What not to wear with Polo T-shirt

What not to wear with Polo T-shirt

The polo t-shirts are classic in style and stunning in looks but when you pair with the funky designs it doesn’t match with the polos. The funky apparels are only meant to be on particular occasions and not for polos. 

Torn jeans

 What not to wear with Polo T-shirt

You might be seeing the youths who wore torn jeans quite often with a cool funky hairstyle and this is mostly inspired by models and DJ’s. But as a common guy in the pack of lads will not work with the torn jeans with polo tees. Polo t-shirts carry an epitome of quality in which apparel you should exactly style with. The torn jeans are not on the list where you can match them with polo tees. When you think torn jeans with the polo tees next time, just skip pairing this combo and look for any cool printed tees to go with torn jeans. Match right with white colour sneakers and have matching accessories when you do the funky styles. Don’t be too obsessive with the accessories but the limited and cool accessories will do the work for stunning looks.

Regular fit Trousers

 What not to wear with Polo T-shirt

The polo t-shirts are more likely to go with the slim fit sizes and if you are choosing the regular fit trousers, then they will not match with the polo tees. Always be precise with the styling outfit even if you doing it for a short time. Because every first impression matters and if you mess up with the first impression then it is impossible to bring the time back. So, when you plan to match the polo tee with the trousers, always go with the slim fit trousers to have the right looks and do not forget the loafers which will be a great companion to the polo tee and slim fit trousers. Wear the light shaded brown leather watch and a black belt to match the overall look because accessories play a major role in out fashion in the first impression and accessories will be a surprise to the other eyes if you match it right.


Lads who are between 15 to 25 years of age tend to wear hoodies no matter what are they wearing inside the hoodie. Hoodies are the best apparels when you wear under thin materials, you can wear a hoodie with a gym vest but not with polo tees. When you wear a polo tee the polo neck collar will not be comfortable to wear on with the hoodies. Do not ever go with the polo t-shirt along with a hoodie, instead, you can wear round neck tees or solid plain tees to style right with the hoodie. Pair a white colour sneaker if you are wearing solid colour denim and hoodie, it will look stunning with the combo.

The more you experiment the more you gain knowledge in the fashion world, the ideas and innovations in the fashion world will not end and nor your passion for fashion. If you have ever tried anything new in the fashion world, you can share your ideas and experience in the comment section below to let other readers also know the challenges that we tackle in the fashion industry.


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