Styling Inspiration from Bollywood’s Greatest Fashion Icons

Styling Inspiration from Bollywood’s Greatest Fashion Icons

The Indian Film Industry is the largest in the world. No other industry has seen such a diverse ensemble of talent and vision. Millions of people have tried their luck to make it big in the city of dreams. The triage of sound, camera, action has captivated the hearts of billions of enthusiasts across countries.

The direct result of such a vibrant organisation is the creation of style icons throughout the history of Bollywood. Be it the common man look championed by Raj Kapoor, the angry young man looks of Amitabh Bachchan or the Disco party attire of Mithun Chakraborty, Bollywood has updated its style from time to time.

In this blog, we discuss some of the most iconic styles of Bollywood superstars and how it has found a place in our everyday lives.

The Sleek and Suave- Hrithik Roshan

Voted as the Sexiest Asian Male in 2019, Hrithik Roshan has had a reign of more than two decades. Right from his early years, Hrithik Roshan established himself as the ultimate fashion icon. With a great physique and the right styling choices, he has managed to create an ideal in the fashion world.

Styling Inspiration from Bollywood’s Greatest Fashion Icons

Be it the casual look with jackets, t-shirts and denim or the sleek formal suit or Indian wear, he has set a trend for cool and sexy dressing. His style has directly inspired millions of youngsters across the nation.


The Rockstar Persona- Farhan Akhtar

Styling Inspiration from Bollywood’s Greatest Fashion Icons

For all the music aficionados out there, Farhan Akhtar emerged as a true Rockstar with phenomenal performance and new-age dressing style. The care-free casual look of ripped denim and printed crewnecks, frizzy hair sometimes tied with a bandana, the confident display of accessories that only complemented the rebel look, Farhan Akhtar defined the youthful style in the early 2000s.

Over the years, he has gone on to keep his style updated with changing times. Think you can carry his look and match his style quotient?

The Wanderlust Look- Ranbir Kapoor

Styling Inspiration from Bollywood’s Greatest Fashion Icons

The official heart-breaker of Bollywood has left behind some styling templates for all youth to follow. Ranbir Kapoor is what you would imagine being a laid-back, globe-trotter, someone who pays little attention to how he dresses, yet manages to look absolutely in vogue.

The classic t-shirt with a semi-casual shirt on, dishevelled hair and crumpled ripped jeans to get the ultimate casual look, it seems like Ranbir Kapoor has an effortless dressing SOP.

The Crazy Fusion Style- Ranveer Singh

Styling Inspiration from Bollywood’s Greatest Fashion Icons

Ranveer Singh hardly needs an introduction to the arena of fashion. Over the years, he has become a social media sensation, not only due to some of the most memorable and versatile acting but also because of the offstage, explosion-of-colours attires at award functions and parties.

Seems like colours, prints, designs and unconventional fusions are the much-required ingredients for Ranveer Singh’s style formula.


Which Bollywood style icon has been your inspiration? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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