The Complete Guide to Elegant Officewear

The Complete Guide to Elegant Officewear

A common saying in the professional world is to dress for the job you want and not for the job you have. How many of us relate to this?

We all know how a great personality is important to create the right impression. This holds true for the work environment as well. Paying attention to maintaining an impactful personality can do wonders in a professional setting. That is why it so important to look great. You have to be a man on a mission, not just with words, but also with your attitude and personality.

In this blog, we discuss how one can transform their office look with these simple techniques. Let’s find out more about these tips.

The ‘Casual to Semi-Casual’ Look

In times of globalization, the office look has undergone tremendous change in the last few decades. There are numerous offices which encourage casual wear that looks appropriate in an office setting. Gone are the days of hats, suspenders, and blazers. Make way for cool shirts and t-shirts paired with hip-looking jeans.

The Complete Guide to Elegant Office wear

We are talking about the fun office environment which allows you to be who you are. Some of the most standard looks are the t-shirt and jeans. Now, there’s a way to look smart and work-ready even in this attire. What you should do is to choose sober colours, preferably without any flashy prints. You want to look fashionable but not careless.

Crew-neck t-shirts look good with jeans and trousers. But you can raise your game a notch with V-neck and polo t-shirts. V-necks and polo t-shirts often carry an air of professionalism with it. It has got to do with the fact that these apparels fit all body types and convey an aura of seriousness.

  The simple way to look elegant is to tuck your v-necks in the trousers paired with the right kind of shoes. Although sneakers and sports shoes may be the be-all and end-all of footwear, there’s nothing like a great pair of leather or suede shoes.

The ‘Achiever-Conqueror’ Look

Many workplaces have very particular guidelines when it comes to officewear. These include shirt, tie, pants, blazers or coats and, to complete the look, matching formal shoes.

The Complete Guide to Elegant Office wear

You may think that your options are limited but actually, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Formal officewear entails several variations in colours, prints and designs and you should know about what colours define you! You can start by selecting a pastel colour shirt if you plan to wear a dark coat. It’s a great idea to play the game of contrasts. A thing to remember is that your pants and coats should have same the same design and colour. This means that you can choose between plain coats and trousers, or designs like a pin-striped coat or chequered pants.

Dark colours can also add to your personality with the right kind of apparels. This includes ties, shoes and belts. Pick a collection of great leather shoes because the perfect pair can make a world of a difference. Some offices have casual Fridays which can be a great opportunity for you to connect with your fun side.

What is your idea of a great office look? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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