Types of Men’s Underwear

Types of Men’s Underwear

No guy will ever go out without wearing underwear even if it is a war situation. It is very uncomfortable and difficult to go on commando! No one can match Joey's level with going on commando mode. We all are familiar with how the situation will be without underwear. At least once in a lifetime, you must have come across this situation and later got to know the importance of underwears. Usually, no one guides you to wear the right kind of underwear according to your comfort, but they will guide about their comfort and suggest the wrong type of underwear. You must know what type of underwear suits you better, but before that, you should know the different types of underwears for men.


Types of Men’s Underwear

Boxer underwears are the most versatile and breathable type of underwear for men. The boxers are ideal for freestyle wear, and it is usually made for people who love comfort while they play any sport. Boxers are great to wear on daily basis and there are different types of boxers, that means for every man there is a suitable boxer in the market. Boxers can go with shorts, slim fit bottoms, trousers, and tailored pants.


Types of Men’s Underwear

We can state that trunks are the boxer briefs with the shortest leg length and after it hit the market, so many young lads have adapted to the trunks. Now the majority of men prefer to wear trunks because of the style and it will go right with every bottom wear. The trunks are ideal for swimming events and it will look sexy on you if you have an athletic body shape. You can wear it with almost every attire and it is also suitable for moderate sporting events like swimming, cycling and running.


Types of Men’s Underwear

Men usually like to wear briefs and they will have at least two pair of briefs in their wardrobe. Briefs have a wide range of collections, designs and colours compared to other types of men’s underwear. The briefs are ideally liked by young cricket players where it will perfectly act as a supporter for abdomen guard. Briefs are also ideal to wear for functions and parties, because it will perfectly suit the slim fit jeans or trousers, that you probably be wearing for functions or parties. In addition to that, it is suitable for daily wear and almost covers the pelvic region by providing you with the comfort a man can seek.

There are many types of men’s underwear out there, but we have discussed only a few types which are common amongst men. We at Classic Polo, are giving extra discounts especially for underwear for men and you can avail the offers before it is gone. You can also mention your favourite type of underwear in the comment section below and share your product experience of Classic Polo underwear.


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