Summer look for men 2020

Summer look for men 2020

When you get a feeling that something wraps its arm around you like a warm blanket, it is Summer! The temperatures shoot up, hot winds blow, people break into a sweat! 

It is that time of the year where one should not think about wearing more than a layer of clothing. Many will be wondering how to dress up during the summer, it all comes down to comfort first, and after that, you can think about fashion sense and how it looks on you.

You can be in your twenties or even fifties, but choosing the right fabric during summer is a game-changer, and it aids you in looking top of your fashion game.

The go-to duo - Cotton & Linen

Cotton is the most common and popular fabric for summer, and it is breathable, comfortable, and lightweight. Cotton gives all age groups of men the casual wear option.

Summer Fashion for men 2020

Linen, on the other hand, is unique and a perfect fit for summer as you can wear it even with wrinkles, and it looks delightful for older men as well. So, choosing the right fabric is half the job done, and we go to the next step.

Color is the way

 Summer Fashion for men 2020

Summer is the time to be wearing and experimenting with colors. Lighter and brighter colors set the mood for the summer, especially they keep you cool, which is most welcoming. Solid colors and floral designs are the way forward this summer, which also suits every age group.

Say yes to shorts

Summer Fashion for men 2020

When summer says hello, every man looks to grab a pair of shorts. Its the go-to casual attire for everyone as it allows you to pull off a smart look. Choosing the right shorts is easy, go for plain ones with normal pockets. Shorts just above the knee look best, and for older men, longer shorts will be a much better option. Shorts go well with both shirts and t-shirts.

Tee up with T-shirts

Summer Fashion for men 2020

Nothing is more versatile and comfortable in the summer than a well-fitted and comfortable lightweight tee. Solid t-shirts are suitable for every man, and striped ones cannot be ruled out. Young men will be looking for options other than plain ones. Speaking of which, Polo t-shirts are the best bet, and you have come to the right place. Check our website for more options. Young men experimenting with color should keep in mind not to go overboard with their options as it can lead to a fashion blunder.


Summer Fashion for men 2020

It is not that you should always be wearing shirts, it is an alternative, and if you want to meet someone you can always throw a shirt in the mix. Casual shirts give you the option of having a bit of fun with colors and patterns. Polo shirts are the other option for men to look classy and it is already in trend among men in thirties and above. 


Pants? You might think why this is also in the mix, the fact is that the right pair of pants can keep you cooler. It also has an added benefit of shielding our skin from direct sunlight. Light color pants seem to be fine during the summer. Chinos are the cooler and lighter alternative to jeans and it can be worked in a formal and casual setting. Classic beige and blue can be the go-to options and the youth should try these, mix and match with colors to add more fun.

Summer Fashion for men 2020

Whatever is said, when summer arrives it doesn't mean you have to give up on looking stylish. Adding the right accessories on top of what we have said, pairing the right sneakers and jackets will take your summer look to the next level. To know more about must-have accessories for men, check our blog here


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