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What to wear for college Guys?

What to wear for college Guys?

What to wear for college Guys?
College life is a rollercoaster ride esp. if you're a fresher. A lot of things are running on our mind in the first year of college it can be ragging by seniors, tasteless mess food, academic load, and yes, how to date a girl.  Deciding what to wear in the middle of all this clutter is hard for any guy. Classic Polo feels you and wants to assist you at this point in time.
How to dress to impress everyone around you in university? Every college-goer wants an answer to this question. Looking good is directly proportional to how you feel about yourself. If you feel confident in what you're wearing then it means you have dressed well. One of the best times of our life is spent in college and we create moments in this unforgettable voyage. So, why waste it looking shabby and unattractive?
Girls keep the vogue high and do not leave any chance to look their best in college. Guys should take inspiration from their opposite gender to work on their appearance and put effort to organise their wardrobe. Running from lecture to practice match to dance class to hanging out with friends and then working on projects should not hamper your style. Make sure your clothes are versatile according to the occasion.
Dress to impress yourself rather than others. The key is you should feel good from within and it reflects in your brimming personality. It is possible to work with a minimum budget and create a statement. Classic Polo is sharing a few tips and cues to follow while building that perfect college attire.
A pocket-friendly dude
What to wear for college Guys
A tight budget is the reality of college life. Usually spending on going-out with friends, food, rent and other utilities. Though you're working part-time, it becomes hard to save money for branded clothes. But if you're determined to buy the latest fashion then you have to make sacrifices, it can be anything like eating not-so-frequently outside or sharing the room with a mate.
It is not possible to build a dream wardrobe overnight. Take time to select basic wear which can be worn interchangeably. Set a fixed amount of money for clothes & accessories on a monthly or quarterly basis, it should be a continuous effort. Efforts on your part are crucial because finding quality wear in low range is tough.
If you're planning for an exclusive event then plan ahead for branded clothes and create the complete look in advance.
Polo Shirt for every occasion
What to wear for college Guys
A polo shirt can differentiate you from general college mass. It is evergreen and stylish at the same time. Own a statement, well-coordinated in terms of bottom wear, shoes and other essential add-ons. Classic Polo shirt starts at 599/- INR and provides world-class superior blends & international designs. 
Choose different colours and patterns for various Intra or Inter-college events. Like solid colour, striped polo shirt, short sleeve, long sleeve, light fabric or wool, active polo, pocket and etc.
Polo enhances your persona and gives a sharp edge as compared to a regular t-shirt. Team it up with a blazer or sweater in winters. The best thing is it can be paired with denim, trousers, chino, pants or even shorts on sunny days.
Pick your favourite colour to display classiness on point. 
That stylish guy on campus!
What to wear for college Guys
You would have noticed one particular guy on your campus who is always decked up smartly, no matter even if he is in a simple t-shirt, his overall approach is polished and eye-catching. This boy can be an inspiration for you style-wise. He has tried and tested formulas to look dashing and it has worked for him to gain others’ attention. A word of advice, do not mindlessly copy. Acknowledge your choice and body type before being just a replica and don't forget to add a personal touch.
Someone unsure of how to apply the latest trendy fashion in daily life can learn from this guy. We know it's not simple to trust any random style guru but the guy-next-door will guide you on how not to make a fool of yourself each time you attempt a new fad.   
A T-shirt that defines you
What to wear for college Guys
You need to change the selection of clothes once you enter university. Graphic or slogan tees do not represent the substance in you. 1-2 can be kept for super casual days, to get the feel of Ranbir Kapoor's boyish character from Wake up Sid, portraying a lazy grown-up who didn't want to take on the responsibilities of adult life.
Slowly move away from such clothes, it should not be on your top-list to go anywhere. Fit is crucial for any kind of clothing, make it a point while shopping. Not a size smaller or bigger is going to do justice to your physique. During college years you are probably in the best shape ever; make the most out of it. Flaunt your lean body and try fresh styles every now and then.
Solid colours make a powerful impact. Play with different hues and neck-shapes, it will let you judge for yourself what suits you. 
Crack denim & more
What to wear for college Guys
We always advise you to go beyond denim and try other suitable alternatives. But if you're an all-time jeans lover then who can stop you from wearing it?
If you have the right shape to don a skinny one then you should not hide your measurements. Regular stretchable fit is a good choice for average guys. Buy brands known for manufacturing quality jeans but don't overspend. We believe a college dude should have at least 3-4 different types like dark one, lightly washed, typical blue tampered torn or loose fit for times when you don't give a damn.
People who have got bored of trying every kind of denim should widen the wardrobe. Chinos, smart trousers, shorts, cargo, or pants (linen/wool/textured) are few other selections to get over denim-fever. There are plenty of varieties under each category to be discovered to present yourself differently every time to mark a special presentation or group outing.
Trying formal wear
What to wear for college Guys
You will get in a lot of situations where formal wear is mandatory in university, it can be the training period, exhibitions, interviews in the final year or a formal event. It's a chance for you to be a dapper and explore endless looks under this segment. After all, crafting a business student image for the right scenario isn't that time taking as you may think.
Try-on combinations like shirt + blazer + leather bag; shirt + cardigan + tie + tie bar; sweater + shirt & add a muffler. Be creative by wearing cufflinks, proper watch, matching belt with shoes, peppy socks, stylish bag etc. Give special attention to your shoes, do not wear sneakers with formal or vice versa.
Do invest in a suit piece it can make you class apart in a gathering.
We hope the fashion advice shared by us will be of help to you. Keep visiting our website www.classicpolos.com every Friday for recent updates related to men's fashion. Classic Polo is extensively working to build our brand more approachable to you and our outlets are growing across India to fulfil the fashion desires of Indian men. 

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