Retro Casual Style Guide

Retro Casual Style Guide

Vintage styles are back with a bang, especially in the Men’s fashion scene. The old school charm, cropped pants, hats, and many vintage pieces are making their way to Modern Man’s wardrobe. You can see a lot of men sporting these wondrous retro styles all across the world now. Here, let us look into some retro outfits, but with a modern twist. Donning retro clothes from top to bottom may look strange, but if it is paired well, you can make headlines. So, if you want to make a retro-style statement, go old school.

Hats & Suspenders

Hats are the most necessary accessory for every man. If you can master it, you are never going out of style. A plain outfit can be improved immediately if you add the right hat to it. You can go with newsboy hats, it gives you a very modern and youthful charm. If you are looking for a hat that is versatile but not too showy, then this is the hat for you.

Retro Casual Style Guide

If it is retro, you can never go wrong with suspenders. Suspenders were men’s go-to staples in the 60s; they nearly seem non-existent now. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, add suspenders to your outfits and let the people recognize your retro style.

Hawaiian Shirts

Retro Casual Style Guide

Other than T-shirts, the additional casual retro Men’s shirt style was the Hawaiian shirt. Worn untucked, they are the old world charm. They appear in tropical prints and themes. They are a classic and retro casual style in summer. Worn with wide-leg pants and a belt, they set the tone for a retro look that is still celebrated today. Heading to a beach? You can never go wrong with this.

Turtlenecks & Revere Collar Shirts

The turtleneck or rollneck sweater is one of the most authentic retro fashion pieces to return to the modern menswear business. It packs a punch when worn precisely. Pair them under a suit jacket or overcoat in the winter months.

Retro Casual Style Guide

One of the most significant summer must-haves, the revere collar shirt is the perfect way to infuse some vacation style. Watch for strong vintage prints in dimmed colours and wear the Cuban shirt with simple chino shorts or trousers and loafers for a livelier feel. It is a prominent layering piece used open over a T-shirt. For a streetwear feel, style them above a long-sleeve T-shirt.

Do not miss out on Retro Shoes!

Combining classy shoes adds beauty to your overall look. There is a saying that a man is noticed by the shoes he wears. So, having a good pair is a must for every man. Classic shoe styles never go out of style and they look fine, regardless of new trends and style. Pair brogues shoes to any above mentioned retro outfit to make it more classy and polished. All retro outfits can suit the modern world, even if you want to go out with your friends and family.

There are other styles for Men, which can take the retro styling to another level. We have curated a few to help you start your journey into retro casual styling.

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