Beat the heat with Summer Shirts | Classic Polo

Beat the heat with Summer Shirts | Classic Polo

Summer can be sweaty and annoying; this is the season where people tend to opt for relaxed and breathable clothing. For Men, it is time for a wardrobe update. Adding a few Shirts to your wardrobe will see you through the summer season. These shirts can become essential, as they are versatile and make your style mantra for summer. Let's look at some shirt styles you might be interested in this summer.

Plain white shirt

Nothing can go wrong with a plain white shirt. It is like a universal shirt for all men. White shirt keeps you cool in summer, it can be ironed and you make it formal, and if it is wrinkled wear them for your beach trip.

Plain White Shirts for Summer

For an apt casual look, pair them with shorts and khakis. For a more formal look, use plain chinos or pants.

Printed shirts

The big trend nowadays for summer is to go with bold patterns, like floral, geometric, and polka dots. Short sleeve printed shirts with patterns are in trend now. There is a very fine line between funky and heavy patterns. Funky is acceptable and heavy is just unsuitable, it can spoil the overall outlook.

Printed Shirt for Summer

Lime color shirts

Summer needs you to be fun. Lime shirts are perfect to have fun, the color goes well with summer. Pick cotton ones because the purpose is to beat the heat. Alternatively, even the linen works well. Pair it off with blue denim or chinos in shades of blue, brown, and beige. Loafers and flip flops will serve the purpose of matching footwear. 

Think of lime and white checked shirt, it feels cool to you and the ones looking at them. This shirt especially goes well with all skin tones as well as the summer heat.

Pastel Color Shirts

Solid pastel colors always look cool. Pastel colors look good with most skin tones and complexions. Blue pastel colors are the most favorite among Men. The blue color exudes friendliness and trust. The pink color shirt is often overlooked as they are considered feminine. Trust me, the pink one is the unsung hero when considering men's shirts. 

Pastel Colour Shirts for Summer

They look good on almost all skin tones. They give a warm feel and they can stand out in the crowd, even though it is a lighter pink. Pastel colors are plenty and the best way is to try one yourself and wear the one that suits you. It comes down to your personal choice.

Other options

Another trend that you are probably seeing in a lot of places, Camp collar shirt - this type of shirt has a relaxed feel with a lay down style collar. You can try these in solid colors, or with patterns. These shirts are a great casual piece option. 

Don't miss out on Oxford shirts, which are typically in blue shades. A striped oxford shirt can give you that classic summer look . Last but not the least, don't ignore the polo shirts which are in style almost every season. Button-down polo shirts can make a difference for you in the heat.

Make sure to stay hydrated and healthy in the summer. Share your views on the blog in the comments below.

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