The Style mantra for Summer vacation

The Style mantra for Summer vacation

Okay, Summer is the time when you really want to go out and enjoy yourself, but the Sun comes as a hurdle in the process. To cross this hurdle, the two factors to take care of are the inner body and the outer body. Eat healthy food items that carry a large amount of water content to keep your inner body hydrated. Wear comfortable clothing and carry some essential accessories along with you to keep you in the right mood.

The cool summer look

Summer vacation is the perfect time to let your facial hair grow out for a fantastic scruffy look. If you still plan on shaving, just carry one razor. It’ll do all that’s needed and gives your skin some rest.

Before clicking pictures of yourself, remember to have a small workout so that the warmup will get your muscles to look better. A few pushups and squats get the job done easily. If possible, add a cardio workout to your schedule so that the month before the vacation can get your shape right in every possible way.

Accessories are really important when it comes to lifting up your personality and we recommend adding polarized sunglasses, a packable hat, and comfy shoes/vegan sandals/loafers to your list as they easily get you all the attention needed.

The ultimate summer package

The Style mantra for Summer vacation

The first point to remember is that you need to pack only the items that you need. Start packing summer-friendly fabrics to keep your body aerated and be conscious to not overpack. Cotton, linen, and bamboo are the top choices for summer vacation as they get your body aerated and are also lightweight. Adding multi-duty items can also save space in your suitcase as these items can be used in alternative combinations.

When it comes to clothing, in particular, quick-dry Polos, bamboo T-shirts, linen shirts, sweatshirts, shorts slim fit chinos, and swim trunks are a good addition to your list as they are safe bets for the summer period. Other than this, add some summer weight layers to your bag along with the main clothing to help you with surprising rainy days or cold nights.

Beach is the best part of the summer vacation agenda, and when you are into it don’t forget to pick up a travel water bottle, a packable water-resistant Beach blanket, and an SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. This is because you’ll need them for sure when the Sun is above you and the waves get ready to touch your feet. A waterproof speaker is a great addon to this combo and your day just begins to get better.

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