What and When to tuck in your shirt?

What and When to tuck in your shirt?

Tuck in your shirt and don’t tuck in your shirt, between these two things we men have always been confused about when to tuck in the shirt right? There are different types of shirts available in the market, and with different types, different styles are also available. Shirts that are made with a flat bottom are meant to be untucked, but if the shirts have visible ‘tails’ – that is to say they vary in length, rather than being even all around. It should always be tucked in. Wearing a shirt untucked is not a forbidden look, but a juvenile one. Under a jacket or a blazer, being untucked means you are striving hard to look ravishingly stylish. There are men who will insist on an untucked shirt, but to have a mature and sharper look you should always tuck the shirts with tails. As a general rule if a shirt has a straight hem, for example, a polo t-shirt it is designed to be left untucked. However, if a shirt has a curved hem, it is meant to be tucked in. in this article you’ll get to know what and when to tuck the shirts. Although the hem of the shirts decides the tuck-in, even the occasion where you are carrying the look matters. Let’s dive in!


Usually, opinions always vary widely here. Some gentlemen like to tuck the shirts with a visible belt, and some think it is visibly nerd. T-shirts consist of various styles with various opinions. It depends a lot on the t-shirt, the belt, the trousers, shoes, and overall style. Even if you throw off a casual jacket on a t-shirt, it is not necessary to tuck the shirt. In conclusion, don’t tuck the shirts unless it is a deliberate style statement.

What and When to tuck in your shirt?

Polo shirts:

Polo shirts have an even hem and they can be worn untucked, but for a dressier look, you can tuck in the shirt and make sure to wear an apt belt. This style is especially worn by golfers. You can even leave them untucked for a modern and casual look. you can throw off a jacket above it as polo shirts go well with layering too. when you are layering the polo shirt, keep it untucked. Tucked or untucked? It is always your choice in polo shirts. If you are confused, then leave it on what the occasion demands.

What and When to tuck in your shirt?

Short sleeve casual shirts:

As the name suggests, casual – it is meant to be worn untucked unless the occasion demands it. Whether it’s just a standard casual shirt or Hawaiian shirt, have it untucked, unless you are throwing off a blazer or a bomber jacket. Casual shirts demand to leave them untucked. So, we would recommend you to leave them untucked for a modern and casual look. Especially when it is Hawaiian shirts don’t tuck them, no matter what hem looks like. It is a vacation shirt after all! Nothing looks worse than a vacation shirt tucked in.

What and When to tuck in your shirt?

Long sleeve casual shirts:

When you wear the long sleeve casual shirts, tuck in or tuck out is completely your call. Depending on the formality you can either tuck in or keep it untucked. For instance, if you are going to a pub you’ll like to keep it casual untucked. While going to some special occasions like a date or smart casual events. You can layer it with a bomber jacket for a cool and edgy look. to work wonders, carry this look to a special night with a special friend to get lucky.

Business and dress shirts:

We would strictly recommend you to tuck these types of shirts. Since you’ll be pairing this type of shirt with chinos or a suit, it is always advisable to tuck these. You might have seen men (Particularly young) wearing dress shirts untucked back to time. You have no idea it looks sloppy when you wear a dress shirt untucked. Never wear an untucked shirt to any formal event unless it is designed to be versatile. Formal equals tucked in plus plain and simple.

What and When to tuck in your shirt?

A humble suggestion for you, whenever you are tucking in a shirt, regardless of an occasion always pair it with a belt. It will make your outfit appear neat, also ensure that your shirts are tucked in properly while you are wearing them. It does not matter much how many shirts you have in your wardrobe, what all matters is how do you keep those. Unless you keep those shirts in a nice condition it is not going to stay with you. So, keep it properly ironed and washed to look spectacular always.

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