What to Wear for Every Occasion?

What to Wear for Every Occasion?

Occasions and Events are becoming plenty, and some of them are important, and we cannot afford to miss them. It can be any event of your close friend, family occasions, and so on. So, every year there will be a lot of functions to attend, and the question is, are you ready to look stylish and ace your look in all those events and occasions? Get in and let us look at different attires to wear for various events in this blog.

Dressing up is an art. It is about how you carry yourselves on various occasions in which you take part. It requires you to dress to suit the mood of the events. Dressing for any occasion is about giving respect to it and the people around you.

Family Get-Together

What to Wear for Every Occasion

Family events do not mean you should be cautious and opt for formals. Go for a laid back look with a pair of jeans, a fun Shirt or T-shirt, and stylish sneakers, or sandals. Relaxed vibes are great, but do not get too comfortable. Fancy jeans, graphic tees, and funky sneakers are the ones you should leave at home. Always dress to impress yourself first; put some effort into your look.


Indian weddings are traditional, and here we are not going to advice you to wear something very fancy. There are different days for the wedding, the reception, the engagement, and the wedding day itself.

What to Wear for Every Occasion

Men, if you are close to the bride or groom, try to go with a tuxedo or a full suit. The dark coloured suits never go wrong in such formal events with dark shoes. Pick the colours suitable for the time and the season. Want to know more about How Indian Men Should Dress Up for Weddings, check our blog here.

Job Interview

What to Wear for Every Occasion

How to dress for a Job Interview? Check the link for a full insight on this. It might seem a cumbersome task to plan what to wear for the Job Interview. But, remember to keep it neat, professional, and proper. Nowadays, if your job is in a more laid-back industry, like at a startup, design studio, or media, feel free to express your personal style. For other companies, professionalism concerning to the firm are expected.

Dinner Party

Most Formal dinner parties have a dress code of a Cocktail attire. Wear a suit with a solid shirt, dress shoes, and a tie. It is always wiser to ask the party host for some advice. So, if you overdress or underdress, it will be awkward. So, make a call and be sure about the dress code. If it is a festive event, dress up like you are there to party.

What to Wear for Every Occasion

The simple principle of dressing is to dress or wear according to your physique, time, and season to keep alive the grace and ease at the same time. There is much more to our dressing than we might believe. Our dressing style and what we wear tells a great deal about who we are and impacts all kinds of impressions. Be free to give your thoughts on this blog below.

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