Types of Formal Trousers and ways to style them

Types of Formal Trousers and ways to style them


The right trouser can give you the confidence and comfort to get the job, to charm your date, or to enjoy your next adventure. From casual chinos to dress pants, there are many different types of pants and this confuses a lot of people. We often misinterpret the styles and wear the wrong trousers for the occasion. Not anymore! You are on the right page if you want to add spice to your style to rock your daily outfits. The right pair of trousers can be the most quietly powerful items that you wear, but get it wrong and instantly you’ll dull the shine of the trending pieces you spent so long chasing. For a working man, formal pants are probably one of the most common items found in his wardrobe, since he spends 6 days in a week wearing that. All the various types of formal pants for men which are available in any store, need to fit in a certain way, and here is the checklist which will make your shopping experience to buying formal trousers quick and easy. Here are some of the most common styles that you should consider for your wardrobe.


Dress pants:

More commonly known as suit pants, they are supposed to fit perfectly around the waist. Always make sure to wear a perfect fit of pants, that you can wear these even without belt, and don’t forget to tuck in your shirt when trying Dress pants. Tucking in your shirt will show your best personality.

  • Pair a black pant with a crisp white shirt and a checkered tie for a corporate look. To make this classic look different choose a bold tie. Don’t forget to add the formal shoe to this corporate look.
  • Consider pairing a cream color dress pant with a dark green shirt, brown leather belt, and brown loafers to get your killer look.
    Types of Formal Trousers and ways to style them


Pleated pants:

Pleated pants are not very common among the younger generations, so they opt for flat-front pants. These create a formal look for men and gives them a slimming effect. While pairing with a blazer, slim to average-sized men should opt for flat front pants whereas bigger men should choose pleated pants for a slimmer effect.

  • Try pairing a black pant and blazer with a crisp white or black shirt, to finish your formal look add a black or a brown formal shoe
  • Pair a navy blue blazer and pants with a white shirt. Complete this look by wearing black formal shoes.


Khaki pants:

Versatile, casual, and trendy, khakis are a crucial part of casual business attire for men. Paired with a blazer or a dress shirt and jacket, khaki trousers exude a low-key stylish vibe that every guy can use once in a while. Relaxed yet classy, khaki pants are comfortable, easy to wear and go well with all types of clothing.

  • Pair a white crew-neck t-shirt with a cream blazer and khaki to complete this formal cum stylish look add black formal shoes and get a killer look.
  • Consider pairing a white shirt, khaki pants with a bomber jacket, and brown loafers.
    Types of Formal Trousers and ways to style them


Chinos pants:

People have argued about the difference between chinos and khaki pants since the beginning of time. To clear the air, chinos are slightly more formal and well-fitted whereas khakis are considered to be rugged and loose fitted. Chinos are also commonly known as oxford pants, which are by far the best slim formal pants.

  • Pair a light blue shirt with a navy blue blazer and chinos. Complete this look by adding brown loafers.
  • Try pairing a white shirt with black blazers and chinos to ace your look add a formal shoe to the outfit.


Slim-fit trousers:

Slim fit trousers are a chic and easy way to showcase your style and enjoy a comfortable outfit. Get them well-tailored to fit your build and then take them up with a blazer and darker tones or relax them with a tee and lighter shades.

  • Try pairing a white crisp shirt with a navy blue blazer and slim-fit pants. Always make sure to wear black formal shoes in this outfit.
  • Consider pairing a white round neck tee with black slim-fit pants and blazer, complete this semi-formal look by adding loafers or formal shoes to it.
    Types of Formal Trousers and ways to style them


Apart from this, all pants need to have the right length because nothing looks shabby like a pair of pants that are too long from the bottom. Always make sure that your pants are not so tight and do not have creases near the pockets. Opt for the materials that do not crinkle easily as that looks really bad from behind especially, when the blazer is off! Concentrate on the quality of clothes more than quantity, as “quality matters more than quantity”. Always remember to suit up!

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