Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

Never compromise on style even if the budget is tight. Few men who spend less on wardrobe and complains that you can’t look luxurious on a tight budget are underinformed. Then there is another set of male, purchasing their wardrobe without thinking about the price tag. They think that they can’t achieve a classy look without burning a hole in your pocket.

Classic Polo believes that one should keep a tab on their spending before stepping out of the house. It is an art to shop with less money and still look great. Keep in mind a few tips in this blog that can change your whole perspective on shopping. As we have entered the Year 2020, we want to guide the Indian men community on how to buy stylish clothes without over-spending.

Do research well in advance!! Determine your budget and requirements before going out for shopping. Be very clear in your head and make a list of items you need to buy. Focus on being cost-effective along with long-lasting quality and learn about different designs. Keep yourself updated and follow men’s fashion blogs, YouTube channels to update about the newest trends. In the end, blend a different combination of styles to suit your personality don’t follow fashion for the sake of it. 

  • Shopping Online

Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

Online shoppers in India are increasingly buying fashion including apparel, footwear, and accessories contributing 16 % of the total online shopping. Within this, Men’s clothing is the highest contributor at 58%. Spend during big sale days, it creates affordability and better value for e-shoppers.

Attractive offers with schemes of cashback in e-wallets at your convenience anywhere anytime can save you money on transport and other extra costs which add-up while shopping in stores like food or fuel while moving from one store to another.  

The purchasing pattern has changed considerably after the advent of e-commerce. People don’t need someone’s company to buy clothes. You can either sit in front of the laptop or simply swipe on your mobile to choose the latest fashion which is relatively cheaper than stores in a mall or market. 

You can avail online-only deals and special prices now and then. Be vigilant and visit your favorite brand site frequently when you plan to buy something. Focus on your specific needs and don’t get distracted with thousand other offers which are irrelevant for you.

Be aware of new brands that can coax you to buy online with glossy images& models. There are also fake websites offering mega discounts for no reason. Carefully read refund and exchange policies even on reliable sites.

  • Clearance or End of Season Sale

Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

If you are someone who is not comfortable with online shopping and need to visit a store to first try clothes then keep reading newspapers for new sales for exclusive stores in your city. You can also avail awesome discounts, at the end of each season be it Autumn-Winter or Spring-Summer. The only downside is that you have to wait patiently for your favorite design on sale or sometimes you might not get the right size for yourself especially if you fall under the average category body wise.

Clearance sale is our all-time beloved, you can hit the jackpot on your preferred brand and it just makes your day. Big labels offer genuine annual sales, keep your eye on it. Every year brands want to get rid of few items for many factors like storing shortage after new arrival, products not moving as expected or there would be a mirror issue with it or simply just because it’s getting faded over time.

You can expect pretty heavy discounts on such clothes as less as half the original price. They usually run print media ads for mass dissemination of information. Do pick your size wisely, don’t get too excited and commit a mistake in a rush that can’t be undone. You can choose plus size if it can be fitted easily. And do not wait for the perfect day to visit the store, wasting time to plan to go shopping after reading the ad is not at all recommended. Such offers do not run for long or you might miss your size in a short duration. 

Shopping winter clothes in the summer season or vice-versa is a great idea to save money. Buying off-season always works both offline and online and helps to expand your branded closet that too with maximum savings. 

  • Don’t be so brand conscious

Don’t be shy to put on not so popular brands, we advise not to completely ignore them. There are many brands which are doing well in a particular range of clothes like a shirt, jeans and a t-shirt, they fall under medium range. You need not buy everything under one roof, diversify your apparel brands based on brand specialization. This will save you money with the best quality available in the market after the premium range. Such brands can be used as daily wear official or casual wear. 

There is hardly any difference in the quality of tier-1 & tier 2 companies manufacturing clothes. The main difference which matters the most to customers is the logo of their favorite brand. Detaching yourself from the brand image can make you a smart buyer.

Nowadays young companies are coming up every day bringing competitive prices with stylish designs for someone who isn’t afraid to experiment. School & college students can always bank on them for their budget-friendly style. Practice your discretion while buying new trademarks online, we would recommend offline shopping because you get what you see.

By all means, we do not support cheap-looking apparel but you can try innerwear, handkerchief, socks, or other products at a large retail store. The reason is simple, you can’t be judged on something which people can’t see plus they are replaced frequently.  You might get lucky at large retail stores and find something which might suit your style. Be alert on your next retail visit as you might get that sweater or shirt which you have been seeking for a long time at all the wrong places with the best price tag.

  • Exchange clothes with your bestie

Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

It is a very common practice among girls and can save you big cash. Talk to your friends or cousins who have a similar body frame to exchange clothes with you. Garments which you don’t want to wear again simply because you have got bored of or it doesn’t suit you can be exchanged. If you are socially active then make a Whatsapp group of all the guys you know and share images of clothes you want to interchange.

Social groups on Whatsapp can do wonders for your closet and you may be surprised at what turns up. Girls attempt to reinvent their clothes with DYI and alterations. However, we are afraid if boys can go to that length but artsy ones can try it. Or else visit your nearest corner alternation shop which is cheap and useful at the same time (one of the perks of living in India).  

This system works for women and it can surely work for men as well. Not including those who are shy of wearing used clothes. It is a fun activity for young boys and helps them in difficult times when unable to spend money on clothes due to other priorities.

  • Bargain, Bargain & Bargain

Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

You have full freedom to bargain till the last breath if you’re purchasing in your local showrooms. Everyone is open to negotiating if the product is negotiable and of course if you possess the skill to bargain. Our timeless tip for buyers is to always inquire regarding discounts no matter what. 

Bargaining hugely depends on the luck and on how regularly you visit an outlet and personally know its owner. Stopover at your nearby small storerooms and strike a conversation with the manager. This way you will get the latest updates on exclusive store sale or get a decent bargain. A bargain can also be converted to offers/points. Making an effort to negotiate is worthwhile.     

  • Tailor-fit clothes

Styling on Budget for New Year 2020

In India, we can depend on our most-trusted traditional tailors for custom-made suits. Tailoring denim, shirts, trousers and traditional clothes is an alternative option if it’s cheaper in comparison to readymade products. Tailor-made western suits are a class apart and make you noticeable instantly in a crowded event. And the best part is, it is economical as compared to branded suits available in the market.

Choose dressmaker wisely. Show the hottest styles to your tailor and he can make it exclusively sophisticated. Fitting into readymade clothes can be troublesome for some people, a garment maker will keep your body measures in mind and give relief to those who don’t fall under average body-type.

Men’s wardrobe is incomplete without suits, so we urge you to get the perfect fitting rather than an expensive brand to make it an evergreen piece of the collection.

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