What are the 11 different types of shirts?

What are the 11 different types of shirts?

Every man needs a wardrobe that keeps him interested. A light blue shirt for Monday, a simple red shirt for the Saturday party, or a black jacket for the weekend’s bike ride. If this is the case for a week, think about a month. So to have a wardrobe that doesn’t tire us in any way. We need to stuff the wardrobe with shirts and trousers that keep us interested in wearing them. Selecting the right clothing is directly proportional to the mood that they give us for the day too. So, the selection of shirts, trousers, etc. has to be of different types and different colors rather than being monotonous. So to begin with, let us see the different types of shirts available.

What are the 11 different types of shirts?

  • Chambray shirts
  • Chambray shirts are those which are casual shirts that can be worn to any laidback or casual events. With light fabric and a plain weave style, this Chambray shirt is a safe bet that pairs up with any kind of bottom wear.

  • Cuban collar shirt
  • With their short sleeves and an open collar, Cuban collar shirts are essentials for every man’s wardrobe. Be it a holiday with your friends or family, a vacation on the roadway, or a beachside surf, Cuban collar shirts are always a must-pick. No matter what your mood is, this one will suit you for laid-back festive events or for some relaxing time at the pub, this one will keep many eyes hooked on you for the masculinity it gives.

  • Denim shirt
  • As the name states, Denim shirts have clothing made by denim and are the right pick for any casual event. Be it a party, wedding, a casual gathering, or any event, denim is such a raise to your personality.

  • Dress shirt
  • Dress shirts are mostly like conventional shirts, except for being a bit thicker. Dressed to impress, a dress shirt is a perfect base for any formal event or day. You can wear it simply for the office, add a tuxedo and a tie along with it for a gathering, or get suited up like one of those Bollywood celebrities at award functions.

  • Flannel shirt
  • Flannel shirts are warm and stylish ones that are mostly worn by those in cold climates and prefer the traditional checked pattern design but can be a difference in taste for those who are ready to experiment. Just keep yourself warm on the inside and look cool on the outside with these in your collection.

  • Linen shirt
  • With absolutely aerated clothing, linen shirts are those which can be worn for any event or workday without any thoughts. Simple and taking less time to choose, these linen shirts are the best when it comes to casual clothing.

    What are the 11 different types of shirts?
  • Overshirt
  • The overshirt is a safe bet when it comes to being in a climate that is too cold or when it is too warm to wear a coat. Whether it’s a plain or graphic T-shirt on the inside, or if the buttons are partially open or fully open, the open shirt is definitely for you if you are ready to make a style statement.

  • Office shirt
  • Searching for the professional touch? Office shirts are the perfect choice for you. You can look smart, committed, and professional at the same time. Light colors are recommended for a professional attire and darker colors for a much casual appearance.

  • Oxford button-down shirt
  • With thick fabric and a button-down collar, the Oxford button-down shirt is a classic shirt since 1896. Any formal event it may be, wedding, or meeting, the Oxford button-down shirt is a must-have! If it’s a casual event, just make sure to opt for darker shades, and there you find the ultimate solution!

  • Polo shirt
  • As a blend of T-shirt and shirt, the Polo T-shirt is a clothing that is known for its comfortable fabric and looks. Be it the beach, office, or a party, this one is simply an all-rounder.

  • Short sleeve shirt
  • With an open and pointed collar, a short sleeve shirt is a perfect choice for any outing, beach, or café. Just roll up your sleeves and wear any kind of bottom. Be it jeans, chinos, or shorts, anything would suit you in your short sleeve shirt.

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