The Best Guide to Know the Types of Shorts for Men

The Best Guide to Know the Types of Shorts for Men

Knowing the different types of shorts to wear can make your summer interesting. There are number of rules to wear shorts. Let’s begin with the length of the shorts. Always make sure to wear the shorts which end above the knee, or else you’ll look like a little contestant dropped out of the talent show. Length is one of the most important factor when it comes to styling shorts. Ideally your shorts should hit between 1 and 3 inches above your knee. Length is the key to look amazing in shorts. The another thing which you should consider remembering is the fit. Always wear the right fit. Never wear visible socks while wearing shorts. It looks tacky and outdated. We would suggest you to go sockless or opt for no-show socks. Are you wondering what kind of shoes go well with shorts? Then, consider wearing sneakers or loafers. They look great with shorts. Shorts are the great way to look and to be comfortable with. there is a shorts for every occasion, and you should know to style them. Let’s get into the ways to style shorts. Read more to know the best combinations.

Athletic Shorts:

This type of shorts is very comfy and can be multi-purpose. Gone are those days, when you’ve to switch shorts after the workout session to some athleisure outfits. This works as a savior for those who don’t want to empty their wallet, yet wants to look stylish. You can wear these athletic shorts anywhere. It is completely style-oriented and is breathable to support you during workouts.

  • Pair athletic or Gym shorts with a tank top or a performance tee.
  • Consider pairing gym shorts with a casual shirt and sneakers to level up the style game.

The Best Guide to Know the Types of Shorts for Men

Classic shorts:

Classic shorts are one of the types of modern trousers that are made with performance fabrics – offering comfortable stretch, cooling fibers, and breathable shorts. These are the shorts we can live in. They look clean and modern when paired with a graphic t-shirt or a casual shirt. You can even pair this with a cool jacket to look a bit dressier.

  • Pair an olive green classic short with a cool casual shirt and sneakers for an edgy and cool look.
  • Consider pairing a white classic shorts with a red graphic t-shirt and you’re all set to look stylish and be comfortable as well.

The Best Guide to Know the Types of Shorts for Men

Retro Running Shorts:

We love this type of shorts for their fashionable look. They’re great for the workouts and running on an errand. Feel free to throw on a loose tank top or your favorite t-shirt. We don’t suggest you to wear this if you want to look a bit dressier to a fine-dining restaurant, but they’ll probably go over nicely at the local clam shack.

  • Pair blue running shorts with a black printed shirt and running shoes.
  • Consider pairing green running shorts with a simple white t-shirt and running shoes.

Denim Shorts:

Denim is the best type of shorts loved by everyone. Who doesn’t love denim? No one right? Why leave denim when it comes to shorts. It is a versatile piece and gives a trendy look. It is very easy to style this kind of shorts. You can never go wrong in styling these shorts. It makes you look dressed up and polished. You can style this with clean black or white short-sleeved shirts for a night out on the town.

  • Pair a white crew-neck t-shirt, black hoodie, and denim shorts. Complete this ravishing look by adding white sneakers to it.
  • Try partnering a red flannel shirt with denim shorts and loafers. Wait for the compliments to be poured in!

Linen Shorts:

You would have heard more about Linen trousers than linen shorts. But, consider it is summer, and the only thing in your mind will be to relax and feel comfortable with the material you are opting for. Linen shorts are comfortable, relaxing, and lightweight. Linen does wrinkle more than cotton, but the unique wrinkles are part of the style. These shorts can give you a more relaxed vibe, wear them to beaches and grab a few eyeballs.

The Best Guide to Know the Types of Shorts for Men

Shorts, are revealing, by their nature. So, you should make sure that it is worth revealing. Be confident while carrying shorts. Whatever the outfit you are wearing, make sure you carrying it with ultimate confidence. Now, when you have read this article you might have figured out the various styles to wear shorts. Try all the combinations mentioned above and look hot in the hot season. Keep trying different variants of shorts and figure out your style. Don’t be shy to carry shorts, it looks amazing on men. Just be aware of the fit and length. Once you nail those you’re all ready to nail any kind of outfit.

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