Simple Tips to Look Taller and Leaner

Simple Tips to Look Taller and Leaner

We all have a specific image of ourselves whenever we choose our clothes. This is why when shopping for apparels, we go for our favourite colours, designs and sizes. Apparels don’t just serve the purpose of clothing, they do much more. They have a visual appeal which is unique for our bodies.

That is why it is easier to enhance our appearances by tweaking our sense of fashion. In this blog, we talk about how one can achieve a leaner and slimmer look by opting for a specific type of clothes. You will be amazed how a small change makes a world of a difference to your look.

Shirts, T-shirts and Sweaters

 Simple Tips to Look Taller and Leaner

Let’s start at the top. When choosing a shirt or t-shirt, the best way to look lean is to opt for a slim fit.

This simple trick helps your body align with the lines of the shirt. This means that the shirt will conceal certain areas that need to be covered to get a proportionate lean look. Get into the habit of tucking your shirts. This creates a slimmer look and keeps the continuity of a uniform shape right down to your trousers.

An important thing to consider is wearing V-neck t-shirts and sweaters. A great slim fitting V-neck T-shirts creates a lean appearance no matter what your size. As compared to crew-neck t-shirts, v-necks provide a more contrasting look. Wear polo t-shirts with thin and contracted collars. The same applies to sweaters. Try it out yourself.

Trousers, Pants and Denims

Simple Tips to Look Taller and Leaner

What seems true for t-shirts also work for bottom wear. A slim-fit trouser or jeans often gives an appropriate contour or shape to your legs. Starting from the hip area and all the way to your ankles, slim fit trousers can make a huge difference to the lower half of your body.

Another detail that one must pay attention to is the length of the trousers. You may have selected the best fit, but if the length is not right, you may not get the perfect look.

How do you decide the right length? Start with adjusting the position of wearing trousers. You should wear them just above the hip area and let it rest there. Check the length of the trousers such that it just reaches your ankle. Longer trousers may give a baggy appearance and make you look stout. It is crucial that the hem just ends at your ankles without revealing the socks.

Colours, Designs and Prints

Simple Tips to Look Taller and Leaner

Colours and patterns pack a visual punch not many are aware of. For instance, black and other dark colours make you appear slimmer, whereas light colours can make you look a bit on the heavier side. Similarly, if you want a slimmer look, thin vertical stripes work better that thick horizontal ones.

If you like chequered patterns, go for the ones which have smaller squares. This creates a visual appearance where the wearer looks slimmer.

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Do you have ideas on how to enhance your overall look? Share them with us in the comment section.

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