What To Expect When Travelling Post Lockdown

What To Expect When Travelling Post Lockdown

2020 has been a year full of surprises and looks like it will take some time before we can resume with our daily activities. India reported the first case of COVID-19 in January, and as of on June 29 2020, the total confirmed COVID-19 cases is on track to breach the 600000-mark. With stringent social distancing in place, we all hope to prevent further disease spread and put this behind us.

Amidst these events, the one thing on everyone's mind will be travel. Travel enthusiasts all over the country are creating a wish list of destinations they would like to visit post the COVID crisis. In such times, one has to plan carefully before heading out on the road. When we take precautions, we can prevent disease transmission and keep others safe. Here are the predictions that we may have to be implemented after the lockdown.


We are going to experience some changes in the way we live. Sanitization is going to be a major part of our lives. It will be the new normal and a much-needed one. Every time we step out, touch surfaces or come in contact with people, we will have to thoroughly sanitize the part of the body that came in contact.

Sanitization will become a crucial step while travelling, whether domestic or international. For the next few months, it will be mandatory for every traveller. Along with this, one may have to carry some form of fitness certificates that will declare the person carrying it free of contagion. Make sure you get yourself tested before heading out for a holiday. Social distancing and sanitary precautions may get along as a new habit in people lives.

Hike in the Flight price

What To Expect When Travelling Post Lockdown

One of the industries which took a hard hit from COVID-19 is the airline sector. International flights have ceased operations in several countries. However, as few nations have successfully overcome the tide, flight operations have resumed with standard precautionary measures. The majority of the flights have been banned from flying across the countries and even on domestic routes, but the ones that are flying have done it with reconfigured seating according to social distancing norms. This may be good news for those who like extra comfort and room while flying. The flipside of this is airlines may hike fares, whether flying domestic or international. Going forward, we can also expect health certificate, gloves, sanitizer which to be necessary criteria to travel via flights.

Vintage Road trips

What To Expect When Travelling Post Lockdown

When all these challenges arise, we may go back to the old ways of appreciating nature, exploring wildlife, going on a classic road trip which we used to do before.

Because of the vintage trend, the rental services may offer discounts post lockdown. There might be a restriction in the borders and one cannot cross it, but there will be no restriction within the states and we all can have the liberty to go for a short trip with utmost care and precaution.

You may witness some wildlife activities when you go for road trips, and that is why we suggest that you carry jackets and a camera to capture the best moments of the trips.

We may also face other challenges post lockdown and you can mention your prediction of post lockdown scenario in the comment box below

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