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Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

Classic Polo prioritizes sustainability with fashion in our way. Socially-good causes have been progressed which are focusing at the grass-root level to give back to nature and to build a bright future for tomorrow. Our drive involves planting 1.50 lakh saplings every year, restoring water bodies such as dams, canals, and the adoption of Govt. Higher Secondary school in Tamil Nadu. 

TR Sivaram, MD of Royal Classic Group (RCG), (Classic Polo’s and CP Bro mother company) conceptualized Vetryin 2001 to reduce the carbon footprint of our company on earth and to fight against climate change. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs of the self-made city of Tirupur allied with the movement in 2004.

It is a youth voluntary organization for the empowerment of people in rural areas. It is contributing to diverse areas of life, funding and empowering locals, devoting to the environment and supporting education.

Our objective is to build a greener tomorrow for the descendants and to transform the city of Tirupur into an ecological space with quality life which is safe and sustainable for the natives. In the memory of honourable president Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Vetry planted 5, 00,000 tree saplings. This project was named “VanathukulTirupur” meaning Tirupur district inside a forest.

Tirupur is our focus center for all the restoration and development due to its continuous deteriorating environment. Rapid industrial growth led to poor water, soil and air quality. Indigenous people started experiencing various breathing and other ailments related to ill water quality. We aim is to make Tirupur a healthy livable town for all living beings.

Vetry initiative has been covered even by a national daily, The Times of India. You can read the article by clicking on the link- http://bit.ly/2Q9xtJN

Sapling- A Symbol of New Life

Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

In the year 2004, we started as a tree plantation drive and over the years it has turned into a green cover movement. It is an on-going mission of Vetry and we dream of making our world a green village. Our vision is to plant more than 20 lakh saplings by 2020 and take care of each one along our never-ending journey. We have covered Karuvampalayam area and moving through Andipalayam across Mangalam. In total, we have planted more than 9 lakh saplings to date.

To grow an urban forest, we assign Japanese Miyawaki method of afforestation, it is greener, faster, and cost-effective as compared to the regular method.  Generally, 3-meter space is left between every plant but in Miyawaki plantation 3-5 plants are put on per square meter. Planners have to arrange for appropriate shade, water requisite, and other ecological needs in advance. We usually opt for native plants that don’t require any special care. 

We feel proud to acknowledge the fact that the survival rate of our saplings is 90%. It is a challenge to plant a sapling, patiently nourish it every day and witness it growing like a tree. Vetry protects and water all the saplings with the support of thirty tractors with a capacity of 24,000 liters at least twice a week. The whole process is monitored through GPS enabled tractors to ensure effective implementation of the project.

The ultimate purpose is to plant as many trees as possible to expand the green cover and be environmentally more responsible towards Tirupur, a major textile and knitwear hub with primary cotton export manufacturing units in India.

Vetry is also working as a facilitator for Govt. welfare schemes and make sure it reaches the farming community and they can avail subsidy for Drip Irrigation, Solar motor pumps which will eventually help us to spread green cover in the area. A large number of agrarians who were in loss because of water scarcity are now hopeful and dependent on Horticulture. We are giving them opportunities for inter-cropping vegetables on our farm-lands and support them to get back to farming. Inter-cropping will enhance its revenue outcome.

We have built a farm school for farmers to teach Organic Farming techniques along with tree plantations.  So, they can be our partners in the future.

Our partners & supporters

Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

Vetry shares a cordial relationship with farmers of Tirupur. We identify barren lands in the designated area and persuade farmer brothers to create fencing around it, with an access gate for a water tanker.  Before this practice, we build a nursery for baby plants and let them grow for six months to reach a minimum height of one meter before the plantation day.   

Once the plantation is completed, we continue with pitting, planting, and hosing it for two years from thereon trees that will survive on its own. Farmers are the owners of these trees and as a result, the population of Tirupur is equally benefitted with pure air and high rainfall.

In the first year it was difficult to convince farmers to surrender their lands for the mission, in the successive year they noticed their neighborhood plants and were certainly encouraged to change their surroundings. They have now become our brand ambassadors of the green revolution. 

Selecting a regional variety of tree species that are drought-resistant such as Neem, Pungam, Jamun, etc. also feeds thousands of birds and restores our bio-diversity cycle. We choose high timber value such as Teak, Rosewood, SenegalKhaya in case of land availability near a water source. Within 15 years the farmer gets a decent profitable return on these trees.  

About 5% of our plantation covers public roads/parks which are watered and maintained by citizens. Tamil Nadu Forest Dept. is technically supporting us and provides inputs on pest management.

Dinamalar- a leading Tamil Vernacular is our media partner. It is spreading awareness of our social causes across the district. Their news articles cover our plantation drives and other activities. Over the years, Vetry has become a household name for the people of this constituency just like Classic Polo.

Vetry will continue with its efforts to make awareness regarding our afforestation mission and conservation of natural resources. Our partners and supporters have immensely facilitated us to grow stronger in such a short time, we are thankful for their time and effort and hope to continue toward this association. 

Facelift of Andipalayam Lake and Dams across Noyyal River

Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

Phase-1 Year 2006

Phase-2 Year 2013

Water is the driving force of all nature and Vetry couldn’t agree more. That’s why we are actively involved in the construction of check dams and abandoned lakes in partnership with PWD officials and the public. To restore the water source of this area, the 75-acre Andipalayam tank was targeted as it is nurturing around 500 acres of agricultural land. The first task was to de-silt the lake with rock stones which was accomplished and currently a public park is being created near the lake.

Mangalam village’s check dam was reconstructed and the feeder canal of 3 km was repaired to optimize water usage. Before the introduction of these plans a 1200 ft. borewell was dry till 2004 and after the execution, the underground water is easily available even at 300 ft. in a radius of 5 km around the village.

The mud tank bands were breaking frequently due to rouge waves in the region. We repaved dry stone packed bands across the length of 2.7 km which ensures lifetime protection of the earth band.

Entrepreneurs of this district have been great contributors to build this sustainable system. Not just by a financial contribution but even their valuable time and efforts for “VanathukulTirupur” project. 

This program dreams of shaping Tirupur into a dense green cover which will be witnessed by the future generations. Vetry believes that it is our responsibility to protect and take care of Mother Nature. We are making positive change and our team invites more hands & souls to make Tirupur a green and ecologically balanced district. 

Flourishing Flora and Habituating Fauna

Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

In 2005, we constructed a check dam & feeder canal to harness the power of water and save it for production needs. With the help of local participants, Vetry is ensuring the supply of water for their day to day activities. To complete biodiversity cycle micro islands were formed in the tank to plant trees like Indian coral and other twenty-nine varieties that shelter domestic and migratory birds during the season. The beauty of these birds is a splendid view for any bird watcher or nature admirer.

Our small step of building a tank has succeeded over a short period. It is storing a massive volume of water every season which is further flourishing flora and habituating fauna. At present, several birds have made their nests in these regions and it’s a kind of sanctuary. A natural living space where birds are free to fly and feel at home. After all, our goal is to conserve the species and their organic habitat.

Many schools and colleges students are volunteering in our initiative as green warriors and their base is expanding day by day. People are coming together and joining hands with Classic Polo. Our partnership with the residents has helped us to understand their necessities. They have also assisted in planning the schemes and are actively associated with great enthusiasm and vigour.

Investing in the New Generation

Today Classic Polo is a popular Indian brand for menswear which is also known for its social initiatives. We believe that investing in children is another great approach to build a strong community. Therefore, we adopted a Govt. Higher Secondary school is known as Iduvampalayam School Project and started renovating the 10-acre infrastructure. The result is as refined as any private school in the country.

Vetry has made 10 acres green-field campus of 24 classrooms /washrooms/ auditorium with a lot of green surrounding. Later we handed over the project to the education department of Tamil Nadu Govt. The count of students has increased from 650 to 2700 smiling faces, the participation and engagement of children have also positively changed. We feel content to watch children blooming with confidence and attending school regularly.

Transplanting of Mature Trees

Vetry- Classic Polo Beyond Fashion

Safeguarding mature trees apart from planting new saplings is one of our duties. There are many factors that may force us to relocate a well-established tree such as house construction or a hardscaping project or moving it to a bigger ground due to space crunch. It is a complicated process unlike planting small plants.

The whole process requires a lot of planning before re-locating the tree, first, we have to trim the roots a season before transplanting it. Then we have to dig it using heavy machinery which even involves manual labour. Simultaneously, dig a new hole and carry the heavy tree with its root ball to this spot. Finally positioning the tree and refilling both holes.

The process doesn’t stop here, we have to carefully observe the tree for at least one year after transplant. We even have to do our research before initiating the procedure, finding a new location with similar ecological features, keeping in mind its sunlight in-take, direction and wait for the right season to move it. An unhealthy tree needs more attention and time as compared to a healthy one.

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    Sir Vanathukul Tirupur team doing a fabulous job by making Tirupur cleaner and green .Sir i need one favour for me will u please extend the Vanathukul Tirupur to Dharapuram,near Uppar Dam because it is very dry area totally dry

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