Steps to Select the right apparels for College

Steps to Select the right apparels for College

Who does not love college? After all the hardships that we carry out wearing uniforms in School, later on, when we enter college it is all over with the school rules & we get a chance to wear whatever we had dreamt of, right? Everyone believes the golden life of students is in college; it is always a fun place to be at! Where every individual will enjoy most in his/her life, meanwhile almost boys will learn to dress uniquely in their own taste. Now a day’s fashion is a common trend in college; most of the boys try to dress well to impress their classmates during the early stages of college according to their style sense. Fashion with passion is the new trend to show their mannerism which is happening in the present generation. So, one must know the early steps for men’s fashion in college.

Steps to Select the right apparels for College

Selecting the right apparel

It may turn out to be a confusing task when selecting clothes on our own. That is why they go shopping along with their friends so that they can get real-time feedback & review on the dress they go for trial. But they do forget the little things which is why this blog is for. Some of the factors you should consider while shopping.

Material – It’s all in the fabric! Isn’t it? After selecting the cloth check the label of the shirt where you can see what kind of material is it. We all usually prefer 100% cotton in the majority of the time. Be sure that the shirt is weaved tight so that the shirt will last longer. Feel the fabric because you will know how the cloth feels like on your skin.

Stitching – The muscles of the shirts are stitches, when you are selecting a shirt, take note of the stitches. If the stitches are loose then you have to skip the product and go for other brands/product.

Wrinkle – Practice makes a man perfect. Yes, in our case when you touch a shirt you can always say whether it is a good material or not. But what you must do? Take an extra step to verify it. Once you have the shirt take some part and squeeze a little to watch the wrinkles. This can be a test of durability and help you choose a long-lasting apparel

Considering Small things

the process of choosing the right apparel, make sure you don’t hurry & forget the little things. The most common things are;

  1. Shrinkable Material
  2. Confused with Pencil cut pants
  3. Selecting Light shaded Jeans
  4. Online Shopping
  5. Selecting the Perfect fit Sweater or Sweatshirt.

Steps to Select the right apparels for College

The above-mentioned points are some of the things to be considered while shopping. When selecting clothes, please make sure whether the material is cotton or wool which are natural materials. The artificial/man-made materials like polyester & nylon are shrinkable materials. And there is no guarantee that you will avoid shrinking if you buy the right material unless one washes their clothes properly. Always prefer cold water to wash rather than warm & hot water. Hot water makes stain go away easily but it also affects the product’s stretching capacity.

Selecting light shaded & pencil cut pants are more difficult now. Obviously, boys are lazy, they choose multiple pants for trial whereas one fits properly & with the satisfaction of single piece one will add other brand pants of same size without trials and they end up realizing they bought different size when they wear at home. Also, college students fail at selecting shaded jeans. Boys always go with shades that feel more attractive while purchasing but after one or two wash they’ll see the changes in color and mixing of shades. So, be aware of selecting the brands when you are going with shaded jeans & go with known brand even if it is costly because the life span of Jeans is important.

Online shopping is the biggest challenge for boys now a days. With the effects of Photoshop & Illustrator the materials look appealing on all e-commerce websites. Influenced by what they have seen, the customer feels that it is the perfect shirt/pant & orders it immediately. When it reaches home & on the time of trail one will get to know that the product does not fit or might be oversized. Always remember each company has its own standard sizes; it varies from brand to brand. Avoid this mistake while ordering online. You can prefer the brands which you have used earlier if you can’t select the perfect size.

Here is a common mistake that boys make in choosing the perfect fit when buying sweaters or sweatshirt. When you are choosing sweaters or sweatshirt, always try it with a shirt or t-shirt on. This will give you an estimate of the size. If you try it without shirt/t-shirt the sweaters will always be tight when you wear it on the shirt/t-shirt. Youths might be smart in choosing the right color & design but they always neglect the simple & basic things. One has to consider these points before they make a bill on particular apparel. For extra care, always choose the matching backpack that complements your dressing style.


When we were young, we didn’t have much say in the clothes we bought or those bought by our parents. Often, they would get extra size because it was growing time. But some boys buy extra size even today, not because of the mother's training, truth is that we might gain some weight. So, we could say this is the confusing situation, a boy will be if he is concerned about gaining weight.

One of the biggest problems we have commonly is where we cannot do anything. Wondering what it is? I hope you might have faced it already! The situation is, we go & buy some T-Shirts which are super attractive where the material is 100% cotton. We wear it for the first day or wear it for any function/outing with friends. And after the wash, you don’t find the same design or color because the color will all be mixed up! Am I right? Have you experienced this? Almost all boys might have faced it, if not you might face it in future so be careful when you are purchasing Tees in cotton material & go with the known brand


Consider these points & get the right apparel. There are other mistakes which are most common that are worth mentioning in the article. So, go to the comment section & make this blog more accurate.


Happy Shopping.

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