Things to do while stuck in Traffic

Things to do while stuck in Traffic

Ever since the lockdown was lifted, the traffic on the roads is growing rapidly, compared to before the lockdown period. Yes, everybody thought the traffic and pollution will be in control post lockdown. But we are in a phase of retrieving the old conditions and no surprise if we cross it also. We do not have control over the vehicles that are moving on the road, right? And the pollution cannot be controlled like how they controlled it in the lockdown period. Now the vehicles are also increasing day by day because of the limited options for public transport, like the metro, local trains, buses. So, either we have to rely on our vehicle, or we have to rent a vehicle. Now here comes the ways to pass the time while you are stuck in traffic.

Office works

Things to do while stuck in traffic

Some people dedicate their whole and soul in their workplace, whether it’s in the office or outside the office, their main aim is to get the things done on time. Nowadays, the data speed has improved, you can just turn on the hotspot and connect your laptop wherever and whenever you want to. So, if you carry a laptop it is a very productive time for the extra tasks you want to achieve while you are stuck in the traffic.

Get Creative

Things to do while stuck in traffic

So many of us get pissed off while stuck in traffic, and the best way to come out of it is that we have to do some brainstorming activities. Thinking creative is the main proactivity of humans, but we do neglect it because of laziness. Put the laziness aside and try this next time when you stuck on traffic. Take a piece of white paper write the list of ideas that comes on your mind regarding the tasks you have for that particular day. So, when you reach the office, you will have a clear picture of what exactly you want to implement.

Carry a Book

There is a saying, “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching". Yes, this is 100% true. We are not perfect, and everyone is trying hard to learn new things and want to become a skilled person. To achieve that you should not complain about the time, instead, give some quality time on learning new things like reading books while you are stuck on traffic. Always carry a productive learning book with you while commuting anywhere.

To-Do list

Things to do while stuck in traffic

The to-do list has never become old because when you record something important on the to-do list, you will never go home without completing it. Writing it down makes you more productive than just remembering the tasks. The to-do list can be related to office works or maybe your life on what you want to achieve. There is no particular To-Do list. It can be anything and don’t be relaxed until it is achieved.

There are a lot of other unique activities that you might have tried and got productive doing it. Let us also know your valuable and productive ideas in the comment section below.


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