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Top 5 Ideas to look Elegant in Flannel Shirt.

Top 5 Ideas to look Elegant in Flannel Shirt.

A flannel shirt is a stylish wardrobe staple worth adding to any man’s closet. Flannels are great for casual outfits that can be worn with jeans, chinos, trousers, hoodies, sweatshirts, sneakers, and boots. You can wear it on a date while hanging out with friends or crashing a party, it is always considered to be the trendy one. There are several ways you can rock the flannel shirt look. You can wear these under sweaters, over plain or graphic tees. You can keep them buttoned or unbuttoned. It is popular for soft fabric which is made of wool or cotton. They are warm enough to let you breathe in summer and cozy in winter. Flannel shirts look stylish and are comfortable too. It can be styled to blend in various outfits without much difficulty. Here are a few tips that will help you to rock a flannel shirt outfit.


Layer it with a t-shirt:

Flannel shirts were also made for layering. In summer, you can wear a crew neck or round neck tee under the flannel to keep your body cool. As the tee under the shirt will soak the sweat and keep your body cool. while you can wear any kind of shirt or tee under the flannel. You can be stylish and comfortable. Try out these styles:

  • Pair a white crew-neck tee with any color of a flannel shirt and blue denim. Wear sneakers or laced-up shoes along will ace up your look.
  • Pair olive green tee with red flannel and black denim jean. Add brown laced-up shoes to complete your casual and stylish look.
  • Another simple way to style with the shirt is to tie it around your waist and look hot.
    Top 5 Ideas to look Elegant in Flannel Shirt.


Layer it with a jacket:

In the winter, you can wear a jacket over a flannel shirt. Flannel over a sweatshirt is a great way to layer in cold weather. Just because flannels are casual and versatile doesn’t mean that you can wear them with sweat pants. Wearing flannels over a sweatshirt will break your outfit and make you look sloppy.

  • You can consider pairing a flannel over a blue denim jacket and blue denim jeans, but if you want to dress in a darker color black or grey jean would be fine. Don’t forget to wear sneakers or boots.
  • Pair a white tee over red flannel and blue denim jacket with black jeans and a white sneaker.
    Top 5 Ideas to look Elegant in Flannel Shirt.

Hoodie under Flannel:

A hoodie or a sweatshirt can be worn under flannel shirts. Note that the color of the hoodie is complementary and the flannel is oversized. To create this outfit, you’ll need a fitted hoodie and large flannel for the layering without seeming bulky.

  • You can pair this with blue and black color flannel over a grey or white sweatshirt to ace up your look.
  • Pair red and white flannel with a white sweatshirt and black chinos. Pair this aesthetic look with white sneakers or black boots, this will complement your look.

Flannel with shorts:

A flannel shirt with shorts might be the perfect outfit for summer. If it’s too hot you can buy a short-sleeved flannel or roll up your sleeve. You can’t wear athletic gear, cargo shorts for a classy look. For footwear stick to sneakers or loafers in simple colors like white, black, or brown.

  • A plain flannel shirt with chino shorts and white sneakers will keep you cool.
  • A checked flannel shirt with white chino shorts and black sneakers will make you look comfortably stunning.
    Top 5 Ideas to look Elegant in Flannel Shirt.

Flannel with jeans:

A flannel shirt and jeans combo is a classic one. It is a perfect outfit for a date. They make an exceptionally great choice with edgy grunge and stunning look. Pick classic shirt colors like red, black, white, brown, grey, and green.

  • Pair a red checked flannel with a black jean and a white sneaker
  • Consider pairing a green checked flannel with blue denim jeans as the green checked flannel often has blue or navy checks. Add boots or sneakers to ace your look.
    Top 5 Ideas to look Elegant in Flannel Shirt.



As you have checked out these simple styling tips. You will rock your casual look in no time. A flannel shirt is a perfect place to start. It provides an accessible way to experiment with texture and pattern. Always make sure to look stylish and remain positive every time. As “A negative mind will never give you a positive life”. Remain positive and see the positive in everything and be happy. Use these tips and watch a simple outfit level up before your eyes. 

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