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Style tips that get your crush gushing!

Style tips that get your crush gushing!

Men out there, assemble! Have you got your A-game to impress your girl or tips to attract your woman? Here let us try to figure out what women want? Well, it's debatable. But, let's look at what you can do to attract her, and things that you can control, like styling, being you and some tips.

Cloth fitting

Style tips that get your crush gushing!

The first impression or look is always important, whatever the setting it is. Imagine you turn up to a dinner or meet with your girl in loose-fitting clothes; Doesn't sound good right? These clothes always show that you are low in confidence, try to opt for a fit clothing. It can boost your confidence, and reveal the true you! It is a perfect formula to impress a girl at first look. Occasionally, roll up your sleeve, if you are wearing a full sleeve shirt or t-shirt. It is a thing liked by women.

Smell good - Think Fragrance

No one wants to be with a person who doesn’t smell good, be it, man or woman. So fragrance can be a very crucial factor in choosing someone. Using a masculine fragrance can play an important role to attract a woman towards you. 

Since fragrance is something which will be noticed even before clothes, it is better to put on the right perfume as you go out on a date.

Add colours to your style

Style tips that get your crush gushing!

Everything around us is full of colours and you don't need to continue wearing the so-called masculine colours like white, black, and grey. If you choose the correct colours for your skin tone, you will add up to your good looks, but, wearing the wrong colours will be blunt. As a rule, bright shades of red, light pink, lighter shades of blue, etc, look good on all skin types. Also, do not try to overdo on colours at once. It will become a distracting factor.

Sense of Humour is an underrated style!

Women like Sense of humour without hurting their feelings. You should be a man who appreciates a good laugh, and who has the talent to balance serious matters with the ability to invoke laughter, is a unique find.

Style beyond clothes

Style tips that get your crush gushing!

With you trying different clothes, it is now necessary to bring in some accessories that match or complement your clothes.

Watch - It may be underused but you can never underestimate the impact of a good watch on a woman. Women love the attention to detail, choosing the watch matching the attire will do a world of good.

Shoes - Shoes are something that will give a finishing touch to your entire attire. Make sure to wear formal shoes with formal attire and casual shoes with casual clothes, and choose them according to the place in which you are meeting.

Other factors can be maintaining good hygiene, grooming, and the way you communicate with women. The manner and the way you communicate is a big deal and can reveal a lot about you to the person in front of you.

Share your thoughts and comment on some tips that can be useful to others as well.

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