftly become a colour of style statement to many people. You can find more types of fashion clothing that are made with maroon colour, it offers a very soothing vibe. From scarves, sweaters, t-shirts, suits, wallets, and shoes, you can wear them and make your style statement. Maroon goes well with other out-of-trend colours if paired good, and a variety of different patterns, so it can quickly be adjusted to accommodate your style. Style your maroon polos in this way, if you are looking for a casual but sharp outfit. Try mixing Maroon Crew Neck T-shirt with Navy Blue shorts, and add Black sunglasses, Black Leather Watch, and canvas sneakers.

Never Go Wrong with Pink Polos

Pink is another popular polo shirt colour choice, and many fear wearing them as it was considered feminine for most of the fashion equation. Only in the modern era, Pink is becoming more of a colour that belongs to men. The Fashion scene has evolved, and with more and more sophisticated styles, fashion brands and influencers look for different things. Pink is now considered a romantic and stylish choice for men and women alike, though its bolder versions have hindered some fashionistas. There is no reason to avoid this signature item from your wardrobe.

If you’re aiming for a unique and more delicate look, pink polo might be the most suitable option for you. If you are hunting for something more striking, try the dark shades of pink polo to build a standout look. By sporting pink, you need only to add simple neutral items to match your outfit. The pink colour will pop enough to serve as the center of attraction. Pink can be anything from solid mild pink to bright pink and also in prints. The base can be that of pink, and the prints over it will absolutely look cool. The only thing for you to have in mind is to choose the tone of pink according to your skin tone, which we will further discuss. Pink can be fun if you are going for a date as it exudes a warm and comforting vibe. Pink can be also worn in mild prints for a casual city stroll. Beach vibes can be enhanced further

Green Polo T-shirt

By owning a green polo, you will be secured, and you can bring a sense of positivity to your wardrobe, it portrays enthusiasm and brings in freshness. With a range of shades, green is one of the versatile colours, and shades like Chlorophyll green and forest green can give your outfit a lively and balanced look. Mix and match with the rest of your outfit to make the green polo great with different tones for a fascinating combo. Create a cool, fashionable outfit by pairing it with grey and black accessories to create an even tone when sporting green polos. If light green polo is what you are thinking about, then go with a mild green one and pair it with jeans, preferably dark blue jeans. Green polo tees are more suited for a casual look, and if you are looking to pair them with trousers then you can go with dark blue-toned trousers or black colour is ideal for each and every tone of green.

Floral & Printed Polo T-shirts

Floral patterns and designs have a special place in men's fashion. If you are planning to go with the printed and floral ones, then you are in for a big treat. Floral polos are picking up pace nowadays, and you can choose one that fits your bill and for your liking. Floral polo t-shirts can give you a vacation vibe, and you can even make your beach vacations more fun. To help you make your vacation more supple, have options in the floral patterns that you choose. Whatever the floral pattern, the best companion for you would be jeans and shorts. Regarding the colours, if you have bold patterns, then going for cream and beige colour shorts and patterns is a good option. If you are pairing it with jeans, the colour, bolder patterns, and other things don't matter. The jean pairing will take care of the matching and look duties without much effort. The one thing you should be very careful about while assembling this look is to not go overboard with the designs. If you are going for a casual dinner, date, or bar with friends, then think of choosing the polo wisely. You can have a base colour for the polo and decide on the floral designs. The common base on which these polo designs are based is in white and black.
While you are on city tours, sightseeing you can opt for small floral patterns that can look mild to others' eyes, and you can exude a selfless charm. While you can keep other prints for parties, trekking, and fun dinners. Other prints can be fun ones, and it more often exhibits your character and mood. So, it conveys your mood for that day, and the colours are personal preference while you are taking this route.

How to Choose the Right Colour?

Normally, if you consider the colour wheel, all colours are connected. You can coordinate them with your skin tone to build a total look, but knowing how to do that properly is vital. Colours will be plenty, and they can always serve you the purpose you are looking for. So, having plenty of options in the form of colours will help you to mix and match with what you already have, and it will serve you the purpose on vacations. With more and more confusion comes in the form of colours on what to pair with what, there are a simple option and guide on what to pair with what. To best judge which polo T-shirt serves you, you will need to determine your skin tone. You have to check whether it is pale, medium, or dark, by taking a look at your forearm.

Fair Skin Tone

When you have got a lighter complexion, grey is a great colour to wear. It will be dark enough not to draw attention to your paler skin tone so that it does not wash you out. The polo T-shirt in grey is a clothing piece to have in your wardrobe all year round. You can pair it with denim pants and complete the look with a leather bag. You can also try shades that contrast with your skin tone, as they will also add warmth to the complexion. Due to the lighter skin tone, we recommend you to stay clear of wearing colours that highlight your paler tone. Alternatively, invest in darker shades that take away from your skin tone and stay free of bright colours that will make you fade into the background.

So, while choosing the polo t-shirt, always keep your skin tone in mind. Since it is fair skin, we are talking about choosing colours like grey, brown, charcoal, burgundy, green, etc. will be apt. If you want legit advice, then do not even go near pastel shades, red and white shades.

Medium Skin Tone

If you have got olive or medium-toned skin that turns to golden in the sun, then you have what is commonly known as a warm complexion that accommodates a much broader spectrum of colours. If you are lucky enough to fall in this category, it means that you can pull off any colour and yet look smart. Since light and dark colours both contrast nicely with your skin tone, you can go for either look. Navy, beige, blue tones, black and pink are the colours that are dear to this skin tone. Navy is darker than a normal blue and very much favourable against mid-tone hues. This is due to the milder undertones of white and grey, which balances out the colour.

Polo T-shirts are often worn as a single separate layer in the summer. But, if you are trying to go to a smart casual event, then they can easily be layered to make a stylish and relaxed look. Normally, Polo T-shirts work well layered with a blazer. You can match them also with knitwear. Choose a beige polo with a charcoal colour grey v neck for your weekend street looks. If you have decided to look dapper, avoid some colours for your skin tone like brown shades, red, and any tone near olive.

Dark Skin Tone

The main thing about the dark skin tone is that the complexion lies in the mind. People think it is inferior and avoid styling much. But, it all has to do with how you see the skin tone and how you want to present yourself. With the dark skin tone, you can easily pair several colours and be happy. The colours you choose should contrast with your skin tone, that is the main takeaway here. Unlike the medium and fair skin tones, the darker complexion has its limitations if you want to assemble a look that looks stunning. The contrast breaks up an otherwise uniform look and adds some character to your outfit. You have the licence to wear daring, bright colours like light blue or pure white, but you have to make sure you coordinate your outfit with a neutral undertone colour. For a relaxed look, you can wear a crisp white polo T-shirt with a cashmere hoodie for a sports appeal.
If you are interested in dark blue and navy colours, as they are one of the most common colours in men's wardrobe, try to keep them minimal.

Polo T-shirts on Valentine’s Day

When it is Valentine's day, we all know it is a special day not only for couples but it also friends and family. Young lads out there might be thinking what to wear on Valentine's day? Don’t make it complicated by thinking too much over selecting which apparel to go with. Even though if you are thinking too much and getting complicated, the Polo T-shirts is the best option can anyone have on Valentine’s day.
Polo T-shirts are so versatile where you can choose on every possible occasion. Polo T-shirts on every occasion is cool but what colours to wear on the occasion of Valentine's day? Polo Tees comes with different colours and styling option but which colour would make more impact to impress your loved ones? Here are two colours which will make your other half go wow!


Red is always been the first choice because studies show that women are more attracted to red colour. After all, the red colour represents a bold statement and denotes love and passion. If you are fit and choosing the red Polo T-shirt on valentines’ day, it is obvious that it is hard to say no for any girl for your proposal on valentine’s day. Not only Red colour will do the talking! Be confident and wear matching denim with the right pair of sneakers.


White symbolizes the peace and calm nature and if you are a calm lad, you can always wear plain white Polo T-shirts. White also benefits the overall outfit to look better and you can be rocking the valentine stage with your girl. Match white polo tees with black denim and white pair of shoes to outsmart the appearance.


Young guys out there who want to enjoy the valentine’s day but not as a couple, then blue is the go-to option to wear on the valentine’s day. Family outing and get together with friends on a valentine’s day then pair blue Polo T-shirt with brown trouser and with right pair of loafers.


To the single guys who just proposed and waiting for the response, green Polo T-shirt is a good option to go with. You have done your part by proposing and wearing Green colour would make a statement of your relationship statement to others. When you go with Green Polo T-shirt always match with black trousers and white sneakers. This will give you an edge to look smart and cool to accept whatever response you might be hearing from the girl you proposed.


The orange is the best and favouritecolour amongst the young people in India. It is both attractive and appealing to the eyes, it will also denote the meaning that you are going to propose on a valentine day. When you are prepared to propose on valentine’s day do not forget to wear orange Polo T-shirts with black denim and sport sneakers.


To the people who had love failures can wear the Black colour on valentine’s day. Wearing black polo t-shirts will denote that you had a breakup and open for friendships. But Black is indeed a hot colour which can make anyone catch up your style and if you are fair you can have the option to wear all black on valentine’s day but make sure you match up with the right pair of accessories.


This is alternate for black colour, which means you are only looking for friendship on the Valentine’s day. If you don’t want to show your breakup status by wearing colour, you can always go with a yellow colour. When you wear a yellow polo t-shirt, wear white trousers and a white jacket with white loafers. This is the best outfit when you chose the yellow colour and have a black watch as your accessory which will compliment your overall looks.


Pink is always the cutest colour one can wear, the pink colour can be both men wear and women wear. The old myth is now vanishing where pink is treated as girly colour. Now, men also know how to style with Pink colour apparels and it suits better on them. Pink denotes that you are accepted the proposal already and enjoying the relationship. New proposals are not accepted if a person is wearing pink colour and if you are accepted the proposal, do wear a Pink Polo T-shirt with the white trouser and matching loafers which will give pleasant look on you.


If you are in dilemma about relationships and don’t want to decide on the proposal and approach, you can wear a purple colour. It denotes that you are not interested to decide anything in the current scenario and maybe there is a chance if the right one comes into life. You just facing the dilemma in relationship status by wearing a purple polo tee but don’t let your confidence down. Wear a Purple colour tee with brown denim and matching sneakers to rock on valentine’s day.


Brown is considered a broken heart status on Valentine’s day. Whenever you see the person wearing a brown colour you hear the sound of glass breaking which means they have recently gone through a bad breakup and not ready to start new relationships. The brown colour is considered the saddest colour during valentine’s day. You might be going through a bad phase but you should not give up your energy and enjoy being single by wearing a cool brown polo tee with black denim with the right pair of sneakers to get a stunning look.

Not only appearance, but your attitude and approach also make the difference. The confidence you carry will give more weightage while you talk to your girl on a date. If you are not confident and bold enough you might be messing up the situation. So, better be prepared about what you are going to say and convey your feelings. Don’t end up messing up the romantic proposal without any preplans and preparation for Valentine's day. Be prepared and rock the day with right kind of approach.

How to remove stains in white Polo T-shirts

Whether it is a White Polo or any kind of white apparels we all are messed up at least once in a lifetime with the stains. Some of us have learnt how to fix it and some of us are more careful when wearing white apparels but the stain happens like rain in the summer. You step out thinking it won't rain in the summer but it does without even any predictions. The stains are like that, you can’t predict the bad stain on white apparels. But when it does, one should know the remedies to remove it quickly. Better the knowledge, easy the solution! Yes, you should know about the fabrics and stitching types to know the polo t-shirts better.
Polo shirts are almost knitted materials and the fabrics used is polyester, you must be aware the knitted material tend to be either Jersey or Pique. Polo T-shirts are almost made of knitted fabrics but in recent days linen and silk also used to manufacture polo t-shirts. Since the majority is knitted fabrics, we will be discussing how to remove stains from knitted polo t-shirts. The Pique and jersey type polos are so versatile where you can wear these polo tees on any occasion. White Polo T-shirt has been the unique and special selection for young lads but messes up when they wear it on a special occasion.
Whatever the stain is you have to start the treatment soon. Otherwise, the stain is difficult to cut off from the white polos. There are methods to remove the difficult stains also but let us discuss the first stages of remedies. When you got the normal coffee, tea or any foods stain on white polo tee and if you notice immediately, you should soak it in cold water and leave it for one hour time. If the stain is not yet removed, try rubbing the stained part with the ice. This will make the stains go away easily and it is easy to do even if you are a bachelor.
If you notice the stain sooner then there is another way to get easily rid of the stain. If the stain happened on your dinner or lunch while eating curry, then you suddenly have to blot the stain with tissue paper or cotton towel until it is completely dry. If there is any solid matter, scrape the solid matter gently with a knife. The pre laundry technique is so effective where you can rub the stained part using laundry brush and you have to rub until the stain is completely saturated.

If the stains get tougher, we should also get tougher by upgrading to some advance techniques. When the stain is not vanishing even after you tried above-mentioned techniques then the first thing is to bleach the white polo. Before starting any process, just make sure you read the manufacturers guidelines concerning the washing care instruction. Once you get to know the basic instruction on how long you should leave the tee to dry and how many portions of powder you should add, you can proceed to bleach the stained part in the polo t-shirt.
After bleaching if you find some stain leftover and you find it difficult to remove, there is a way to remove stubborn stains. Soak the stubborn stain into the non-chlorine bleach. Before washing the polo you must soak in the non-chlorine bleach for 5 minutes and then wash it with care to get the stain out of it. This technique is risky but it is the only way to move forward to remove the stubborn stains on white polo.
If the stain happened from inks or any other reason related to colours, there are chances that the colours may bleed and effects the whole part of the tee. But what will you do in this scenario? Give up? No, there is a way to tackle this challenge with colour run remover. Add colour remover liquid into cold water and rinse it with the stained polo tee and soak the polo for several hours to make the formula work. Complete it by washing the white polo normally using detergents.
Things to avoid while wearing Polo T-shirts

The Polo T-shirt may be too old fashioned but who doesn’t love to wear Polo’s right? Youths who love sports can relate to the comfort and sporty level of the Polo t-shirts but when it comes to wearing the Polo’s casual you should know some factors to avoid while choosing the Polo t-shirts. Polo t-shirt has many benefits and also some limitation where you should consider some factors before wearing Polos. There are no cons to wearing polo t-shirts but limitations where you must consider the limitation with the occasions.

Hard texture and wrong inners

Wearing Polo Tee is cool but with the wrong companion can put you in an uncomfortable situation. When it comes to texture in the apparels, do consider a soft a pleasant texture on the polo t-shirt and it is easy to find out which is the soft textured material. The good texture will make you feel you are touching soft cotton, when you feel this way then you are choosing the right textured material. The soft material will make you feel live and breathable in Polo T-shirts if you don’t choose to wear banians.

If you are fond of wearing banians and gym vest as inner wears, you have to consider cotton material inners. Do not go for fancy materials in the innerwear category because fancy materials are not 100% skin-friendly. Do not let the wrong materials of innerwear to affect your healthy skin and ruin your day. Go with the 100% pure cotton material banians which can absorb your sweat and make you comfortable. When you wear the right material banians it is easy to wear a polo t-shirt on any occasion and the combo will work fine during both winter and summer season.

The texture of the apparels and choosing the right inners is all about the experience. It does not come in a single day; you have to work through and get experience by knowing the product behaviour. Start exploring the apparels in detail and study about the material which will make you an expert and you might become an influencer in the fashion industry. So, do not wait till someone comes and tell you to start, instead start your fashion career soon and become an expert in the fashion industry. You can always check out our newsletter to know the recent updates related to fashion and opportunity in the fashion industry.

Summer Care

We all struggle to keep cool in the summer season and some of you might think wearing light colours will help to keep you cool. Well, there is a myth that wearing dark colours will make you hot. Not exactly! When you wear dark colours and exposed to sunlight you may feel hot because dark colours absorb more heat but when you are not exposed to sunlight even the dark colours act as a cool outfit. So, if you are planning to go out and spend time in the sunlight then do not go for dark coloured polo’s and if you are spending most of the time in the office then you can choose whichever colour you like in polo tees.

Since you are all aware of your job situations, you will know what colour to wear. You should also know that wearing dark colours won’t affect your skin by any means. Make sure you buy lighter colour polo t-shirts in the summer and avoid dark colour t-shirts if you are working outside.

Summer is not only related to wearing the right colours and keeping cool with the apparels but also taking care of your skin. How to take care of your skin in the hot summer, the first and far most thing is to keep your body hydrated by taking enough fluid intake. Carry a 500 ml bottle of water anywhere you go and have a good amount of water intake. Stay hydrated especially during the summer and do not let the sun dehydrate you nor your energy.

Wash Care

The common problem with any apparel is washing with care, if it doesn’t handle with care the fade, shades and stain problem will leave a mark on the apparel. Polo t-shirts are one of the most versatile apparel in men fashion and guys love to wear shaded polo’s even after it looks odd because guys love polos more than any apparel. When it comes to selecting polo t-shirts always avoid fancy patterns with different colours. If the material used and colour used is of dull quality then the patterns will mess up after a wash. It is better to go for plain polos rather than stripes or checkered designs.

Even though you buy a branded Polo t-shirt which has fancy stripes and design, you should always consider to wash it with care. When you are about to put it in the washing machine or soak in the detergent water, make sure you reverse the tee and put it for washing. It is always a better and safe way to keep the shading and fades away.

Some bachelors depend on laundry or maid to wash their clothes. When you are in this situation, you have to be specific and instruct them and make them understand how to get your Polo tee washed in the right instruction. If they are not able to follow your instruction on how to wash your polo tee with care then it is not safe to handover your favourite polo. In this case, you have to wash it by yourself if you want the polo tee to be with you for a longer period.

Not giving close attention to the material

You may feel the product price is too cheap for a polo that you liked but the mistake you did is unnoticeable unless the threads and stitches coming out. You make this mistake quite often by seeing the prints and design but you do not notice the quality of the stitches and end up throwing the product. Give utmost care to the quality of the stitches and material before buying any polo t-shirts. Choosing the right material can be tricky but also not a difficult set of skills you have to learn to choose the right material. It is just a technique where you can learn from your parents, they are very good at this. You may feel irritated when they negotiate but it is worth a shot and do not forget to pay close attention to the details that parents see in the products. You have to learn by observing or you should ask how to look for the right product if you are looking for a long-life span of the apparel.

Bad for Sweaty type skin

Not only polo tees but you can consider any other apparel in men’s fashion, if you have sweaty type skin, then it is a challenge to wear any products which have slight thickness. Now, if you have sweaty type skin and still want to wear a polo means you have to choose the light-coloured polo t-shirt. When choosing the polo pay close attention to the material used and always prefer 100% cotton polo tees which can make your skin feel cool, comfortable and also breathable. Anyhow, the sweat won't stop even after you take care of most of the things but what you can do to avoid sweaty odour is by choosing the right body spray or perfume to keep your aura smell good. So, one and the most important factor you should consider if you have a sweaty type of skin is to not choose dark-coloured clothes, especially in summer. Not just polo tee, you should consider other types of apparels when it comes to sweaty problem.

Right Fit to choose

The polo tees are often choosing by lads who are fit because the polos are entitled to match the slim fit body. It is not only for thin people but also for people who have a V-cut body shape. The main factor to consider is if you are a little chubby, the polos are not meant to wear for parties. If you are a little chubby and still want to wear a Polo t-shirt, go with an extra size compared to the usual size. But what is recommended is not to wear polo on any special occasions if you are chubby.

Polo t-shirts make the best choice for fitness freak out there and if you want to wear them for sports then it is the best option. The option for lads who are going out for fitness to reduce fat can be a go-to option with polo tees. You can wear it to any sport you want and white polo just works fine with any body type. You can wear to any sport you want but do not wear polos for any functions if you are chubby.

Avoid funky styles

The polo t-shirts are classic in style and stunning in looks but when you pair with the funky designs it doesn’t match with the polos. The funky apparels are only meant to be on particular occasions and not for polos.

Torn jeans

You might be seeing the youths who wore torn jeans quite often with a cool funky hairstyle and this is mostly inspired by models and DJ’s. But as a common guy in the pack of lads will not work with the torn jeans with polo tees. Polo t-shirts carry an epitome of quality in which apparel you should exactly style with. The torn jeans are not on the list where you can match them with polo tees. When you think torn jeans with the polo tees next time, just skip pairing this combo and look for any cool printed tees to go with torn jeans. Match right with white colour sneakers and have matching accessories when you do the funky styles. Don’t be too obsessive with the accessories but the limited and cool accessories will do the work for stunning looks.

Regular fit Trousers

The polo t-shirts are more likely to go with the slim fit sizes and if you are choosing the regular fit trousers, then they will not match with the polo tees. Always be precise with the styling outfit even if you doing it for a short time. Because every first impression matters and if you mess up with the first impression then it is impossible to bring the time back. So, when you plan to match the polo tee with the trousers, always go with the slim fit trousers to have the right looks and do not forget the loafers which will be a great companion to the polo tee and slim fit trousers. Wear the light shaded brown leather watch and a black belt to match the overall look because accessories play a major role in out fashion in the first impression and accessories will be a surprise to the other eyes if you match it right.


Lads who are between 15 to 25 years of age tends to wear hoodies no matter what are they wearing inside the hoodie.Hoodies are the best apparels when you wear under thin materials, you can wear a hoodie with gym vest but not with polo tees.When you wear polo tee the polo neck collar will not be comfortable to wear on with the hoodies.Do not ever go with the polo t-shirt along with hoodie, instead you can wear round neck tees or solid plain tees to style right with the hoodie.Pair a white color sneaker if you are wearing solid color denims and hoodie, it will look stunning with the combo.


Sweatshirts have been the winter companion for almost young guys out there. One should remember the sweatshirts will work in both ways, you can either wear it for single wearor you can wear it along with banians, vest or plain V-neck tees to keep your body warmer.But do not style polo tees with the sweatshirts because the collar will not be a great combo for the sweatshirts.So, when you plan to wear sweatshirts match it with vest, banian or V-neck tees with a cool shaded denim along with plain colour sneakers. We have seen youngsters wearing sweatshirts on summer because it looks cool on them but do not style the sweatshirts during the summer.

Shirts on Polo

The common mistake that a youth can commit is wearing a shirt on Polo tee. Yes, you may think it is cool but unless the shirt is Chinese collar the overall look will be odd. If you are pairing up the polo tee with Chinese collar shirt then you will have the right style statement. Do not go out of your own style statement and try to commit simple mistakes. Be selective when you are trying to match Chinese collar shirts with polos with brightcolour combo. If colour doesn’t match then it will be the same challenging situation on your overall look.

Prefer shorts

When you hangout in beach during the summer, always prefer to wear shorts rather than sweatpants or trackpants. The polo would be a worth a style statement with the shorts compared to any other bottom wear when you are planning for beach occasions. Also, remember to style the polo with solid colour instead of all over printed. You can match the solid colour polo tees with printed shorts and it will be stunning look for a beach wear.

Good colours shorts

Shorts are the apparels which gives you the feel of free size even though it is not free size. The specialtyin the shorts is it can match with majority types of top wears like polo t-shirts, round neck t-shirts, crew neck t-shirts, graphic t-shirts and shirts. It also matches with the full sleeve, half sleeve and sleeveless apparels depending on the occasion. But the main attraction to a short is to match with polo t-shirt and if you are a lover of shorts you might be knowing why it matches best with polo tees.

Light colours

The more you go with dark colours on top you should balance with the light colour short. The beach wear is also a fashion oriented now, it is not only for enjoyment and forget what you wear. It is also a style statement you create when you are chilling out in beach. The time when you decide to wear dark colour top you must consider solid light-coloured shorts to match. The solid light colours like grey, light blue, cream and pale blue would go with the beach wear shorts when you wear dark coloured top wear. Match this with the loafers which is having the same colour as shorts that will give a stunning look.

Bright Colours

The bright colours works with any colour you wear for top and there is no limit to experiment with the solid bright colours. The bright colours are the universal colours where you can match it with both dark and light colours on the top. But you should be having the knowledge to differentiate the light, bright and dark colours. If you have mastered it then you have cracked a main factor in the fashion and the next steps would be easier to you in the fashion industry. If you want to go with bright colours with the shorts then the blue, green, yellow and red. The listed bright colours is likely to go with the beach wear occasion and you can match both dark and light colours for the bright colour shorts. Do not forget to wear a white coloured loafer when you try this outlook.

Dark Colours

Dark colours are the balanced texture when you wear the light-coloured apparels on the top. If you are going with solid light colour tops then it will be good to match the black, brown, burgundy or purple shorts. If you are going to dive in the each then we will recommend you to go with the dark-coloured shorts, when you plan to dive in do not wear any top wear or just wear a bright colour vest. Because, when you get out of the beach you can notice if there is any beach waste that has come along with your apparels. If you wear light colours it will be hard to identify when you get out of the beach. So, always wear a dark colour apparels you are stepping in the beach to enjoy with the waves.

What top apparels to select according to occasions?

You got to know what colours to wear for the beach and you can match top wear according to the matching colours. You also know there are many kinds of top wear you can match it with the right occasion to look decent and stylish. You should get to know about the dressing sense while you are planning to visit for a beach vocation. You might wonder why to worry too much when you are planning to hit the beach for enjoyment.


The vest is the only apparel that could go with shorts on the occasion to play in the water. In the occasion of water games and beach enjoyment vest will be the better choice.Try matching a good-looking vest and it can be a solid vest or graphic vest doesn’t matter. You just have to match the right shorts which will be a perfect match in the water games occasion. You might think who will care whether you have the right pairs or not in the water games, but you will not believe the interest can come from any place and on any occasion. So, better be prepared to show your style statement in all the occasion. No matter which place or what time, you should be stylish in this competitive fashion world. Till you get into water games you will be requiring the footwear and the best footwear to a beach with the vest outfit would be a cool flip-flop. Flip-flops gives you the freedom for rough use and you won’t be taking too much care for the flip-flop as you care for other footwears but the flip-flop is also an important factor in footwears. Flip-flops are also the important factor in a casual wear when you wear shorts, this will be the perfect go-to option after the loafers.

Half Sleeve

Whether it is summer, winter or spring you can always go with the half sleeve option and half sleeve solid polos especially for beach wear. You can choose the half sleeve based on the occasion; you want to hangout in beach but you do not want to get into water to chill out. In this occasion you can wear a half sleeve solid polo tee with the printed shorts pairing the flip-flops or the cool loafers.You can also choose the round neck, V-neck and crew neck tees according to your comfort and styling preference.If you are planning to hangout with friends in the beach shore during the night time, the round neck tee is the best option to go with. Because, it will not allow the cold breeze get into your sensitive neck areas and it will help you keep warm with the right fit in the neck. During summer you can go with crew neck and V-neck tees along with the solid or printed shorts.If you are planning to go play casino in the cool evening, you can wear a cool crew neck black half sleeve tee with blue ripped jeans along with the cool white sneakers which will be a center of attraction in the casino play. So, based on the occasion you can wear the type of half sleeve based on your styling preferences.

Full Sleeve

When you think of full sleeve it will be either winter or a little breeze rainy outside. You will be opting full sleeve tees to cover up your sleeve and protect from the cold and may be people using full sleeve in summer to protect their skin from the sun. When it comes to full sleeve t-shirts, just go with crew neck matching along with the solid denims and with a pair of white sneakers.

The solid polo colours would go in beach wear.


The white is defined as the peace symbol and it really acts as peace colour during the summer. White colour will help you to keep you little cool compared to all other colours. Prefer a 100% pure cotton polo tee and match it with light brown shorts which will be a sexy look in the beach and more eyes will be on you.One important thing to remember is not to go with the black colour polo tee in the beach vacation. You can also wear white polo tee with solid black denim along with white sneakers to a beach wedding party and you will be looking gentle.


The beaches and the blue colour is the best match you can ever get when you plan for summer occasion to beach. It perfectly suits the look and feel of the atmosphere, also matches with several shorts colours. The most attractive and stunning colour to match the blue polo tee is white shorts. It will be the super attractive in the evening time if you are spending time in beaches. You can also match the blue polo t-shirt with light colour shades like cream, light green and you can also match blue polo with blue shorts. It will be unique but makes sure you have the right skin tone to match the blue-blue outlook.


Youths like orange colour more than any other colour but when they try to style in the normal occasion, the overall look won’t satisfy and they will leave the orange apparel behind especially orange color polo t-shirts.The best place to explore the orange and bright colours like yellow,bright blue and bright green is to wear it in beaches. Match the orange polo tee with the black or brown shorts or even the denims work cool if you are not stepping into water.The black denim with light shades fit orange polo tee perfect and you can wear white sneakers to show your style authority.Go for a white or grey sneaker when you match orange polo with the black denim which will be a cool outfit for beach wear.

If you have a fit body type, marooncolourwould help you to get the authentic and bold look. Maroon is the most unique colour to try with polo t-shirts and it has a different way of look which is attractive and stunning. Match the maroon polo t-shirt with the solid black denim or light blue denim along with the white sneakers or white sport shoes suits well.The one special thing about maroon is that even if the tee gets shaded it looks stunning. You can wear it for casuals and turn it to daily wear category. The maroon colour has this benefit with the polo t-shirt texture and do not throw the tee after it gets little shaded. The great idea is to match the shaded maroon with the shaded black denim with rugged look sneakers which will be stunning and attractive. If the solid maroon is shaded or it is still looking solid do not hesitate to wear maroon tee with the light colour shorts to the beach.


Burgundy is something special where you can feel unique and bold. Burgundy is unique because you cannot match with any colour you like, it is something that brings a character out of anything just by its appearance. Burgundy colour polo t-shirt with black denim along with the white sneakers will bring a stunning outlook and you can wear it in the summer for special occasions.The main advantage of burgundy is that if you are little chubby the colour will help you to hide your belly fat. This is a visual experience for the viewers and research have shown the results that people look little thin when they wear burgundy colour and think abouth styling with burgundy tee if you are little chubby. Try to match the denim with dark colour instead of light colours. If you are planning to go to gym with the solid burgundy then pair it with camouflage shorts which will be stunning look in the beach wear.


You can consider yellow as the shade of orange and gold. You can wear yellow polo to a birthday party and to chill out in beach. Both depends on what you match with, if you don’t match it properly then yellow looks odd in the pack but if you match it properly then you will look stunning in the pack. When you try to plan to wear solid yellow polo t-shirt during summer you should always match with dark colour denim, trousers and shorts with the light colour sneakers. Consider the occasion and wear the bottom wear accordingly, like if you are going to enjoy in the beach match the yellow polo tee with the dark shorts. If you are planning to be a elegant with semi formal look match it with the dark coloured trousers. If you want to go on a date with solid yellow colourpolo then match with the solid black denim with white sneakers and if you are going on date in winter then you can have an extra option to wear white jacket.

Not just materials, colours, texture and quality but also your attitude matters. Your attitude should be like wearing confidence with the polo t-shirt and it should not be any less. The style of polo and your attitude should match to win in any situation and never let your confidence down in whichever apparel you choose. Polo t-shirts are so versatile but it has some unique features where it goes perfectly to match the body type but you can wear polo t-shirts on any occasion. When you are going out next time, you all know what to wear on what occasion and do not forget where to avoid a polo t-shirt.

We all are obsessed with polo tees but due to body types we cannot able to utilize the polo t-shirts to style according to our thoughts but do not give up on the dream to become fit and show your style statement. There is no limitation for chubby guys, you can show your unique style statement by uniquely wearing polo t-shirts by matching the right pair of bottoms and tricks to hide your tummy by wearing a polo t-shirt. The fashion industry is all about experimenting and exploring! No one will stop if you are having the creative mind to make a bold style statement with unique ideas and thoughts. There are so many things to be discovered in the fashion industry and also there are so many hacks and tricks to achieve the best look with basic wears. If you can able to understand the anatomy of the tricks and hacks, even you can be able to find new techniques and tricks in fashion.

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