These Styling Tips Can Elevate your Fashion Game

These Styling Tips Can Elevate your Fashion Game

A key to looking good is to understand what style suits you. When it comes to buying new apparels, you have many options to choose from. The daunting task is to select the clothes that actually enhances your personality and adds a great deal of zing to your look. 

However, some styling techniques look universally great for everyone. In fact, if you want to have a great styling sense, there are some rules that you should always follow. This simple guide discusses all the things that can take your fashion game to the next level. Read on to know more.

Shades and Bling for the Ultra-Cool

In a country like ours where there is ample sunlight throughout the year, it is advisable to use shades. No, not just to protect your eyes from the powerful sun. A cool pair of shades look great on everyone. It gives you a casual to semi-casual, even a formal look, depending on the type of sunglasses and the occasion. If you are on a vacation, make sure this finds a place in your daily styling.

These Styling Tips Can Elevate your Fashion Game

Wearing chic accessories conveys a sense of style and confidence. Accessories are not just popular with the youth, but also an important part in other stages of life. For instance, a beautiful watch goes along with casual and formal apparels. Rings and wristbands can make you look funky and bold if that’s the look you are going after. 

Getting the Right Match

Mix and match is a great way to experiment with your style. But you have to remember that you can’t match anything with everything. You have to think about colours, prints, patterns and design that complement each other. 

These Styling Tips Can Elevate your Fashion Game

Especially with colours, one has to have the perfect combination. Some colours do not go together and may end up looking mismatched. Before you venture into trying out different colour combinations, check out our guide on wearing colours. Matching the right hues and shades is not a difficult task. With practice, you can get the perfect look.

Similarly, one has to look for the right kind of designs to go with other clothes. For instance, you cannot mix horizontal and vertical stripes. Optically, it looks very distracting and can distort the whole look you are trying to achieve. 

Easy Swap from Casual to Formal

One of the best ways to adapt to better styling sense is the ability to go from casual to formal and back without any effort. It always works in your favour if you can do that. Imagine you have an event in the evening right after work and you have no time to change. You should know how to bring the ‘casual’ into a formal setting.

These Styling Tips Can Elevate your Fashion Game

Similarly, if you dressed in t-shirt and jeans, and you have to head over to a family function, you need to transform your look and think on your feet. Maybe wearing a blazer, putting on cufflinks and great watch can help. Get appropriate footwear to match your look and you have decoded the secret to looking cool.

Get into the habit of switching apparels that suit the occasion and you are on your way to achieve a great styling sense.


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