Steps to celebrate Indian festivals post lockdown

Steps to celebrate Indian festivals post lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic! We did not see that coming! But it’s here and staying longer than we expected, spreading itself rapidly and we can conclude that we have to live with the Coronavirus. It has given twists and chaos to the trends, we all miss the wedding day celebration, late-night parties, DJ, mass gathering during functions. One of the major missing factors in Indian tradition is the festivals. The Indian festivals are getting big impacts because of COVID-19 pandemic breakout throughout the globe.

With a wide range of outdoor plans, solo rides, and celebrations, it seems every plan is going to cancel, and we are trying to keep festivals exciting. Though the trends are changing with online classes for education, video calls are happening instead of meetings, grocery shopping is moving towards online. We are here to witness the change in festive trends also, and we have to take precautionary steps to celebrate the Indian festivals during this COVID-19 breakout.

Decorate your home

What’s the point of celebrating a festival without decorating your place? Yes, we were not so keen on decorating our homes before the COVID-19 breakout. We used to hurry to go out and enjoy ourselves and with our beloved ones, but we have no option to celebrate like before. So, take time to decorate the entrance of your home with an attractive rangoli design using different colours rather than ordinary white rangoli, draw a creative design. Hang lovely flowers in different parts of the house and spread the petals that give a fresh feel to the house.

A fresh start

Steps to celebrate Indian festivals post lockdown

There is a traditional belief in India that spring brings you the new change, which means clean out the old and bring in new things. Spring brings new hopes and new colours in the form of festivals in India, and now we also need a fresh start after this COVID-19 situation. We need to see off this Coronavirus and should have a fresh start in our lives – a perfect way to symbolize the triumph over Corona and start the new year and new season.

Social Distancing

Steps to celebrate Indian festivals post lockdown

With every aspect of the note on celebrating festivals, we should not forget the precautionary measures to avoid spreading the Coronavirus. The lockdown has changed the way we celebrate the festivals but we cannot change the importance of the Indian tradition celebrated by different communities. So, try not to encourage your relatives or friends to visit your home during the festival and normal days, because you never know who is affected by COVID-19 and also major trends in Indian festivals might be affected post lockdown

The best way to be safe is by social distancing, and once the situation comes to normal, we can celebrate every occasion as we did before. Patience and social distancing are the keys to getting rid of the COVID-19 pandemic. Try to stay in your home as much as possible, and do not come out unless it is very important or for an emergency. Don’t forget to wear the safety masks when you step out of your home. Stay safe!


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