Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

New Year with new resolutions to look our best in 2020. Every man needs a quick guide to shine bright in the New Year with their dressing style. Classic Polo is sharing the best couture for men who love to stay updated with the latest trends.

From carrying cross-body bags to over-sized shield sunglasses urban men are getting inventive each season, giving tough competition to women in the race. Menfolk who want to carry the newest trend with a twist are daring shirtless suits or teaming up suits with sheer tops. Patchwork prints to dyed shirts are ruling the hearts of males with its unique sense of panache.

In recent shows, designers were highly inspired by retro designs like bell-bottom, high-waist trousers, pinstripe suits. They have revived the old into gold and predicted the style mantras for the next season. The fabric & cut are based on modern parameters of swank.

Classic Polo has handpicked the hottest modes for the year 2020 by observing international platforms and choosing the most convenient styles for Indian men to mark a personal statement in every sphere of life.

  1. Patchwork Prints

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

Yes, patchwork prints for men will stay hot even next year. Indian men can wear shirts with ethnic patchwork prints and contrasting colors. Bold studs are coming out with diverse cutouts on a shirt with shorts or regular trousers. You can unbutton the shirt and show off the sexy built but if you want to hide the extra flub then go for a white tee below the shirt, it can change the overall look.


  1. Cuban Collar Shirts

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

Summer season will be full of palm leaf patterns, beach, flamingo, boat and much more Cuban prints to feel the breeze. They are also printed in plain solid color and bright shades.


Boys can flaunt their legs wear chinos to get a fitted bottom approach. Put on your sunglasses and you’re ready to groove.


  1. Oversized Oxford shirts

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

2020 is the year of extra-large size, Oxford shirt for a well-groomed man is always in trend but you will wear with a twist this year. Oversized shirts under a blazer will rule casual business attire. You can also don it with a summer suit or over a plain t-shirt as a trendsetter.

The untucked look is more suitable for an oversized shirt for a casual feel. Roll up the sleeves if it’s too hot or just let it down to the wrists.

  1. Transparent stuff

Next season is all about sheer jackets, coats, and shirts. This fashion is not meant for big men with family pack however lean athletic teenagers can carry it flawlessly. One can definitely showcase their racy side of personality and beat the heat in the chicest manner.

See-through shirt with or without a cotton vest, a blazer over a sheer vest or layering it your own way. If you’re not into layering then simply put on the magic of transparency in the wardrobe and vanish into thin air.

  1. Rugby shirts are back in vogue

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

Don’t throw your old rugby shirt before reading it. According to the style pandits, these shirts are for all the men searching for comfort with machoness. Bring extra divergent colours to your collection and spend the weekend in your favorite rugby shirt with your brothers.

People striving to look different than the rest can pair it with a summer- suit/try oversized shirt/add shoulder bag zipper/ wear colour-coordinated shorts/ or get an oversized trouser or cargo.

  1. New spring colours

Choose dark shades of maroon, copper, burgundy or bronze for the summer of 2020. In the upcoming year,colours will shift from traditional bright sunny to more eroded and gloomy tones. Italian luxury suit Mughals have completed the appearance with the elegant cut for suits. Very soft in its texture, refreshing its appeal and lively in its cut, completely different from the traditional colours like black, grey and blue.

  1. High waist

The classic style of high-waist trousers is back in the list of 2020. This is one of the styles that are immoral and time and again redesigned to best suit the new generation.  An item of unisex clothing that has its presence in India since years and glamorouslypresented by Bollywood actors & actresses. Put on a tucked shirt or fitted t-shirt with the high-waist trousers to give it a real vintage look.

  1. Bottom flares

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

Bottom with flares is an antique piece of outfit that has returned the latest fashion trends. It is thigh hugging at the first and widely expands from the knee. These trousers are making huge cutting edge fad amongst everyone. To give it a balanced approach you should go with a fitted shirt or sleek Polo shirt, for winter turtleneck sweater will make it exquisite.  

Denim with bell-bottom is more contemporary and suitable even for the young crowd. An oversized t-shirt or a hoodie for evenings is ideal for a casual vibe.

  1. Cargo trousers

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

Life is fun in cargo trousers, it’s a 90s craze making its comeback in 2020 as a trendsetter. If you’re a big-time male fashionista and always probing new ways to dress then try giant pockets on the cargo. Upgrade the cargos with fresh colours including metallic tones/earthy touch and patchwork.

  1. Pinstripe suits

The fashion world has quite evidently time-travelled to the past. Chief stylists believe that pinstripe suits will make an impact in the future. Modern cuts, fabric and vibrant tailoring in double-breasted black, grey and blue classic hues.

You can wear pinstripe shirts with similar formal trousers or track pants. Attend the wedding or a meeting in swag through a pinstripe suit. The new material is more relaxed and drapes around your body to give it a smooth finish. For those who prefer very tight- fitting can showoff body-con pinstripe in contrast men can choose Chalayan for a unique look.

  1. Bleached denim & dyed shirt

Quick Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

Bleached denim jackets and rustical dyed trouser, t-shirt and shirt for the free spirits. A vivacious approach for divergent Millenialsnot willing to follow any set rules of fashion.

Two pieces with coordinated pattern has become the go-to fashion 2020 get up. It can be a patchwork dyed shorts with matching shirt or bleached denim jeans with a denim jacket. Designers have come up with sophisticated liquid colours on transparent cotton pair. And one can know about the denim jeans, Click here

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