Style resolutions for every Men

Style resolutions for every Men

You might have taken some New year resolutions, have you been following them? Leave that aside. We are in the middle of the year, and if you are thinking about what style to try, or what to do to stay in style? Well, here are some Style resolutions for every man to follow.

Stay away from Instant Buys

Style resolutions for every Men

It can be tempting to buy and try out new fashion products. With social media providing everything in the comfort of your home, it becomes easy to buy products. The sales and offers make you think you are getting a good bargain for a product.

First, analyze if you need the product. Consider if it honestly fits, Do you love it? Are you only purchasing it because you love other pieces by the same brand? A good rule is to consider whether you would buy the same item at its full cost. So, after considering all these you can decide if you still want them.

Always Experiment

Style resolutions for every Men

The new norm in Fashion is such that you update yourself and experiment more and more with your style. You cannot wear the same shirt and jeans pair you were wearing a year ago, and update them with a new pair of shoes and call it a new trend. People call it outdated or out of fashion. 

The key to any great attire is trying various textures and patterns that will elevate the overall style. As far as T-shirts and shirts go, you can try on different materials, eye-catching ones. Spending in clothing that brings out a unique side of you is the best style resolution you can adhere to this year.

Choose Suitable Fabrics and think Green

Style resolutions for every Men

Appropriate clothing means both in terms of weather conditions and skin-friendly or nature-friendly aspects. Nowadays, many tend to buy clothes without thinking about the fabric they are opting for. Some fabrics are not breathable and are not good for the skin. Think of the weather and dress appropriately, The summer season needs breathable clothing and besides, needs good skin coverage. Cotton, linen are some options for summer.

Winter needs clothing with additional layers to protect you from the cold. Leather jackets, woolen clothes do the job. It is necessary to wear the right fit to look good as well as to be confident.

As the awareness of sustainability is becoming increasingly essential in the fashion world, people have been researching and making sure their clothing is sustainable and green. That means purchasing from small and local brands, buying domestic produced clothes, all matters here.

Invest in Footwear

Men go for formal shoes for office and sandals to wear in summers and sports shoes for all outdoor things. So. this needs an update if you want to look cool, as footwear adds up a notch to your style. Try on some loafers to look more fashionable, stocky sneakers can be added to your ensemble to wear for parties and outdoor gatherings.

Resolutions are there to be picked. It is the matter of what you choose and if you want to follow them. It is in your hands to look stylish or be the normal outdated man. It depends on how you want to be, and how you imagine you being presented to the outside world. Cheers and hope we gave you some food for thought. Pour in your thoughts in the comments below.


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