What shoes to wear with Jeans?

What shoes to wear with Jeans?

The jeans are the go-to option and versatile for any occasion, especially for guys. Whether you want to wear it for college, going for a party, hitting for a Pub, jeans are an excellent choice to pair up with the T-shirts. We have discussed what type of tops matches to men’s jeans in the earlier blog, now we will be discussing about the pairing shoes for the jeans on any occasions. Shoes come in tons of varieties but which type of shoes matches right with the men’s denim. Let us not wait and dive into the matching shoes for denim in detail.

Boots with Jeans

Some men are a little short and they want to look a little taller, but we don’t have the option like girls have with heels. So, the alternate for the heels is wearing boots for men, it looks cool and attractive. Even gives an extra edge to look tall with the right kind of counter and heel. When you are hitting out on a date, always prefer boots if you are going with jeans. It will be a positive curve to you because girls like men who are quite tall. If you want to give them the feel of height just go for good looking boots.

Loafers with Jeans

What shoes to wear with Jeans?

The formula to look casual yet luxurious is matching blue denim with a pair black loafer. This look is exactly suitable for semi casuals when you want to attend any birthday parties and best suitable for college going guys and freshers in IT corporate world. Try a classic and slim fit Polo shirt for this outfit and you are the centre of attraction in the crowd. Carrying a jacket will do extra care this winter and makes you more comfortable with the dapper appearance.

Sneakers with Jeans

For more casual and formal outfit sneakers are the best choice to go for. Sneakers will work great on any colour of denim and ideal for V-neck Polo T-shirts and just remember to stick with colours like brown, black or burgundy for Polo Tees. Stick to blue or shaded black denim with white, black or brown colour sneakers to make the overall look balanced. You can carry this look at whichever occasion you want but make sure you do it right with the colours! Colour can be tricky while you are trying to match.

There are a lot of other styles where you want to share it to the fashion world and get noticed. If you have the unique way of styling the denim with a different type of shoes, you are welcome to mention it in the comment box below and we will make sure other readers will also know your strategies and you can be model someday!

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