Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the manufacturing of clothes and fashion accessories in the most sustainable way possible. This means it also takes into account the environmental aspects, minimalism, clothes using recycled materials, etc. Eager to find out more? Jump in!


Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion has many aspects, one of them is to improve the product life cycle. Here, the cycle can start from the design. Keeping in mind the green practices, using natural products and raw materials can aid in the start of something in the direction of sustainable fashion. Once the manufacturing and sale are complete, the real process now is to reuse, repair, and recycle the materials to its best use.

From an environmental perspectivethe usage of natural resources should be monitored, it should be in such a way not to exploit the resources, but using it minimally. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy can come in handy for efficient power usage without polluting the environment and ecosystem. With these processes in place, the industries can aim at maximizing the recycling process of clothes or garments.

It's all in the hands of fashion companies to change their production, distribution, and marketing practices for greater sustainability.

What it means to Brands and Consumers?

Sustainable Fashion

For Brands, this means planning in a way that is most thoughtful of humankind and the environment. The aim is to have a method that works without leaving a negative step.

For Consumers, it is about what you want to buy. Are you ok with the concept of sustainable fashion? It has many limitations and it changes the way you buy clothes. Wardrobes need changes, good changes to preserve the environment and go in the direction of sustainability. Let's see some several approaches you can take when reimagining your wardrobe.

Approaches you can take for Sustainable Fashion

Local Production - Local production is all about minimizing the carbon footprint (reducing the emission of Carbon dioxide into the environment). The production distances or transportation play a role in this, by promoting local production and reducing distances, it helps in achieving the first step towards sustainable fashion.

Minimalism - This part takes some practice if you are someone especially who likes experimenting with styles. This concept of minimalism is having as little as you can to reduce consumption. Reducing the unwanted clothes in the wardrobe, by donating to charity or giving it to recycling is an option if you wonder how?

Slow Fashion - It means it can be environment friendly, by producing lesser new items. For consumers, this is like buying clothes with long term use in mind. If some things are wrong with the cloth, repairing it before just throwing away will be a wiser option here.

Sustainable Fashion

Fashion can be enormous and gives you options that can make you buy more and more. But keeping in mind the trends and also factors like environment and pollution, it is good for the world and us that we follow a path to sustainable fashion. If not now, someday we will be forced to fall in the path of Sustainability in Fashion, for the overall welfare. Sustainable Denim Launch happened in Classic Polo this year, check the blog here for more details.

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