Tricks to come out of comfort zone and enter Growth Zone

Tricks to come out of comfort zone and enter Growth Zone

Come out of your comfort zone and enter the growth zone with the tricks available in this article. You might have come across a lot of articles regarding coming out of your comfort zone, but have you figured out what actually is comfort zone? Comfort zone is a place where you are very comfortable and your abilities are not tested, or where you don’t try anything new or different and of course, not learning anything new. In truth, comfort zone is really not about the comfort, it’s about the fear. The fear of losing, or the fear of unknown happening. Coming out of comfort zone might seem quite difficult, but not impossible. You should engage in new activities to get new experiences. If we don’t engage in new experiences, we cannot get new perspectives. You have to make yourself uncomfortable to get the things which you have wished for. When you do new things you’ll get to see a new world with new perspective. There is risk in everything you do. Even when you walk out of your home, there is a risk of getting hit by a truck, so aren’t you taking that risk? take new risks, once you start taking risks, you’ll start entering into growth zone.

Come out of your comfort zone trick #1 - Figure out what’s holding you back in comfort zone:

Comfort zone is always tempting. It’s that comfy couch and smart phone that calls you over and seduces you to spend more time with them. But staying on that couch for longer, can make you difficult to even stand up again. Comfort zone is attracting and distracting you so much, that’s the reason of your being stagnant. When there is no motion, you aren’t exploring, when you aren’t exploring, you aren’t engaging in new experiences, which automatically results in not learning or building new skills.

We know you have a lot of wishes to come true. You want to write a new book, start a new startup company, move to a new and exciting place, and many more. Then, why are you still stuck in this place? Figure out what’s holding you back and try to come out of it.

Tricks to come out of comfort zone and enter Growth Zone

Come out of your comfort zone trick #2 - Know about what’s outside of your comfort zone:

You might surely have an ambition of doing something. To achieve that ambition, you should know what is outside of your comfort zone. It is obvious to know that you will face negative things in achieving those dreams. Hurdles are the stepping stone of success. Figure out the hurdles you will face to achieve it.

Things to do:

Draw a circle and write those things down outside the circle. This process, will not only help you to identify your discomforts, but also your comforts. So, write identified comforts inside the circle and discomfort outside the circle.

Come out of your comfort zone trick #3 - Learn to get comfortable with Discomfort:

Expand your comfort zone to get out of it. Try not running away from the discomfort. You can take the example of meeting new people, if you are afraid to explore new people, then you can try to meet people and make conversations with them.

If you get panicked to talk to person, you’ve just met, try to spend little more time with them, than normally you would do. If you stay long enough and practice it for longer. You’ll be no longer uncomfortable and it will become normal to you.

Come out of your comfort zone trick #4 - Always remember to see failure as a Teacher:

When you learn from your mistakes, others will learn from your success. Failure is the best teacher; it can teach you what others can never teach you in your life. Begin to treat failure as a teacher. You can learn from your mistakes, and make sure it doesn’t repeat again. Many successful people failed a lot of time before succeeding. You have to fall before you can get up and march towards achieving your ambitions.

Come out of your comfort zone trick #5 - Take small steps:

Directly jumping out of your comfort zone wouldn’t help you. Try taking small steps before you jump directly out of the comfort zone, because once you take a big step out of your comfort zone, you are more directly to jump back in.

For instance, if you feel uncomfortable about public speaking, then you can take small steps by, first speaking in front of small groups, and then speak in front of a larger group. You can also practice with family or friends.

Tricks to come out of comfort zone and enter Growth Zone

Come out of your comfort zone trick #6 – Be honest with yourself when you’re trying to make excuses:

Confront yourself with honesty than excuses, if you want to come out of your comfort zone. Instead of saying “I don’t have time for this, I am already packed in my schedule, confront yourself by saying, “I am scared to do it”. This will help you to find your fear and also overcome it. Being honest with yourself can help you a lot in many ways.

It will seem very scary to come out of your comfort zone, but you can try taking small steps and come out of it. It will be easy for you to push your comfort zone slowly and you’ll also come out of it. Isn’t it easy? Do try the things mentioned above and overcome your fears. Push your comfort zone to come closer to a life you’ve dreamt for.

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